I sometimes feel like I have too many friends, throughout life we gain friends in everything we do. Every new job or school, going to university and moving to a new city all brings new friends and what happens to the old ones? If everyone were to stay in touch with every friend they’d ever make it would be exhausting. Basically you would have a hell of a lotta friends, and not too many good friends, this is why not having many good friends is a good thing! For me, I’ve started to realise since blogging and styling and social media-ing and god knows what else, that I just don’t have a lot of spare time. Bearing that in mind I’ve sort of decided to stop clinging on to friendships that died long ago, instead investing that time in the friends I love and who love me in return. I’m about to get soppy here, but me and my friends (my close friends) who I went to college with have a pretty close relationship. Although there’s a lot of us, and we may not all see each other as often as we’d like, we’ve always got each others backs. I’ll always remember when I had a cold a couple of years ago and they brought round cards, soup, a mug, tissues and my favourite sweets. Basically, they took the place of my non existent boyfriend. Why not having many friends is a good thing I think that the older you get, the more apparent it becomes who you’re real friends are and with blogging I am constantly gaining new friends who have so much in common and who I can share the experience with. This is why I’ve decided to stop clinging on to the friendships of my past and invest in my besties! As with anything, it’s quality over quantity and for that reason I think that not having many friends is a good thing, it means you can spend more time on the friendships that have stood the test of time! *Shirt : Boden Jeans : Asos Shoes : Topshop Bag : Zara SOLD OUT – Similar here I would love it if you followed me on Bloglovin’ and don’t forget that it’s the best way to stay up to date with the latest posts! You can also follow me on Snapchat and Instagram – both sineadcrowe – to see what I get up to day to day! On snapchat I often do unboxing, make up talk throughs and first impressions so it’s great to see whats coming up first! You may also like my post on how to clear your mind! All photography by Kirk Schwarz – Instagram – Website

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Collective Fashion Haul | Kenzo, Asos, Boden, TK MAXX, Boohoo, Levis, …

I’ve been doing a lot of shopping recently so thought I’d share some of my latest buys with you guys in a fashion haul! I love sharing what i’ve been buying with you before I style it up because I never really talk about why I brought things and why I love the item in my blog posts, they’re more about the styling and outfit! It also means that they’re all still in store as they’re very recent buys so I thought I’ll keep doing them as soon as I buy things quite regularly as you guys seem to love them anyway! Let me know what you think and if you decide to buy anything then let me know what you get!!! The frayed denim skirt is already my favourite and looks amazing with the little crop top I’m wearing in the video! Shop my fashion haul I’ve linked all of the products below the video on youtube but you can also shop them by clicking and scrolling through the images below! I hope you liked this video! It would mean the world to me if you subscribed to my channel and if you like this video remember to give it a thumbs up! Also make sure you let me know if theres any videos in particular you want to see!

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5 Easy Ways To Build Your Following on Bloglovin’

I’ve often seen this come up on twitter chats as a kind of side chat, how difficult it seems to be to build your following on Bloglovin’. Now I have by no means got tens of thousands, but I have grown my following from under 200 to nearly 900 in just a few months so I thought I’d share some of my secrets and the things I do on a daily basis that I believe have helped! How to build your following on Bloglovin’ So I’ve had Bloglovin’ since I first started my blog over a year ago, when I looked at my following of a mere 13 in around November of last year I just didn’t get it. I knew more than those 13 read my blog and I had grown quite a following through other social media outlets so there was definitely something I was doing wrong, or wasn’t doing at all. I set about researching, as my boyfriend has taught me to do with anything I’m not sure on – he believes the internet has all of lifes answers and I do too. I’ve listed below 5 of the super easy things I changed and believe have really helped me and will help you to build your blogs following on Bloglovin’! share through it When you promote your blog on twitter – wait, you do promote your blog on twitter don’t you? If not read this post immediately. When you promote your blog posts through twitter, share them via Bloglovin’. This to me is the single and most effective way of building your blogs following. If you’re a part of the Facebook groups or have a Facebook page, you can also share it there. Sharing through you’re page means your readers are already on your Bloglovin’ page where hitting follow is super easy. ask at the end of each blog post Asking for people to follow you is honestly something you should do. I know it’s cringe but you’ll get over it, and you really should because guess what? it works. I now make a point of asking at the end of each and every blog post for the reader to follow me. This is such a simple step and has worked wonders to build my blogs following on Bloglovin’. Hey, while you’re here, why don’t you follow me on Bloglovin’? – see what I did there? make a big, eye catching sign This is something that I came up with myself. I was looking at the teeny weeny Bloglovin’ button one day and thinking how people probably can’t even see it. So I made a sign, a BIG sign to go on the sidebar of my blog – AKA it’s always visible. I’m not sure how other blogging platforms work but I’m on WordPress and I just added it as an image on my widgets and set the link to go directly to my Bloglovin’ page. One click and my following’s building. ask people to follow you on it through social media As well as asking at the end of your post and sharing…

