I’d like to think that most brands I work with I have managed to build an ongoing working relationship with. This post was actually requested by the lovely Nikita, so here are my tips on how to navigate your way to building relationships between brands and bloggers! Brands and Bloggers Need Each Other I think it’s so important to remember this throughout, that not only do you need them but they also need you. Brands and bloggers are both guilty of forgetting that it can be a mutually great thing when the collaboration is done right. Whilst I have had great working relationships with brands I’ve also had people tell me “there’s plenty of other bloggers that will do it” when I’m not happy with their terms, my answer? ask them then! Whilst brands can really help you to build your blogging portfolio and get your name out there, if it’s not a mutually beneficial collaboration and you’re not comfortable with what they’re asking, don’t do it. Your worth more and at the end of the day it’s your name on the blog so you have to be happy with everything you put out to the world. If you blog about something you’re giving it your seal of approval and readers value this the most, don’t take advantage of it! “You’ve got to crack a few eggs to make an omelette” Your not going to be making money from collaborations and working with big brands overnight. However, if there’s a brand you really want to get in with, why don’t you buy something and do a post on it anyway? Use all their hashtags, email them and let them know you did the post and ask for feedback and you never know where it could lead. Kirk my photographer used this quote to me when I was trying to justify a massive Misguided order in the 50% sale – you know the one that crashed their website? A brand I would love to work with, unfortunately the order wouldn’t go through and then the stuff was sold out damn you Misguided, but I’m definitely bearing this excuse/justification/great idea in mind for the next time I’m debating at the checkout. Go above and beyond expectations I think this is so important, if you’re just starting out and someone asks you to do something for them, wow them. Going above and beyond will make them sit up and watch what you’re doing, it also shows you’re creative, reliable and use your initiative . . all great things. A recent example I have of this is when I did a denim collaboration on instagram with Asos. They asked for one instagram photo, I posted several over a few weeks and did a blog post. If you have the time and the ideas, why would you not do it just because they haven’t paid or asked for it . . you have to work up to that by impressing them and showing how valuable you are. Don’t be afraid to reach out This is one that…

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Denim Wardrobe Update

When it comes to my love for denim, I’ve recently admitted that I’m a one style girl and that style is skinny jeans. However, a recent miracle has happened to my denim wardrobe, a spring miracle if you like. The skinnies have been banished to the back in favour of a new style, the Mom jeans . .who would have thought it? Denim Wardrobe : The Facts This infographic on jeans by Superdry is so interesting and true in my opinion! I guess as with any item in your wardrobe there’s particular styles you favour and wear time and time again. I think it’s so funny that people hold on to their old jeans because they spend too much money on them or are waiting for them to come back into fashion. When it comes to clothes I’m really not a hoarder! I have a good eBay session at least once a month as I love to have a clean and tidy wardrobe, it helps me to get dressed more easily! I thought I would have a little rummage through my jeans and go through what my denim wardrobe looks like – they say the average person owns 7 pairs and the most popular styles are skinny, boyfriend and high waist so we will see! My Denim Wardrobe 7 pairs – I cannot believe I am that predictable, as if I match up with an infographic! Also as a self confessed denim addict I think I need to go and buy more stat! I’ve listed them in order of the amount I wear the pair! Black Ripped Mom Jeans – Asos Blue Ripped Mom Jeans – Asos These two are currently my most worn jeans by far. I fell in love with the black pair and promptly bought myself the same style in blue. I have to say I was worried about buying jeans online from Asos but I am so happy with them, I’m definitely a convert and they make the perfect additions to my denim wardrobe! Black Wax Coated Skinnies – Topshop These are my go to jeans for when I want to look smart or on nights out. I feel much smarter and dressier in this pair! Blue Straight Leg Jeans – Next A ridiculously comfortable pair of jeans that are casual and fit really nicely without being skinny. I feel like me and the skinny jeans might need some time to miss each other – not the black ones though! Blue Ripped Skinnies – Topshop These were my previous favourites and I lived in them for the past year or so. My discovery of Mom jeans and the recent additions to my denim wardrobe means these guys have definitely been pushed to the back! White Ripped Skinnies – Primark I only wear these in the summer, don’t get me wrong they get a lot of wear in the summer but at the moment they’re definitely in the back gathering dust! Grey Pull On Skinnies – H&M I literally only own these because they…

