As I told you guys a while back in my new years resolutions post, me and my boyfriend Jack were going travelling this summer, I thought I would keep you up to date! Half of me is absolutely terrified and the other half is ridiculously excited! For someone who was scared to leave the house at times just over a year ago, this is a huge thing for me to be doing and I can’t think of someone I’d rather be doing it with! So as I plan to continue my blog whilst I’m out there, it’ll turn very travel focused but I’m thinking I can make it work – just think of me as your personal travel guide complete with tips and tricks on where to go what to pack and those all important travelling OOTD’s . .  did someone say bikini? I thought it was only right to share my planning with you guys! Travelling takes quite a bit of planning and although we knew we were going for 3 months, the places were undecided until a couple of days ago when we sat down and finalised our route! Skyscanner determined a lot of this as we’ve found some super cheap flights – some as low as £14! If you haven’t checked them out already then Skyscanner truly is the one for flights guys! My Travelling Plans So Far  . . The Route Thailand : Bangkok Bali : Ubud   Bali : Nusa Lembongan   Bali : Sanur Bali : Uluwatu Flores Kuala Lumpur Langkawi Thailand : Krabi & The Islands Vietnam   Singapore Phillipines Borneo : Kota Kinabalu So from now on I’ll be trawling through Pinterest, Expedia , Skyscanner and looking for the best deals and places to stay – though I don’t think we’ll be booking any accommodation too ahead of time! ! I would love it if you guys were to share any tips, advice and stories you have from your own travelling experiences! If you’ve ever been to any of these places then let me know!!! I was thinking of doing a little wish list of clothes pieces for travelling but I had to stop myself – it’s too early Sinead. If you’re in the habit of checking my wishlist page (which you should be) then I add stuff on there all the time so you’ll be seeing the odd summery pieces popping up here and there! Make sure you follow me on Bloglovin’ to stay up to date with my travelling adventure! You can also subscribe to my youtube channel!! All photography is taken from Pinterest

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Blogging Tips

How To Make Your Blog Post Stand Out

I’ve found over the past few weeks my posts have been getting more attention than before. I know that this obviously comes with growth, but I do believe there’s certain tips and tricks that you can use to make your blog post stand out. Obviously, the next step was to share these tips with you lovely people! Make your blog post stand out Choose Your Featured Image Wisely Your featured image should be one thats carefully selected. I’m on wordpress so I’m not sure on the other blogging platforms, but I know you can set it with wordpress so you should be able to with the others! To me, someone who is very drawn to beautiful imagery- aren’t we all, setting your featured image to one that you think will draw the reader in without giving away too much of the post is so important when trying to make your blog post stand out. For example, when I’m doing an outfit post, I pick an image that will draw the reader in but not show the whole outfit . . did you see what I did there? Site’s like Bloglovin’ generally take the first image from your post so make sure thats something you consider too! Personally I always pick a landscape image for my first and featured image as I find it sit’s nicely when sharing it on social media and it’s guaranteed not to stretch on sites like Bloglovin’. Use A Catchy Title The second, or equal first most important thing to consider when trying to make your blog post stand out, is the title. It’s got to be something that will capture the readers attention and make them want to read more. I find this harder with fashion posts but I’ve certainly got better than my past titles, usually something along the lines of monochrome . . I guess someone who likes monochrome or a loyal reader might click through but someone who stumbles upon it isn’t likely to click through. If you want to ace your title then make sure you read my post on how to create a killer blog title. Consider Your First Sentence The first sentence plays two important parts in getting the readers attention. The first sentence is pulled through to sites like Bloglovin’, Facebook and sometimes Twitter when shared. So you have your title, image and first sentence. It’s another way of getting the reader interested and wanting to read on. Secondly, the first sentence is what will determine whether the reader continues to scroll or clicks straight off of your post. Obviously we hope that the whole of our blog post will be interesting and captivate the reader, but nailing that first sentence will make your blog post stand out more than nailing the last. Are Your Photos Up To Scratch? As I said before, the first image is by far the most important in your post. However, your imagery in general can help to make your blog post stand out.…

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My Love Affair With Trainers

