New In Beauty

I thought I would do a new kind of beauty post talking through all of my recent pieces, what they are, why I got them and most importantly what they do! New In Beauty All of the bits are linked in the description box below the video on Youtube! I hope you guys like this video! I’d love to hear your thoughts and don’t forget to subscribe and give the video a like to make me super super happy!

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Blogging Tips

Affiliate Links | What they are and how to use them

I got a few questions on some of my previous posts about affiliate links. Though difficult to get your head round at first, it’s like riding a bike once you get the hang of it and you’re pretty much earning from something you already do  . . soooo why would you not use them? In this post I’ll be giving you a lil’ run down on what affiliate links are, effective ways to use them and what companies you can use affiliate links through. What are Affiliate Links? First thing’s first, if you don’t know what an affiliate link is, or you’re a blogger that isn’t using them then you are missing out my friend. Basically, an affiliate link adds tracking to allow the retailer to see that the sale has come from you and your site giving you a small percentage of commission on each sale. As fashion bloggers, we’re constantly suggesting products and telling people where things are from, so why shouldn’t we make 10p for a sale every now and then? If you bought something from a store, often the sales assistant would get commission so surely it’s only right that we get something for all of our hard work?! P.s if retailers know you get them loads of sales through your trackable links, there’s a high possibility they’ll want to play on this and work with you How Can You Use Affiliate Links? There’s lots of different ways to use affiliates and I probably still don’t know about half of them as each company uses different techniques. Here’s the key ones I’ve come across: Banners – I don’t use these, I didn’t find they were that effective (though I am considering adding just one back in) and found them messy. Not only do I like my home page to be super clean and easy to navigate, but I also dislike anything that takes people away from my site before they’ve even read the content Links – Pretty much self explanatory, just adding links into your post as you usually would but with the tracking Instagram Apps – Some companies also allow you to link the products via your instagram images so people can shop your looks from their phones Widgets – There’s lots of little widgets you can use like the one I’ve created belowfor this outfit. It allows you to shop the products from the store images, a more visual way of shopping the look than just written links. Online Shops – You can also create ‘shop my look‘ pages or ‘shop my wardrobe’ which personally I love on other peoples blogs as it gives you inspo when you want to shop but don’t know where to start! I’m actually thinking of creating one for my site so let me know what you think and if it’s something you’d like to see! How To Get Affiliate Links I’ve listed below the companies you can use to create your affiliate links, I personally use Reward Style. It’s not the easiest affiliate scheme to get on to as they don’t accept everyone but from…

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My Home


A Wardrobe Staple | The Black Jacket

To me, although I’ve never really had a black jacket, it’s definitely a wardrobe staple. I mean I’ve had leather jackets and all that, but to me, a black jacket is just timeless, but then so is a leather jacket . . but this isn’t a post about a leather jacket! I got this piece from Jigsaw and specifically chose this one as it’s more me, as black jacket’s go. I love the relaxed tailoring and loose fabric, I don’t think I’m for ready super sharp tailoring just yet though I am obsessed with Jigsaw’s tailoring section! I didn’t know how to style it when I first got it, I’m so used to more relaxed pieces that wearing a black jacket, though a wardrobe staple as discussed, seemed foreign to me. I love it with just the jeans and heels, it’s the perfect smart casual look and I’ll be styling it in plenty of different ways soon so keep an eye out! I’m loving mixing in more tailored pieces with my wardrobe, I feel like they’re timeless pieces that instantly make a piece look smart and pulled together. As my style develops I’m starting to realise the importance of investing in a few higher priced pieces that mix in well with some of my favourite high street pieces! See what I mean in my previous post about how jackets make anything look smart! These Public Desire heels are honestly uh-mazing. I’ve been lusting after these Topshop ones for a while so when PD brought out their own more affordable pair it was pretty much a no brainer. Just take a moment to appreciate the cuffs on those jeans. . . they deserve it. Shop The Look Shop my look by clicking on the images below! A Wardrobe Staple – The Jacket Edit Click and scroll to shop my fave tailored jackets – I couldn’t stick to black because there’s so many amazing pastel and white ones!! *Jacket : Jigsaw T-shirt : H&M OLD – Similar here Jeans : Asos *Heels : Public Desire Bag : Zara – Cheaper alternative *Watch : Klarf All photography by Kirk Schwarz – Instagram – Website I would love it if you followed me on Bloglovin’!! It’s the best way to stay up to date with not only my blog but all of your favourite bloggers! Make sure you leave me a comment to let me know what you think to the look and if I’ve inspired you to get you’re own wardrobe staple jacket!

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Summer Style Edit

Seen as the weather has realised what the date is and re aligned with what it should be doing, I thought I would do a cheeky little summer style edit. So basically just everything I have on my shopping list and will be buying in the very near future, slash when I win some money. My Summer Style Edit Here’s a few of my faves, I honestly had to stop myself I was getting way too carried away! So much amazing stuff in the stores at the minute!!! I’m also thinking of creating a shop page on my blog where I list everything I own so you can literally shop my wardrobe. I already have the shop my wardrobe page where you can shop my instagram photos via but let me know if this is something you would like me to do and I’ll be on it like a car bonnet! I always love to hear what you guys think as after all I do my blog for you the readers so anything you’d like to see or want me to cover then let me know! Feedback is always amazing! I hope you liked my little summer style edit! Make sure you follow me on Bloglovin so you can stay up to date with all of my posts and never miss a post again! You can also find me on Youtube here and if you want to stalk me even more (please do) then you can follow me on Instagram and Snapchat – both usernames are sineadcrowe!

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Why not having many friends is a good thing

I sometimes feel like I have too many friends, throughout life we gain friends in everything we do. Every new job or school, going to university and moving to a new city all brings new friends and what happens to the old ones? If everyone were to stay in touch with every friend they’d ever make it would be exhausting. Basically you would have a hell of a lotta friends, and not too many good friends, this is why not having many good friends is a good thing! For me, I’ve started to realise since blogging and styling and social media-ing and god knows what else, that I just don’t have a lot of spare time. Bearing that in mind I’ve sort of decided to stop clinging on to friendships that died long ago, instead investing that time in the friends I love and who love me in return. I’m about to get soppy here, but me and my friends (my close friends) who I went to college with have a pretty close relationship. Although there’s a lot of us, and we may not all see each other as often as we’d like, we’ve always got each others backs. I’ll always remember when I had a cold a couple of years ago and they brought round cards, soup, a mug, tissues and my favourite sweets. Basically, they took the place of my non existent boyfriend. Why not having many friends is a good thing I think that the older you get, the more apparent it becomes who you’re real friends are and with blogging I am constantly gaining new friends who have so much in common and who I can share the experience with. This is why I’ve decided to stop clinging on to the friendships of my past and invest in my besties! As with anything, it’s quality over quantity and for that reason I think that not having many friends is a good thing, it means you can spend more time on the friendships that have stood the test of time! *Shirt : Boden Jeans : Asos Shoes : Topshop Bag : Zara SOLD OUT – Similar here I would love it if you followed me on Bloglovin’ and don’t forget that it’s the best way to stay up to date with the latest posts! You can also follow me on Snapchat and Instagram – both sineadcrowe – to see what I get up to day to day! On snapchat I often do unboxing, make up talk throughs and first impressions so it’s great to see whats coming up first! You may also like my post on how to clear your mind! All photography by Kirk Schwarz – Instagram – Website

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