Out Of Office with OtterBox in Malaga

Last week I was whisked away to the completely underrated location of Malaga in Spain by OtterBox for a long weekend packed full of exciting plans. What commenced was a weekend of sun fun and great conversation, obviously the photo taking was immense. Can you imagine how many photos were taken over a weekend in a beautiful place with 16 bloggers!? Shop The Post OtterBox Before I go into what we got up to which I’m sure you all want to know, I just want to introduce you to the brand incase you haven’t already heard of them. Surprisingly in the UK they aren’t as well known but in Ireland and America they’re the number 1 selling phone case and it’s pretty damn easy to see why. I was first introduced to the company after using a well known brands marble and gold case ( for instagram purposes of course ) only to find that a small . . and I mean tiny drop and the phone case smashed, along with my phone inside of it. I needed better protection, in steps OtterBox. Unlike most hardwearing cases they’re actually so nice, their tag line is “stylishly protected” after all! You can spot me making the use of my “phone wardrobe” throughout the post with all of the different styles, if you can’t match your phone to your outfit on holiday then when can you? So to demonstrate how 1, protective the OtterBox case is and 2, how your holiday is the most important time to protect your phone (capturing memories with your camera and keeping them safe, just imagine dropping your phone and not being able to shoot that poolside selfie, or even worse capturing it then loosing it due to a broken phone when the instagram world hasn’t seen it yet!!) OtterBox decided to take me and 15 other bloggers and influencers from across Europe to Spain. Obviously I obliged because I’m not crazy. Out of Office in Malaga, Spain with OtterBox The campaign was all about packing your case and sharing your memories and that’s just what we did. Over the two days they took us to see the sites of the surrounding areas and they clearly got the memo that bloggers like pictures because everything we did had been planned around getting the perfect shot. I’m talking catamaran’s, Santorini Esque streets and the incredible Alhambra Palace in Granada. When we first got there we were basically given a phone wardrobe to choose from, I gravitated towards this gorgeous red case with croc effect. Red bags and accessories are really in right now and I don’t have a bag that’s red so you’ll notice me slyly accessorising all my looks with this case from now on! I just love the pop of colour with the gold detailing! This case is part of the Strada series and also comes with a protective glass screen so basically, the whole sha-bang! The first day was based around the Spanish culture, we started the day by tucking into an … Continue reading Out Of Office with OtterBox in Malaga