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The Importance Of Skincare

Let me just put this out there, I have never been good when it comes to skincare. Until a few years ago I didn’t take my make up off before I went to bed and when I did take it off, it was with a rough face wipe. Face creams were what old ladies used and generally, just who needs to think about skincare when you’re in your early twenties? EVERYONE, thats who. I tell you what, standing and talking to the beautiful and make up free Lydia Millen at a recent event was enough to make me want to invest, that’s for sure! Why Skincare is Key To me, now anyway, spending ridiculous amounts on make up is absolutely pointless without a good base. Yes you can cover up bits and of course, people can’t control breakouts etc. I’m lucky that I’ve never really suffered from bad skin (touch wood) but I do have very sensitive skin which is prone to dryness – any advice you guys may have is more than welcome . . give me it! When your skin is good you need less make up and the less make up you put on the better your skin will be . . a lovely cycle. But obviously, you have to invest in some good skincare pieces to get the the ball rolling. Not only is it easier to apply make up and get a flawless finish when you’ve got a good base, but you need less make up and just think of your self esteem, I mean if I only look half as good as Lydia with no make up on I will die happy.. bit dramatic. Estee Lauder – New Dimension I have to confess I hadn’t heard of this one before, but anything that promises to give me luscious lips and I’m in. I’m a self confessed lip chewer and the more I chew the more my lips get dry and flakey and the more I want to chew. . gross I know but it’s a habit I can’t kick. My sister got me some nice Chanel lip balm in an attempt to make me stop and it didn’t . . but it does make a handy prop for my flatlays though. Anyway, I’ve only been using it for a couple of weeks and can already tell that it’s working in some way shape or form. If anything, when I first put it on I can definitely feel the difference in the condition of my lips so I think once I’ve been using it a while I’ll be able to see the full effects. It’s double ended, so first you use the serum which helps to give smoother and fuller looking lips then you apply the balm over the top which hydrates and conditions your lips. The serum is a bit weird to put on but I like the sound of smoother, fuller looking lips and the balm is just like the creamiest smoothest lip balm I’ve ever used .…

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Why Gratitude Is So Important

Gratitude and recognising how much you have is such a great way to bring more happiness into your life. For me, spending more time being so grateful of the amazing thing’s you have and have achieved is a way of getting rid of feelings of jealousy and a need for things that are out of my reach, which let’s face it, is never going to lead to good things! I had actually planned this post before I realised that today is my 1 year anniversary of my first ever blog post. Personally, I am so grateful, to myself for the dedication and time I put into each and every post to make it an interesting read, to you guys for reading my blog, and to the brands I have worked with for giving me such amazing opportunities. How Gratitude Helps You I think learning to be grateful is a really quick way of lifting your mood. Gratitude is so simple and really, I feel like we live in a world where people are constantly keeping up with the Jones’ rather than taking stock of the things they have. As a blogger, I can put my hand up and say I am totally guilty of this. “So and so has this many followers” and “she goes to these events” and “I want to work with this brand”. It’s not until I stop for a minute and actually look at what I have and am doing that I realise that honestly, I’m doing amazingly well and should never feel the need to compare myself to someone else. Sometimes when I feel down or anxious, I like to write a little list of things that I’m grateful for or to mentally go through it. Even if you really can’t think of anything, how about the fact that you can see and walk? Honestly, there’s so much we take for granted! Learn to show your gratitude You should always show your gratitude towards people who have helped you out. A simple thank you is such a small way of showing your appreciation and do you know what? I bet if you say thank you they’re more likely to continue helping people out and feeling appreciated. If I ever get the time I love sending hand written thank you cards and letters. It’s something that actually (eating my words) doesn’t take a lot of time and would probably make someone’s day, even week. Keep a gratitude diary I try to keep a gratitude diary as a way of reviewing my day in the best light possible. I try to write 3 things minimum each day that I’m grateful for, it can literally be anything. Going to sleep in a good mood is the best thing and this pretty much guarantees it! Don’t forget to follow me on Bloglovin’ for more posts like this along with outfit posts and blogging tips! You can follow me here! You can also see my latest youtube video here!

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Blogging Tips

What To Do When Bloggers Block Strikes

Any blogger, writer, artist . . basically anyone who has to constantly come up with some form of content, will have experienced some form of block. As a blogger, I am focusing this post on the dreaded bloggers block. These tips however, could be transferable – not used that word since I wrote my CV. Bloggers Block Cure #1 – Ideas Posts I don’t know if you know about this, and if you don’t know, when you do know, you’ll be glad you know… you know? There are piles and piles of posts about posts. Bloggers blogging about potential blog posts other bloggers can use . . are you keeping up? Basically, these posts are lists of generic blog post ideas. I have used a couple of these ideas in the past and have a list on my phone that I can resort to if I am having a total mental block. I’ll add a list of lists below for you to check out! I usually take the concept and twist it slightly to fit in with my style and format, so ‘how to look good with minimal effort‘ translates to ‘easy make up tips’ if you catch my drift. 105 Blogpost Ideas – It Starts With Coffee 113 Ideas For A Blog Post – Thirteen Thoughts 113 (More) Blogpost Ideas – Thirteen Thoughts   Bloggers Block Cure #2 : Magazines Magazines are a great source of inspo. Not only are they good for keeping up with trends but you can also see whats coming in to stores and read topical discussions, something you may want to voice your opinion on in your blog. I personally love store magazines and find them great for inspo. I know you would probably think that they were just promoting their own products which, lets face it they are, but they’re also great for emerging trends and styling ideas. Personally, just looking at this pastel filled page fills me with inspiration, bloggers block be gone!   Bloggers Block #3 : Pinterest Pinterest is such a generic bloggers block post idea, I know that, but it’s undeniably a great way of gathering and saving inspiration. I have boards for anything and everything, If I like a look, I pin it, If I like the way something’s shot, I pin it, if I’m loving a trend, I pin it . . are you starting to get the hang of this? Don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest to keep up to date with whats inspiring me! Bloggers Block #4 : Read Other Blogs Reading other blogs always gives me tons of inspiration for posts. Now let me be clear here, by no means am I condoning copying, why would you want to write something that someone else has done before? Let alone think about the time and effort they went into to create it . .don’t be that guy. Being inspired is a whole different ball game to copying. Similarly to the post ideas blog posts, you can use the idea to create…

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