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Wearing the Pyjama Suit

Before my little inspo post on the pyjama trend last week, I’d only dared to wear this shirt with jeans for a more subtle pyjama look. However, after feasting my eyes on the pyjama suit and the different ways to wear it I wanted a slice of the action! Obviously I am and always have been pretty reserved when it comes to trying new trends so I decided to style it in a way that felt comfortable and still me. Shop the mismatched pyjama suit Shop my look by clicking through the images below! I’ve recently purchased this cami from Topshop below to wear underneath, I think it’ll look great with it as a jacket too! For this outfit I went a bit more risqué with an Elcy Clothing bralette – whatever floats your boat! I never thought I’d see the day that me a serial jeans wearer donned a pair of black trousers in the name of fashion. It’s happened, and I kinda like it. These ones are just £24.00 from Missy Empire and are super comfortable as they have so much stretch in them, they also zip down the side which I always find so much more comfortable for when you’re sat down! I went with a pair of plain black trousers because I thought that it was a more subtle take on the pyjama suit trend, I could’t see myself stepping out in a head to toe look, the black and white still goes together but makes it a bit less in your face. Obviously, I had to go with the monochrome look, because . . monochrome. And I went with flats because I thought it gave it a real kind of relaxed, androgynous look. I actually love this look, it’s so understated glam. You’re dressed up and smart but it gives that I’m just effortlessly stylish look we all crave. Top : Mango *Trousers : Missy Empire Shoes : Zara Bag : Next // Alternative Bralette : Elcy Clothing – Use code LOVESTYLEMINDFULNESS for 10% off I would love it if you could follow me on Bloglovin’! it’s a great way to stay up to date with the latest on the blog! You can also follow me on my instagram and snapchat which are both sineadcrowe to see what I get unto on a more day to day basis! All photography by Kirk Schwarz – Instagram – Website

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My April Favourites

I don’t usually do these kinds of posts on the blog but I thought seen as I was doing a youtube video on my April favourites, it’d tie in nicely! To me favourites videos are so much more interesting to watch because you get to see what people have been using and have fallen in love with, I find them particularly good for beauty bits!! This videos a bit of a mix with beauty, fashion and life bits all rolled into one! I’d definitely say that to me the Benefit stuff has stood out the most. The brow gel is the perfect match and gives an amazing natural and defined brow and the cheekathon is ridiculous value for money, not to mention that all 5 shades are all kinds of amazing! Let me know what you think! I’d love it if you subscribed to my youtube and give this video a thumbs up if you like it! Shop My April Favourites I’d love to hear what you guys have been loving this April! I’m always on the lookout for new things to try – especially books! I’m really trying to get back into reading at the minute so would love your recommendations if you have any! One last thing! Let me know if there’s a video you want me to film too! If there’s something particular you want to see, like how to style a certain item, a wardrobe tour, maybe a Q&A or a look at my shoe collection? Let me know!

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