When you’re sister’s running her own lingerie company, guess who get’s the first try of all the new season products? yep, you got it, that’ll be me. Never one to be greedy I decided on two of my favourites, one from her core collection and a new piece I’ve been eyeing up since she first made the samples. Now I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, if there’s one silver lining to having small boobs (there’s actually plenty incase you were wondering) then it’s being able to wear pretty bras. When I was younger I used to wear bra’s so padded the room shook when they hit the floor with a thud, now however, I’ve learnt to accept myself small boobs and all. Also, not only are they pretty, they’re actually so comfortable, why on earth have I been wearing underwired bras all of these years? ain’t nothing to go south here, no support needed! Because these are bra’s and I didn’t want to be getting my tits out for the photographer (no I thought I’d just show them to the whole of the internet instead – hi mum!) I’ve treated you to a few selfies a la Kim K. Who doesn’t love a selfie? Kendall (the bra incase you were wondering) is by far the most popular style on the site and comes in black and white. This season Kylie her sassy sister is also being released, it’s the same shape but with a longer ribbon at the back that wraps around – at the moment I think Kylie just comes in the black but if she’s even nearly as popular as her big sister I’m sure she’ll be branching out soon enough! Also if you fancy a free Kylie, yes I did say free, then make sure you enter the competition on elcy clothing’s Instagram. Alexa (the bra again, come on guys keep up) is by far my favourite. I love the scalloped, eyelash lace and because the wrap around bit on this one is elastic you can wear it just beneath the bra or lower by your pants, do what you want with it basically! I need to mention that you can have any of the bra’s lined if you want to, Kendall was and Alexa wasn’t, so if you wanted the Kendall to have the same delicate feel you can. She’s also going to start doing gift cards very soon – woo hoo. So you might want to start dropping some heavy hints, Christmas is not that far away guys! I guess it’s good for friends too, I mean if you like buying your friends underwear that is. It’s always super awkward having to guess someones size which is why gift cards never fail! Side note, how amazing is this navy kendra body? I didn’t dare pick this one, I’m not sure I could pull it off but you can see my supermodel sister in her element here. For all things beautiful go and check out www.elcyclothing.com and if you…

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whatsmysofa with Next

Last week I was lucky enough to be invited to the whatsmysofa event hosted by Next. They definitely know how to put on a good event and this one was no exception. As I was allowed a guest I thought I’d bring along one of my besties for some much needed girl time and make the most of a day out in London. Wardrobe and parking dilemmas meant that we were running precisely 2 hours late by the time we actually got there but we definitely had more than enough time to kill. To be honest top of my agenda was checking out the new H&M beauty range, and not spending too much money. Rosie had seen this amazing restaurant called Clos Maggiore in Time Out so we decided to try it out, when we got to the event we were informed by the Next girls that it’s one of the top places to go in London at the moment which we were pretty pleased with ourselves about! The food was incredible and who the hell cares about the food when the resteraunt looks like this!?After stuffing ourselves on squid and truffle mash – sounds weird but it worked, we decided to walk off the food babies with a light stroll from Covent Garden to Oxford Circus. Oh so foolish, my feet were bleeding, next time I decide to do something like this I’m wearing trainors! Ouch is all I have to say, we literally couldn’t take another step by the time we left the next event and resorted to an Uber then hobbling through Kings Cross to find our train! I’m not even over reacting when I say Rosie’s feet swelled to twice the size, I’ve never seen anything like it!!!Anyway, £90 lighter and 1 Zara coat heavier we headed to the event which was uh-mazing. What more do you want to do after a hard days eating and shopping than kick of your shoes with a glass of champagne, popcorn, pick ‘n’ mix and breakfast at tiffany’s ? Such a lovely event! and as always I came away with a bag of treats, old school snowies and jazzies, honestly the softest blanket I’ve ever felt and a lovely candle! All in all a good day! Don’t forget to follow me on Bloglovin’

