So when I first confirmed this post with one of my favourite local stores and gems, I was so happy. Then I started waking up in the night and panicking – what if everyone buys all the stuff I want?! You have to understand that I live in a small town and this label agency is one heck of a gem that I don’t have many people to worry about buying the pieces I want. I simply save up and buy the pieces – theres no urgency.  I’m going to tell you anyway because I feel like you have to share good things, it’s not good to keep them for yourself! But please if a Gucci Dionysus comes in – I call shotgun! I’ve been round and picked out my top finds and for each shot I’ve listed below the image what sizes and prices the products featured are along with the brands and the style! Celine Box Bag : £1,250 // Rupert Sanderson Heels Size 6 : £190Paige Denim W29 : £60 (labels still attached) So Arch label agency is what I’m going on about (see their website here) except it’s definitely a label agency with a difference, largely because of the location – you won’t pay London prices. The pieces in store are ridiculously well priced and most are in amazing condition. You can have a look at the website to see what’s currently in store though only shoes, accessories and handbags are listed, you can also call the store on 01780 764746 where you can ask if a particular item’s in stock or talk about reserving or purchasing any of these items! 3.1 Phillip Lim Leather Mix Jacket Small : £150 // Saint Laurent Monochrome Classic Duffle : £850 I cannot get over the price of this Phillip Lim jacket – £150 is what you’d pay for a leather jacket from Topshop!  I think it suits me pretty well too if I’m honest though I’m going to stop talking about preference because these are my top picks of the current stock and I can’t be shotgunning them all now can I? So we can just assume that I love each and every piece I’ve picked! Tory Burch Small Shoulder Bag : £180 Chanel Jacket Size 14 : £500 That’s right they’ve even got Chanel Jackets – 2 to be exact! I don’t want to keep repeating myself but ALADDINS CAVE!!!! Chanel Jackets, Celine Bags and half of it’s still got the labels on. I actually made a purchase myself whilst I was there which I will be revealing on my youtube channel this week so stay tuned/ subscribe! And also I’ll be doing another post on the bag, what fits inside and why I chose that one in particular! Saint Laurent Black Flat Pumps Size 5 : £190 // Celine Trapeze Bag : £950 Alexander Chastity Bag : £290 // Grey J Brand Jeans W25 : £60 //Joseph Silk Striped Top : £60Celine Tunic Dress Size 8 : £290 Givenchy Croc Stamped Antigona : £850 // Givenchy Size…

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Is it too late to start a new years resolution?

So I’m not exactly big on exercise and the only time I’ve ever stepped inside a gym is to use the tanning beds, so when Pink Soda offered me some sportswear it wasn’t the obvious choice. Obviously it looks good but I can’t just walk around wearing it and looking like I’m in a hurry en route to the gym can I . . or can I? Firstly, before I continue, no I still haven’t been to a gym and yes I did go for a Mcdonalds after shooting this. Half year resolution? So with the fact that I still haven’t set foot in a gym in mind, I ask, is it OK to set myself a half year resolution?? I know you can just choose to go to the gym whenever you want and decide to start a new habit or ditch an old habit but I feel like when I have a reason I stick to it. So this half year my resolution is to exercise more. When I say exercise, lets take this word very lightly. I have a sort of excuse if you will. I’ve got a lots of scarring on my lungs from a bad chest infection as a child, which means that I can’t do a lot of cardio – even swimming a length in a pool has me gasping! So I’ll exercise in my way. I’m going to do Yoga at least once a week and I’m contemplating joining classes. Although I prefer to do it in the comfort of my own home I feel like skipping a class will guilt me into sticking to it in a way that doing it at home never does! I’m also going to make sure I go on more walks. I actually love walking so so much and feel like any problem can be solved by going for a good walk. Lets go easy and say twice a week? Look I’m a beginner ok! I think it’s a great idea to take the time at the halfway point of the year and re asses your goals. I’m definitely going to sit down and take the time so set myself some new goals particularly for the blog! Shop my gear If you want to walk around in my Pink Soda gym gear looking busy and important then shop the look below! All photography by the wonderful Sue Crowe aka Mum *Top : Pink Soda *Bra : Pink Soda *Leggings : Pink Soda *Trainers : Nike *Phone Case : Richmond & Finch *Headphones : Urbanista Let me know if your also failing in this area and thinking of making a half year resolution! We can be in it together!!! Make sure you follow me on Bloglovin to stay up to date with the latest posts! You can also follow me on instagram and snapchat for my day to day goings on and you may even see my implimenting my new resolution! Usernames for both are sineadcrowe