Can we just take a minute to appreciate how beautiful the weather has been (on and off) recently? What better weather to shoot my new love for trainers than in the Spring sunshine? Shop The Look Shop this look by clicking on the images below! I first dipped my toe into the trainers ocean with a pair of all white Adidas Superstars. I’d been eyeing up the superstars for a while but with my clown sized feet I thought trainers would look far too manly on me. Turns out, they look pretty damn great, I have to say, I’m in love. I wear them all the time and they don’t look scruffy or chavvy – words I’ve used to describe trainers in the past. Within a week I was holding another pair of trainers in my hands. . what had become of me?! I’ve caught the trainer bug guys. Loving these pale grey Nike ones I got from Asos, they’re a very different shape to the superstars but I love them equally. My Collection of Trainers Click the images below to shop my collection of trainers! It may be small but it’s still pretty great. More to come. . Next on my Trainer Hit List Click the images below to shop the trainers I’m currently lusting after!

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The Colour Of Blue

There’s something about the colour of blue, particularly a blue and white colour combo that’s got me head over heels and pretty penniless recently. There’s a blue tide taking over my wardrobe and I’m pretty happy to just let it happen, I feel it’s the colour of spring, I’m calling it! What is it about blue you ask? I feel like to me, it’s a colour without being a colour . . this particular pastel pale shade of blue is just the perfect amount of colour for my minimal wardrobe. It pretty much goes with everything and put together with white makes the most perfect spring combo. Shop The Colour Of Blue You can use my collage to shop my obsession! If you click on the little plus signs they’ll take you directly to the product page – fancy heh?  Misguided Top  Topshop Bra Topshop Sunnies Topshop Chambray Shirt Topshop Heels Asos Dress Asos Off Shoulder Top Asos Socks Forever 21 Shorts Asos Shirt Topshop Top Are you a fan of my instagram? Did you know that you can shop it here! OR if you sign up to you can get direct links to my pieces just by liking the picture they’re featured in! pretty smart hey? Don’t forget to follow me on Bloglovin’ to stay up to date with all the latest! You can also now subscribe to my Youtube Channel!

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5 Ways To Waste A Sunday In Bed

To me, Sunday is the day of rest aka you should spend all Sunday in bed. There’s plenty of ways to be productive from bed and why shouldn’t you treat yourself to a day of nothing but netflix and chill every once in a while? 5 Ways To Waste A Sunday In Bed Sunday is Netflix Day Sunday was created for Netflix, or was Netflix created for Sunday? It’s the age old question of the chicken and the egg but either way, a Sunday well spend brings a week of content and it ain’t well spent unless you’ve binge watched 10 episodes of Homeland. Force Your Pet To Love You One of my favourite Sunday activities involves dragging my puppy to bed for cuddles and play time. Usually I can manage to trap her there for a good few hours if I bring toys and treats . . do I sound like some form of pet peodophile? There’s nothing better than spooning your dog and watching Netflix. Be A Bookworm I used to love reading when I was younger, I still do but I always think I don’t have time. Sunday is for reading, i’m calling it! I’m currently reading #GirlBoss by the owner of Nasty Gal, if you’re lacking motivation this will change your life. I’m on my way to girl bossing life, so just you watch out! Have A Bed Picnic Sunday snacking in bed is life. Bed picnics are the best, finger food is essential, left over easter eggs could work. Basically, indulge. Stalk Social Media Endlessly My daily routine goes like this, wake up, stalk instagram, eat breakfast, stalk instagram, play with the dog, stalk instagram . . you get the picture. Who doesn’t love staying in bed and stalking your fave social media? Loungin’ There’s nothing that grinds my gears more than knickers that get stuck up your bum. After falling in love with my Calvin’s I’m now converted to the jersey style pants with the elasticated waistbands . . yes french knickers are pretty but they ain’t too soft for a day in bed. If you’re spending your Sunday in bed then you’re gonna want to invest in a pair of these pants and maybe even a matching set from Lounge Underwear. A phone that doubles as a mirror? Isn’t it a fashion bloggers dream? I’m currently torn between my everlasting love for the iPhone and the pure practicality and super sleek finish of the new Sony Xperia. Sure the Sony Xperia’s practical with its waterproof-ness, 2 day battery life and mega wow camera . . but will I still be cool if I don’t have an iPhone? What does one do when torn between two phones? I’m half tempted to walk around like some important business woman with two, I just can’t choose between them. Sunday Essentials Shop my essentials for Sunday lounging by clicking and scrolling through the below! Make sure you follow me on Bloglovin’ to stay up to date with all the latest posts! You can also…

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