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Blogging Tips

How I edit my Instagram photos

I wanted to make these blogging tips posts a more regular thing so let me know if you have any questions you want answering or you just want to pick my brain – that’s fine! I know I’m no Sarah Ashcroft but I definitely feel like I’ve got at least a little bit of knowledge to share on the subject and as we all know, sharing is caring! I have to say I’m pretty proud of my instagram, I’ve been to-ing and fro-ing for a while about how I want my images to look and constantly comparing my feed to other peoples. When I decided finally what I wanted (this had a lot to do with my new blog photographer and making the connection seamless) I suddenly thought, shit! it doesn’t look like the others, now what am I going to do? I spent some time agonizing over what to change it to then all of a sudden I was like – hey! that’s a good thing surely? I mean how many fashion bloggers let alone instagram accounts are there out there? surely setting mine apart with my own unique style is a good thing?! So anyway, throwing that piece of advice completely out of the window, I thought I would show you how I edit my photos for instagram. I know I just said to be unique but I get a lot of people asking about how I edit my instagram and what tips I have for building a following on instagram (come back next week for that installment!) so I thought I’d share my secrets with you all. Firstly, I try to take all of my photos on my camera (Samsung NX3000) because the quality is amazing and it’s got wifi which pretty much means I can always put them straight on my phone – unless I’m in the middle of nowhere! This does exclude selfies, I do take the occasional selfie on it if it’s for my blog but come on guys, no one wants that kind of detail in a selfie! I used to just edit my photos when I got to instagram but I literally changed the way I did it every time and I was hating how my feed looked. By the way if you’re reading this and you’re not that bothered about instagram you’re probably thinking none of this matters – it does. Then I discovered VSCO Cam, hallelujah! There’s almost too much choice! Once I found a filter/setting I liked I tested it on a few different photos to see if it worked and hey presto I was set. I use T1 – I’ve just realised that it’s called moody and I’m not really sure what that means but I like it! I usually do it to the mid levels between 5 and 7 and then mess around the the exposure, contrast and tint – I only ever go up or down by 1 or 2 dependant on the lighting etc. This is so…

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Channeling Chanel

I was sent this Chanel esque dress from the lovely ladies over at Fashion Bazaar. I love the tweed style that makes it look like a luxury piece and had me walking round thinking I was an extra in Gossip Girl. If I’m honest I didn’t know how to wear it to begin with, this is back when no one had told the weather what month we were in so it was bloody freezing. I still detest tights so went bare with these pumps from Karen Kozangian. It’s quite a small dress with no give what so ever so I would definitely recommend sizing up on this one! As someone who usually wears a more loose style I decided to finish the look off with my coat to make it feel more me.I’m loving the details in this outfit, this is probably my favourite image from the shoot. You can see the beautiful texture of the tweed-ish material on the dress which compliments my watch and ring. I wasn’t sure how I felt about this ring from Perka Design when I first got it, it’s so unusual! I’m absolutely obsessed with croc skin slash any kind of texture. I love these wine coloured points from Kozangian, I only seem to own boots or sandals and have been wanting a pair of flat shoes for a while but every pair I find there’s always some reason why they aren’t the ones. I definitely think that the accessories are what makes this outfit work, but let’s be honest, you can make any outfit work with the right pair of shoes!! What do you think to this look? I’d love to hear your thoughts! Coat : Topshop Old | *Dress : Fashion Bazaar | *Shoes : Kozangian | *Watch : Urban Watch | *Ring : Perka Design | Bag : Zara Old Don’t forget to follow me on Bloglovin’

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H&M Beauty Haul

I first saw H&M Beauty when I was in Sweden, I just thought it was something they had always done but was exclusive to Swedish stores. I decided to pick up a lipstick to try out but more as a souvenir really! Then I come back to England and a couple of day later every blogger and her dog is talking about the new H&M make up range. Honestly, I had no idea! Anyway, as I was in London the other day I couldn’t resist treating myself to a few pieces to review on the blog. I don’t usually do beauty post’s but I did enjoy this one so who knows, there may be more to come! I’m always looking for great products and at H&M prices who can say no? I’m trying to overhaul my beauty bag at the moment so if there’s any products you can’t live without then let me in on your beauty secrets!So once I’d decided I was going to buy a few bit’s and had justified that it was “for the good of the blog”  I went a bit crazy. Each piece is so cheap that I actually ended up spending around £25.00 – but to be fair that’s pretty good for the amount I got! The first piece I picked up was the bronzer, mine had run out so technically I did need this one anyway! Then I got some eyeshadow to try, I don’t really wear eyeshadow so I guess you could say my opinion on the quality will be worthless but hey I’ll give it to you anyway! I also got some nail varnish and some lip vinyl which I had never heard of before (so behind the times), I’d describe it as like a lipstick but it goes on like lip gloss. Of course I already had my lipstick from Sweden and I couldn’t resist a face mask in it’s cute packaging!This face mask was incredible. So refreshing and my skin feels amazing, definitely my favourite piece I tried which I’ll be stocking up on next time I go near a store!I’m not a huge fan of this bronzer, now I always have trouble when I switch to a different bronzer, I don’t know about you but I always seem to have trouble adjusting to the new shade and end up looking like I’ve come back from 2 weeks in Tenerife (for a normal person, for me that would just mean burnt!). Anyway, I’ve been rocking a darker skin tone thanks to my inability of knowing when to put the bronzer down and step away. I also found its quite loose, you know how sometimes bronzers just turn to powder the second a brush touches them? It’s one of those so I have a feeling it will go down super fast! Anyway I might adjust after a couple of weeks and be raving about how amazing it is. So we’ll see!As I said before I’ve never used eye shadow before and as a result…

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