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My February Favourites

See which products I’m loving and why I think you’ll love them too! I’m talking beauty, fashion and people, everything I have been loving this month! Shop the pieces that I’ve been loving below! Make sure you follow me on Bloglovin’ so you never miss a post and stay up to date with whats new! This week I’ve got a collaboration with Dorothy Perkins, more blogging tips and of how and why I became a stylist with some handy tips and pointers – a much requested video! You can also subscribe to my youtube channel here – I do have a blogging Q&A coming soon as promised but I wasn’t happy with how it turned out so I’m going to re film it when I next get chance!!!!

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A Bloggers Survival Guide

I’ve noticed since I started to share some of my blogging tips that these posts get a great response from you guys. So I’ve decided this week to do a round up of all the posts I’ve done so far for you to keep as a reference, a bloggers survival guide if you will. Do let me know if there is anything in particular that you want me to post about or anything you can’t get your head round and I will put it on my list!! Bloggers Survival Guide : SEO 5 Ridiculously Easy SEO Tips In this post I list the top 5 SEO tips that you probably haven’t even thought of and are so easy you could action them all right now! This is definitely step one in the bloggers survival guide and will get you well on your way to the SEO highway . . god I’m such a loser. 5 Ridiculously Easy SEO Tips 5 WordPress Plugins All Bloggers Need This is pretty useless if you aren’t on WordPress, though saying that, I am sure that other hosts will have their own versions of plugins so that you can swap and change things to personalise your page. Just take each concept and find a way to action it on your own site. These plugins will make your blogging life easier whilst boosting your SEO and most important of all, keeping the reader interested! 5 WordPress Plugins All Bloggers Need How To Lower Your Bounce Rate In 5 Simple Steps Ah, the pesky bounce rate. I managed to ace mine purely by fluke, I don’t know if it’s just that I have well and truly found my niche – of course that helps. But I do know that I have made some changes based on what I had read about getting followers not improving your bounce rate. Though looking back, I suppose the two go hand in hand. With these small steps my bounce rate has fallen from around 60% to less than 1% . . honestly sometimes I think theres a technical glitch for it to be so low but I can see in real time on Google Analytics that people stay on my blog for a while, the key is to keep them interested! How To Lower Your Bounce Rate In 5 Simple Steps Bloggers Survival Guide : Blogging Tips 5 Steps To A Killer Blog Title Blog titles and photos are two of the most important aspects to your post. Sure the writing has to be good because thats what keeps people interested and coming back to see what you’ve got to say. But lets face it, people do judge a book by it’s cover and your internet cover is the first image on your post and the title, if it ain’t catchy they ain’t reading it! 5 Steps To A Killer Blog Title Blogging Tips // Getting Started This is an old post I did a fair while ago so please don’t judge. I thought I would still…

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All Black Outfits, Why They Will Always Be A Womans …

It may come as a surprise to you, as someone who usually goes for lighter neutrals, that actually, all black outfits are my best friends. To me, it’s like the day time equivalent of a little black dress. If you don’t know what to wear, all black outfits will never fail you. Although I really love each of the pieces I am wearing individually, I think that even if you didn’t, when put together, black and black compliment each other perfectly. Why All Black Outfits Win Every Time I feel like theres something impossibly chic about an all black outfit paired with some sunglasses. You instantly look like someone important, it adds a certain degree of mystery and oh la la. French women swear by black, and we all know how chic a french woman is, need I explain myself any more? An all black outfit is done best when you play with texture, here I’ve gone for an all denim outfit with my leather jacket worn over my shoulders, because what screams style more than not putting your arms through the sleeves? Sure I’m freezing but does that really matter when you look good? I say no. Double Denim Black on Black I got this t shirt in the sale from Zara a few weeks back, actually the day I got my hair cut! So I couldn’t find it to link for you guys but I did find an almost identical one here from Mango, only difference is it’s not black. . which kind of defeats the object of this post. BUT, it will still look great for a double denim look and who doesn’t love a denim t shirt in any colour, am I right or am I right? These jeans are another pair from Asos, I am loving their denim at the moment and these ones fit like a dream, I went a size up because they’re Mom jeans and I wanted them to look a bit looser, the 8 were pretty damn snug. I’m a real fan of the washed out black colour, I’m actually going to lunch with Asos for International Womens Day tomorrow, or today when you read this! And am thinking of wearing this exact outfit!! I don’t think that I will ever tire of the heel on these boots, it’s so pretty, and I know not everyone is a fan of boots in the summer but I think it’s a great way of toughening up a pretty dress! I really love the length of these too, I know I’ve probably said this a bazillion times but they cut off at just the right point on the ankle! Jacket : Warehouse (Similar here) Top : Zara (Similar here and here) Jeans : Asos *Boots : Public Desire *Sunglasses : Plastic Tail (Similar here) Make sure you follow me on Bloglovin if you aren’t already! I’ll be posting 3/4 times a week now so make sure you follow so that you never miss a post, it’s also great as you can…

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Giorgio Armani // Make Up Review

I was very lucky to be contacted by House of Fraser a couple of weeks ago about trying out some new bit’s of make up from Giorgio Armani. Now I’m not a big beauty enthusiast, nor am I an expert, but I am starting to do beauty posts and I do want to know my shit, and I will know my shit, eventually. Hey, everyone’s got to start somewhere right?! I do actually use make up as well so I feel like, as a make-up using/wearing woman, you may be interested in my opinion . . did I convince you to keep reading yet?! Giorgio Armani // Maestro Glow Foundation I’m used to using the Mac Studio Sculpt foundation which, I was in the opinion of it being lightweight but apparently it isn’t, it’s pretty darn heavy. Which may be why I was a bit underwhelmed by the coverage of this one, to be fair it is a totally different texture to my usual foundation. This one is a lot more lightweight and spreads really easily, which means you don’t have to use a lot. The glow it gives is amazing, although when I first put it on I wasn’t convinced, my boyfriend said he preferred it to my usual one . . not sure if his opinion counts, I tend to think he just says what he thinks is the right thing to say. I always like my foundation to have SPF in it, gotta protect against ageing ladies, and the pipette is good for measuring how much you need, no wastage is never a bad thing! Why does make up come in such flatlay worthy packaging, I’m not ashamed to say I may be keeping some of this for future pictures, hey, thats how I roll . . Giorgio Armani //Lip Maestro You may have noticed from my previous post about matte lip products that I’m a fan of a matte lip. Having had the pleasure of testing out this high end lacquer, in comparison to the budget products, it’s totally worth paying the extra. The colour is amazing, just look at that pink, it’s not too bright, kinda browny and stays just as vibrant on the lips. It goes on so much nicer than the budget ones, it’s much easier to control and you can’t feel it on your lips the same. You know that tight feeling when you put a face mask on and it dries? That pretty much sums up how the cheaper ones feel. Giorgio Armani // Lash Ecstasy I’m pretty much in love with my current mascara, so I feel like this one never really had a chance. OK, the packaging is beautiful and we all know I’m a sucker for a pretty picture, but I’m just not sure it’s the right mascara for me. It’s easy to use, the brush is good and easy to control, I didn’t get mascara all over my eye lids, it coated them well, my lashes look good, it certainly ticks all of the…

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