From one lazy girl to another – just assuming cos you’re here reading this – but let’s face it anyone would like to look good with minimal effort, wouldn’t they? I bring to you the lazy girls guide to getting dressed. basically, being comfy and not trying hard yet still achieving that I just threw this on look after actually just throwing it on. Shop The Post Shop my look by clicking on the images below! Lazy Girls Guide To Looking Good You probably noticed from my enthusiasm for the pyjama trend that whilst I do like to look good, I am not one to agree with the phrase it hurts to look this good because no. Unless were talking about shoes, in which case it’s a whole different ball game. Comfortable clothes are a must, I always feel more confident when I’m comfortable in what I’m wearing and have you never heard of the phrase you’re never fully dressed without a smile? Choose a Statement Piece For me, it’s this white Jigsaw jacket I’ve been living in. The collarless, tailored style finishes off any look and looks like I’ve made an effort. Even if in reality I’m wearing baggy ripped jeans and an old jumper, oh wait. . I am.  I think the fact that it’s white is what makes it more of a statement piece but anything tailored is great – never thought I’d be one to say that. Accessorize Accessories are key in my lazy girls guide for when you want to jazz up your jeans and jumper, I’ve added some fishnet socks with my Zara shoes (more on those shortly) and my trusty Zara bag which is still my favourite and will continue to be until I get my hands on a Gucci. Some think it’s a little over priced at £90 but to me it’s worth every penny – I’m down to about 1p per wear. If you did want to get something similar for a little cheaper, Mango do this incredible copy for just £39.99. So those Zara shoes are beautiful, I’ll give them that. . but let’s just take a moment to refer to my previous note about painful fashion. They cripple my feet. I’m currently wearing only trainers from pulling my foot muscle trying to keep them on, did I mention the slingback is too long for the shoe? the only way to keep them on is by clenching your toes and making a blister plaster wall underneath the strap. Not quite the look I was going for. I still wear them though, because fashion. *Jacket : Jigsaw Jumper : H&M Old Jeans : Asos Shoes : Zara Bag : Zara Socks : Asos Be a doll and follow me on Bloglovin’, it’s the best way to stay up to date with all of my posts don’t you know!?  I would love it if you also subscribe to my youtube channel and don’t forget to share this post with any fellow lazy girls!!! All photography by Kirk Schwarz –Website – Instagram

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Pyjamas in the Day?

Pyjamas are a thing, it’s official. I’ve jumped on to the pyjamas bandwagon with this double breasted beauty and now I can’t get enough. I mean, if wearing your pyjamas in the day isn’t multifunctional then I don’t know what is.  Good old pinterest has provided me with some swoon worthy street style and of course, any excuse to write a shopping list . . . here’s some of my favourite looks . . Pyjama Trends I’ve noticed a few trends within the pyjamas trend, the monochrome piped style, though I’m pretty sure piping is essential to rocking this trend. All things pink and blush and of course the full on head to toe, no messing pyjamas look. I’ve linked each product on the little plus signs so if you click on them you’ll be taken to the site orrrr I’ve linked them underneath! Monochrome Pink Head to Toe Shop My Favourite Pyjamas I’ve linked all of my favourite pyjama style pieces below, just click and scroll to shop! I honestly feel like I want this trend to stay forever, it’s the ultimate in comfort!  

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Learning to Quiet Your Mind

For me this is a big, huge one, my mind is totally in control of me and this is not the way it should be. You should be in control of your mind and learning to quiet your mind is a huge step in the right direction. Firstly, I know what you’re thinking, my mind is me – it’s my mind after all. WRONG. Letting your mind take over is a one way road to stress, anxiety and worry as I myself have found out the hard way. Learning to quiet your mind I wish there was an off button for your mind, there kind of is in meditation though it isn’t an instant thing and doesn’t work for everyone – myself included. Because of this I’ve found a few tricks that help me when I’m in an overthinking spiral of doom, so naturally I wanted to share the wealth. Write it down This is something I usually only do at home but I do need to start carrying a little notebook round with me because it genuinely helps to quiet your mind. It’s basically emptying your mind onto a piece of paper, I find that this works particularly well if I can’t sleep for worry! Another thing I do is to write what it is I’m worrying about down and what the worst case scenario is – usually it’s actually not that bad and it helps me to realise that I’m being a bit stupid worrying over nothing! Throw it out or watch it pass by This one is actually embarrassing to admit but I told a friend about it recently and she said it helped her so here goes. I usually do this one if I’m on my way to somewhere in the car and I’m stressing out and working myself up, I literally circle my head with my hand as if I’m gathering up everything and wind down the car window and throw it out and wind the window back up so the negative thoughts are outside. I know I sound like a complete nutter but honestly it really helps to physically throw them out the window! Another technique is to imagine the thoughts as a stream or a river and to just imagine yourself sat watching them come and go and flow past. I also like to imagine a small bubble of nothingness growing in my mind and pushing out anything else in my mind, clearing it out if you like. These visualisation ones help me to quiet my mind so much! “Thanks for your opinion” So as I said before your mind is not you, after your mind has gone on a whole tirade stressing you out and over thinking, just say “thanks for your opinion” as if it’s someone else saying it to you. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that these negative thoughts are you and control you because they don’t. Be grateful This is something that really helps to counteract the negative thoughts and quiet your mind. Think about things…

