This is something that I personally really struggle with. If someone pisses me off, and I mean really pisses me off, I find it hard to just take a deep breath and let it go. As a result of this, I’ve come up with a few coping mechanisms which I have to say I don’t put into action as much as I should but hey, the thought counts right? How To Let It Go Don’t Take It Personally I feel like half of the time when people have a go at you, they’re not really angry at you, they’re angry about something that’s happened previously and you’ve probably just tipped them over the edge and received the full force of their anger. I know its really hard not to bite back when someone is quite possibly making personal and hurtful comments – because we all know when you’re in an argument you’re going for the low blows, but just try and think about the fact that it’s not personal and let it go over your head. Remove Yourself From The Situation Removing yourself from the situation is a great way of making sure that you don’t bite back. Take a walk, go to your room, do whatever you can or need to do to get away from the situation. Often this can anger the person more if they’re looking to let of some steam and have a real barney but you’ve got to think of yourself and what’s best for you, get yo’self outta there! Start Everyday Fresh I try to never go to bed on an argument, I just think it’s horrible and you should always make up where possible! But, if you absolutely cannot make amends, then try to wake up the next day and brush it under the carpet. Take everyday as a new start and don’t hold a grudge or bring it up, I know it’s hard if somone’s pissed you off and all you want to do it make sassy comments about something their doing (guilty) but all it’ll do is start up the row again. Grit your teeth and offer to make them a cup of tea, it’s for the best I promise! Don’t Wait For An Apology Waiting for an apology is pretty much holding on to a grudge. You need to learn to forgive people without an apology as often the other person will think that they’re owed an apology too so essentially, your holding you’re breath for something that’ll never happen! I read a quote once that I always remember when I’m driving round mentally plotting the way’s to take revenge on the unlucky person who’s pissed me off that day – “Holding a grudge is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die” it only affects you! Not the other person, they’re oblivious and getting on with their lives, or mentally plotting the ways to take revenge on you. I hope you liked this post and found it helpful! I’m trying to get back to…

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Blogging Tips

How to Lower Your Bounce Rate in 5 Simple Steps

I’ve decided to make these blogging tips posts a more regular thing, I’m thinking weekly, as you guys seemed to love my 5 ridiculously easy SEO tips! This week I’m hoping to help you out with some of my tips on how to lower your bounce rate. If you’re wondering what a bounce rate is, have no fear, I’m here to help! What’s a Bounce Rate? First things first, a bounce rate tells you about the behaviour of people who go on your website. If you go on to your Google Analytics, if you don’t have Google Analytics then stop what you’re doing and go and get it now (slash keep reading this post and then do it). So a bounce rate tells you if people stay on your blog/website after they’ve seen the initial page they clicked on, or if they leave straight away. The lower the bounce rate, the better, because don’t we all want people to stay and read more and possibly become a loyal reader? As someone with a bounce rate of just 3.75% I felt inclined to share some of my tips. I never really aimed to lower my bounce rate with these measures, just to tempt people to follow my blog and stay engaged. Lowering Your Bounce Rate Link To Previous Content This one I’ve said before, people are reading a post about lowering their bounce rate? Well then they might be interested in my 5 ridiculously easy SEO tips or my Blogging Tips post. You see what I did there? Linking relevant topic helps hugely, you’ve already got a reader and you know they’re interested in a certain topic so make the most of it! Show them other posts they might want to read and they’re going to hang around for longer! Make Your Homepage Engaging This is something I did to try and get people to follow me on Bloglovin’ but I feel like it’s had a big part to play in lowering my bounce rate too. I spent some time thinking about my homepage as if I were a reader and trying to make it clean and easy to navigate. You can get plugin’s for example that show the most popular posts or recently published posts down the side, it’s another great way of catching the readers eye and maintaining their interest! Get Rid of Unnecessary Banners and Distractions For me, I did this for my OCD but honestly, why would you have banners if you don’t have to and they aren’t beneficial to you? When I first discovered affiliates and banners I went a bit banner crazy, I had links left right and centre for every blogger group I was in and for every website I thought I could make 2p off a sale from. When people are clicking on a banner or a ‘sticker’ they are leaving your site. I got rid of all of them except for my Next Blogger Network award sticker which of course takes pride of place!…

