Before I start this post, can I just make an excuse about the photography? Has anyone ever tried to make a dressing gown look good in a picture? Well don’t bother its impossible. Way back in October I was contacted by the lovely people over at Figleaves about being part of a Secret Santa game with a few fellow bloggers. Obviously I couldn’t resist, who doesn’t love giving (and receiving) gifts? It was all in aid of their new online magazine which launched this month. As a website selling predominantly lingerie, I set about trying to find the perfect set of underwear that wasn’t too saucy (that would be weird).  I settled on a pretty soft lace bra with embroidered detail that came with matching pants, convinced that my chosen blogger was going to love it. So this is when my first shock came, the pants were a thong. Now, I’m not dissing the thong here, if you like thongs, then good for you, I’m just saying that it’s probably not the best thing to gift someone you’ve never actually met before. Regardless, I wrapped it up and took the pictures for the magazine then sent it off to said blogger. Second shock – when the magazine came out. There were beautiful pictures of everyones gifts they’d brought and the game was that when you got your’s you had to guess who had picked it. Looking through the pictures desperately mine stood out like a sore bloody thumb. Cute dressing gowns, check, pyjamas, check, underwear? Nope, just me! All I can do now is sit here and wait of the blogger to receive her thong and hang my head in shame. You never know, maybe she likes thongs? From random people? Anyway, Robyn from Phases of Robyn was my secret santa and she was incredible! I got the parcel when I was in my full flu/bed bound phase so there’s literally nothing more that I could have wished for than a soft and fluffy dressing gown! Well done Robyn, you da best.    

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Royal Hideaway Formentor, Mallorca

After turning the final bend of the windy road with incredible views of Formentor, we had finally reached our destination, the Royal Hideaway hotel. Situated on the coastline of Mallorca in the particularly picturesque Formentor with crystal clear waters and hidden coves, the Hideaway Hotel is the only hotel in the area, a Unesco world heritage site. For this reason, it’s kept a lot of it’s charm and original features with just the right balance between tradition and simplistic style. Think ocean views with marble bathrooms and a stone path lined with fuschsia pink flowers. A hotel with a rich history of visits from the likes of Grace Kelly and Winston Churchill, what’s not to love?

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My Favourite Lip Combo

We all have that one lipstick that we love and go back to time and time ago right? My favourite lip combo has to be the Rimmel Cappuccino lip liner and the Natural Collection lipstick in Figleaves. What I love about this combination is the brown colour that isn’t so dark brown that it’s offensive. I still feel like its a pretty natural look with an edge! It’s the one lip combo that I always know I can rely on to look good! I feel like for me this is my dressy lip too, because I don’t really wear red lipstick, often I’ll opt for this brown when I want to go out out! First things first, before I put any lip produts on I always apply lip balm. I don’t know about you, but my lips are eternally chapped. I’ve tried lip scrubs, I’ve tried brushing them with a tooth brush, nothing works! So before I do anything I always have to apply some lip balm to create a nice base for the lipstick to go on smooth. Recently I’ve been trying out Dr Paw Paw, I didn’t realise that it’s actually not just a balm and is pretty much a solves everything balm! It is great for lips but I also used it as a primer the other day which it did a pretty amazing job with! Think of it as a new take on the Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream! You can get your own Dr Paw Paw balm here, or just see what all the fuss is about!! Winning Lip Combo You can see from the above photo how much I really love this lip combo! I guess it’s pretty disgusting and seen as the lipstick is only about £3 I should probably get a new one! I just hate waste! There’s so much left! I had to show you how scummy it looks, I get shouted at everytime I take it it out but it’s not going anywhere I love it! I love that the two as a little lip combo create a lovely ombre effect. When I put it on I colour in the edges with my lip liner and use the lipstick in the centre and blend. It’s a really subtle ombre effect but it’s just enough for someone like me who’s dipping their toe into the world of beauty! What’s your favourite lip combo? I would love to hear what new lipsticks to try out as I’m only just really getting into beauty! I feel like Mac Whirl or Soar liner are the ones I need to try out next as everyone’s always raving about them! Make sure you follow me on Bloglovin’ to stay up to date with the blog! Lots of new stuff coming your way especially on my brand spanking new youtube channel which by the way you should have already subscribed to but if you haven’t then go and do it now! One last thing, I’m running a huge givewaway on…

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