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Get Ready With Me | The Three Step Process

I thought I would share a different kind of post with you today. For me, everyday begins with a three step process so I though I would do a little get ready with me post to show you what I do. Of course there’s the outfit and the make up, but possibly one of the most important steps is the first one, preparation. get ready with me | Step One Prepering the skin for make up is super important for me. As you know by now I’m a huge fan of the Clinique pep-start under eye cream – total life saver. This is a step that I never skip but something I do less regularly is a polishing mask. This just helps to prep the skin for putting your war paint on and make’s you look fresh as a daisy. I always say to myself I don’t have time for face masks – especially in the morning, but honestly it’s totally worth it even just for the smell. This one from OLEHenriksen smell’s like heaven. get ready with me | Step Two Step two is all about the face, my favourite foundation will always be the Mac Studio Sculpt, I’ve still not found one that gives such a flawless finish for the same length of time. Nothing compares. I recently got my hands on one of the Urban Decay Naked eye palettes and let me tell you now, it did not disappoint. I’m still a fan of the nudes so I did a bit of a smokey eye using the lighter brown shades, a barely there smokey eye. I need to have a bit of a play around with it and watch a lot of youtube tutorials! I’m such a novice! For this look I used the shades; thirteen, combust and whiskey with a little bit go high in the corners of my eyes to brighten them. This was with the smoky Naked palette. get ready with me | Step Three The fun part of course. . getting dressed. I was challenged by Debenhams to create a monochrome look, I wouldn’t say that’s much of a challenge for a monochrome lover like me. I decided to play around a bit with sleeve lengths, normally I’d be super against wearing long sleeves under short sleeves, whoooooo? BUT, I’ve tried it out and I have to say, I don’t hate it. The frilly details on this top is always a winner and gives the look a more fun feel. I had to have the nude shoes, they’re super similar to a black pair I have from Zara and wear all the time. Rude not to. It’s definitely the coatigan that pulls the look together, monochrome all the way! What do you think to the long sleeves short sleeves dilemma?  *Top : Asos *Coatigan : Debenhams Jeans : Topshop *Shoes : Debenhams *Pep-Start : Clinique Bra : Elcy Clothing *Polishing Mask : Debenhams *Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette : Debenhams Don’t forget to follow me on Bloglovin’ so you never miss a post! You can also subscribe to my Youtube channel where you’ll…

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Blogging Tips

5 Tips on Being More Productive

Being productive is not my forte. If I had a penny for every time I’ve been sat staring blankly at the computer screen or spring cleaning my room – because it was so much more urgent than tomorrows blog post – I would be rich my friend. But I’m not, I’m broke and unproductive. However, I have found some handy ways of making the most of my time, little tricks I use to focus and if I really cannot focus, ways to still be productive. 5 steps to being more productive write manageable lists I am queen list maker. There’s nothing I love more than writing lists, even as a child I wrote lists upon lists – at least now they have some form of use, though I have been know to write things I’ve already done purely for the sense of achievement when ticking it off. When you write a list, you should always be super realistic. Don’t write an a4 to do list – you ain’t never gonna get that done in a day and when you don’t you’ll feel like a failure. I also find that personally, if I see a huge list I instantly remember something else I could do to avoid said scary list. Writing a more manageable list makes you way more productive – and if you really must have your a4 list, split it into manageable chunks. Background noise is a good thing Personally, I cannot concentrate in deadly silence, my mind wanders and before I know it I’m at the checkout on Asos and the blog post is just a distant memory. blog post who? I find there’s a fine line when it comes to background noise, it has to be something to fill the silence without drawing your attention away from your writing. For me, the radio works best for this heart FM I salute you, I do love Grimmy but the presenters on Radio 1 are far too talky and distracting! This little radio I was sent from EMIE has been my absolute saviour. It’s about the size of an a6 piece of paper, lightweight and totally instagrammable. Small, lightweight and photogenic . . in other words a bloggers dream, perfect for those ‘work situation” shots! Obviously it does have a function too, background noise. . because it’s small I’ve been carrying it round everywhere with me, by the shower, in the kitchen . .probably not socially acceptable to take it on the train . . Don’t procrastinate Procrasination is the thief of joy. I truly believe this, how can you ever relax when you know you should be doing something else? If you do something, see it through from start to finish and don’t stop to clean out your make up drawer – it has been known. I am queen of procrastinating, there’s always someone who wants to go for lunch or the dog needs walking and I haven’t washed my make up brushes in ages. Honestly the things I’ll do to avoid working. Preparation is key I always schedule my posts because I find it hard…

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