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Why You NEED A Small Bag

Loving this set of photos, definitely one of my favourite outfits! I’ll be recycling this a few times I’m sure, and if you follow me on Instagram you’ll know I’ve already worn it once to London! I’ve had the biggest revelation recently on why every woman needs a small bag! Let me explain . .   Can we just take a minute to appreciate the beauty that is these Suede Next boots?! The colour is incredible and that heel is just something else! I was brave and wore them for the first time in London the other day, I know what your thinking and I was a bit worried, it was a bold move lets just say that! It was fine though! They’re so so soft and comfortable! I didn’t get 1 blister! The Glory of a Small bag and Why You NEED One! Ok, so  all of my life I’ve needed a big bag to carry around everything, basically my junk wouldn’t fit in a small bag. Which is why I generally only reserved the small bag for nights out and special occasions, but whats this? A daytime outfit? With a small bag? Every day? Let me welcome you to the glorious world of the small bag: Wonky shoulders and aching arms are a thing of the past I came to think it was a normal thing to have a red itchy indent on your shoulder at the end of the day where the contents of my bag, aka my entire life had been pulling in one place. it’s not, small bags won’t do this! If it doesn’t fit, you don’t need it Two notebooks, a diary, two purses, a bag inside the bag, the contents of a fruit bowl and a bottle of water to name but a few things I used to carry around on a daily basis – no this is not an exaggeration! Now I carry lipstick, a mirror, a card holder and my phone and keys, and guess what, I never need the other stuff! You don’t have to carry other peoples things I don’t know if I just have doormat written on my forehead or if this is a trait of all big bag holders. People seem to assume that I brought a big bag out for the sole purpose of carrying their stuff round so they don’t have to have a big bag, or a bag at all . . the cheek! The list could go on but basically, the jist of it is, you don’t have to carry other peoples junk around or your own. Consequently, you will not get wonky shoulders. The best bit is, when your arm doesn’t feel like it’s about to drop off, you can shop for longer! I am so in love with this knit from Sheinside, I’ve been wanting a ribbed jumper for a while and I found this one on the Sheinside website, the best bit? It’s only just over £20! I’m sometimes a bit hesitant about Sheinside because it’s very hit and…

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My Top 5 Mood Lifters

I feel like I need to share with you my Mood Lifters. You all loved my post about The Happiness Habit and Speaking More Positively so these are another trick in my little metaphorical positivity bag! My Favourite Mood Lifters Light A Candle Set the scene, this is such a simple thing but candles really relax me. Being relaxed makes me happy. It’s pretty simple! I never used to burn my candles, I mean a burnt candle isn’t very photogenic now is it? But the smell and atmosphere a candle brings far outweighs the look of an unburnt candle! Do Some Colouring I don’t know how you feel about this one but I love it. I’ve had a colouring book for a while since I suffered from anxiety I found it helped me a lot with my overthinking and now that it’s become a trend and is therefore socially acceptable it’s even better! Have a Cuddle I love a good cuddle, some people aren’t very touchy feely but personally, I’m a cuddler! Luckily we now have the most beautiful puppy in the whole entire world (she features heavily on my snapchat : sineadcrowe) so I can get my cuddle fill whenever I need it and she can’t say no, not that she’d want to, who wouldn’t want to cuddle me? Go For a Walk When you feel like crap the last thing you want to do is excursive, believe me I know. But going for a short walk always helps me to clear my mind and get a different perspective on things. I’ll often go with my Mum or my best friend and it’s just like therapy, walking and talking and solving your problems. in my opinion, of all the mood lifters this is the one that always works! Pamper Yourself Look after yourself and treat yourself to a little pamper! I feel like just small things like painting your nails and reading a magazine just make you feel so much better. I’ve been terrible and bitten all of my nails of recently but when they’re all nice and painted I feel like I’ve got my shit together!! Make sure you follow me on Bloglovin’ so you can stay up to date with my positive posts which I am trying to do more often as I’ve noticed how popular they are!!! You can follow me here! I’ve also uploaded my first youtube video, a Q&A with a donut challenge thrown in at the end – get to know the person behind the blog and make sure you hit subscribe as I’m hoping to do lots more posts, maybe a look book next! Let me know if there’s a certain video you want to see me do!

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My Daily Essentials // Beauty

As I’m dipping my big toe into the world of beauty, I thought it was only right to share with you my favourite beauty products that I wear every single day. My daily essentials if you will! daily essentials Base I use Mac for my base, I never really bought into the whole Mac thing until recently. I had some of their lipsticks which by the way taste incredible but never the face products. I always just wrote it off as something girls who wear a lot of make up wear and never really thought they might have options for all levels of make-up-ness.  One hour after visiting a Mac stand later and I’m walking away £100 lighter with a bag full of goodies and some new daily essentials. I use the Studio Sculpt foundation which is really nice and light and gives a more dewy look. I also use the Select Moisture cover concealer which I was told to put on before my foundation and actually learnt that I’ve been putting too much on! I’ve always had a major hang up when it comes to my under eye circles since a drunk told me I looked 30 at the age of 19, I’ve tried so many different products even layering 3 different types at one point! Apparently the more you put on the more it looks like you’re trying to cover, honestly I agree so much and I’m much more confident about them now! Finally on my face I use the Mac Mineralise Powder to keep my make up in place and for me it just kind of finishes it off and makes it look perfect. My sister always tells me my skin looks flawless now which is so nice to hear and makes me think that who cares how much it costs when it makes you feel that good? I mean don’t get me wrong I don’t really get spots so I don’t have bad skin but it’s more the staying power and the flawless finish I love! Contour Once I’ve done my base I cover my face in a light layer of bronzer and contour with this Sleek Make up Palette. I was sent this by the lovely people over at In The Style and honestly there’s not a day goes by that I don’t use it! The highlighter is amazing and I love the subtle contour. Its so quick to do as well, I don’t do the whole face just my cheeks so I literally do a stripe of each and blend them for a natural look! Brows Again, I was lucky enough to be sent this Magic Powder from Eyeko. It’s called Magic Powder and my god it is. I’ve had it since way before Christmas and I use it everyday without fail, it’s become one of my most loved daily essentials. It takes two seconds to brush on and the brush is like a lipgloss brush so you have quite good control over the powder. It’s a…

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