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Blogging Tips

The Blogging Bible – What I’ve Learnt So Far

So this is going to be one of the last blogging tip posts for a while. Well not completely the last, I just feel like there’s no point in me doing them every week just for the sake of it, I’d rather only post when I have something interesting and useful to say! So I thought I’d do one last post rounding up every single blog tips post I’ve done in the past, and I’ve called it The Blogging Bible. Growing your following 5 easy ways to build your following on Bloglovin’ How to use social media to build your blogs following How to build your Instagram following General Blogging Tips Blogging tips Q&A – Answering your questions 5 tips on being more productive How to make your blog post stand out 5 WordPress plugins all bloggers need 5 steps to a killer blog title Blogging tips – things I wish someone told me How to create the perfect flatlay How I edit my Instagram photos – this has changed slightly so let me know if you want an updated version of this!! Blogging tips : Getting started Blog Post Ideas What to do when bloggers block strikes 80 killer blog post ideas 80 more killer blog post ideas Earning from your Blog Media Pack – why you need it and what to include Affiliate Links – What they are and how to use them Building relationships between brands and bloggers SEO How to lower your bounce rate in 5 simple steps 5 ridiculously easy SEO tips Make sure you follow me on Bloglovin’ to keep up to date with everything and not miss the next blogging tips post – I’m sure there’ll still be more to come just maybe not weekly! If there is a particular blogging tips post you want me to do that I haven’t done then let me know and I will do it!! You can also follow me on snapchat (username sineadcrowe) to see me try products for the first time, blogger mail, mini hauls and the cutest puppy on earth!

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Dressing for a Wedding

As something that I personally struggle with (don’t we all) and as a requested post by one of my most loyal and lovely followers Vicky, I thought I would do a post on dressing for a wedding. What’s acceptable? What are the rules? And most importantly, where do I go when I’m looking for the perfect outfit? Dressing for a Wedding – is this OK? So this is something I never would have considered for a wedding. Firstly, it’s got the two colours you want to avoid at all costs when dressing for a wedding, secondly, I’ve never worn anything other than a dress to a wedding before. I’m kinda loving it though. So much so that my mind’s been made up and I’m wearing it to an upcoming wedding I’ve got. No need to fake tan or shave, comfortable and very forgiving – perfect for when I make a beeline for the evening buffet. My mum always told me not to wear white to a wedding so not to show up the bride but does a crop top really count? I’m pretty sure I’d wear a black and white dress so I’m gonna say this is ok. What do we think? I would really like to hear your thoughts! Help me to decide! Shop My Wedding Look Shops to consider when dressing for a wedding So if you’re not a fan of this look and you’re looking for some shopping inspo, I thought I’d list my favourite places to shop for wedding looks with a few of my top picks from each store! Asos Asos will always be one of my fave places to look for, well anything. If Asos don’t sell it I don’t want it . . unless Zara do. They even have a handy little section for wedding guests, bridesmaids and even brides . . whaaa? I seriously recommend this as your first port of call, free shipping and returns makes it too easy. Reiss Reiss is another amazing choice when dressing for a wedding. My sister used to work there when she was at uni and I was always obsessed with the beautiful silky dresses she brought home as “uniform” – alright for some!  It is a higher price point but it’s always good to have something you can wear time and time again for special occasions just tweaking the accessories to give it a new look every time. They also have a handy little wedding shop for getting inspo! Mango Mango is somewhere I definitely prefer to shop online as I feel like I can never see anything I love in store unless I’m particularly looking for something. I see it as a bit of a cross between H&M and Zara landing in the sweet spot just between the two! They too have a handy wedding shop! Missguided Missguided is somewhere I often overlook for dresses as I can sometimes label it in my mind as a bit ‘slutty’ not everything, but the dresses I just always imagine to be bodycon and bum skimming. I’m always reminded of how wrong I…

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Fathers Day Gift Guide

So I’ve been a little bit more prepared than I was in my christmas/mothers day gift guides with my Fathers day gift guide. In the fact that I’ve actually given you enough time to buy the products in time for the big day! I’ve racked my brain so you don’t have to and gathered together a selection of bits and pieces that’ll have any Dad smiling from ear to ear this Fathers day . . I hope! The Trouble With Fathers Day For me, I find my Dad impossibly hard to shop for. And for that dad, I apologise. It’s not an uncommon occurrence for my dad to end up with socks or a mug saying ‘best dad ever’ usually accompanied by some chocolate covered brazil nuts and liquorice all sorts. This Fathers day I’m determined to make it up to him – I mean my Mum got a coffee machine – that’s not too fair! I just find men really hard to shop for which is why I have so much of a struggle when it comes to Fathers day. I feel like men never really need anything and my Dad in particular is a no faf kinda guy – my mum buys his clothes and when I offered him this smartphone speaker he spent a good 10 minutes deciding if he would actually use it . . he actually had to think of an occasion that it would be useful. Who does that with a gift? An aftershave is a great gift for a Dad like mine that’s looked after by your Mum. He’d never buy it for himself. Jo Malone is always a good idea, plus it’s unisex so if like me you still live at home you can use it too. Cardholders are another good Fathers day gift for the guy that doesn’t shop for himself. This black croc effect one from Amara is ridiculously well priced! Daniel Wellington watches are a great more affordable brand that is so sleek and smart and not too fancy for a man like my own Father! They also have super affordable alternative straps so if he’s already got one it’s a good gift idea as a stand alone item, or an added extra if you’re getting him a watch! They also have a free complimentary strap of your choice with every watch sold before June 13th so take full advantage of this! You can also use the code SINEAD for 15% off anything from Daniel Wellington until 30th June Socks are always a good idea. Yes they’re cliche, and no, you can never have enough. A pair that are a bit more fancy say I love you Dad. I’m loving this stripy pair from Amara. Shop The Edit Now I know that this photo frame has feathers in it but you can take them out if you’re not too keen – I got this with a view to putting in a photo of me and Dad. If in doubt get sentimental! Parents will always love anything hand made by you – make sure you play on that…

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