A Sunday Scrub

Since I’ve been little, Sunday evenings are for scrubbing up and getting ready for the week ahead. Obviously my routine’s changed a lot since I was younger when it was roast dinner, songs of praise, bath and bed. Now it’s more about beauty and skincare up keep. I thought I would talk you through my routine and my newest edition, the Sunday scrub with Scrub love! Beauty Preppin’ Beauty prep is something I try to do every week but I can’t deny I’m not the most prepped and preened of the ladies out there! I’ve been religiously using my face creams and moisturisers for the past year and this is something I’m super duper proud of because until a couple of years ago I didn’t even take my make up off before bed!!!!! I also shave and do other maintenance – only in the summer of course. Summertime is when my beauty regime is at it’s peak I’d say! Then I also have started to use St Tropez in shower gradual tan which is helping me to have a more gradual lovely natural glow. Last step is to paint my nails and make me feel like a real lady! Sunday scrub The Sunday scrub is a new step that I’ve added since discovering caffeine scrubs. There’s so many odd beauty secrets and trends that I just don’t try. I’m not hugely into it and I just quite frankly – can’t be arsed.  Caffeine scrubs… worth the effort. I originally just thought it was a fancy way of prepping your skin for tanning – which it does btw perfectly. It was only until my sister came in and was like whaaaat I’ve been after one of those for ages – she then went on to inform me of all the benefits. Nourishing Hydrating Softening Moisturising Polishing Nourishing Saving the best till last – it fights cellulite!!!! Then there’s the fact that this one smells like mint chocolate and also comes in coconut as well as the original – the best flavours.  I’m hooked on Scrub Love guys. The best bit is that I feel like a real life woman with a real life beauty regime! Do you guys use caffeine scrub? if so make sure you try this one! It’s not tested on animals and is free from allllll of the nasties. Then there’s the fact that they’ve gone out of their way to source the best ingredients like Himilayan pink salt and dead sea salt! If you do get some make sure you post a pic of you using it with the hashtag #babeswhoscrub !! This post is in collaboration with Scrub Love Make sure you check them out on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook Make sure you follow me on Bloglovin’ to stay up to date with the latest posts! You can also find me on twitter, instagram, pinterest and youtube! My snapchat username is : sineadcrowe

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Those Gucci Loafers and the perfect dupes

So if there’s anything I’m obsessed with at the moment (and totally out of my price range) it’s Gucci. That Gucci bag, those Gucci loafers . . I want it all! I have to let you know I did treat myself to something from Gucci actually for my birthday and I’ve done a little unboxing on my youtube which might be up by now, if not it will be soon! This is where I am, I’m saving for the bag because I must have it. I also treated myself to something I’ve had my eye on for a while, but those Gucci loafers? I need them too! I don’t have the budget for all of this though so I found the perfect solution. The perfect dupes for those Gucci Loafers My solution, is dupes! I’m not a fan of the whole dupe thing when it comes to shops like Shein who do exact copies. Don’t get me wrong if you yourself like it then go for it! My sister has a few of the Chloe dupes and she loves them so much, it’s just not for me, I want to have the excitement of saving for the real thing and having the quality item that I can love forever. So when I talk about dupes I’m talking about high street dupes. Topshop have excelled this season in satisfying my thirst for Gucci – seriously I’m like Edward when he’s around Bella in Twilight – parched! They’ve succeeded in doing the best high street dupe for those Gucci loafers we all love, and whats more they come in an array of colours. Perhaps you could condone spending £400+ on Gucci shoes if they were black, classic and will last forever, but for brightly coloured, trend driven pieces I just can’t imagine forking out such an amount! Anyway, I don’t actually own any loafers and didn’t know how much wear I’d get from them so even though they weren’t in my budget, I thought saving then spending on a pair of shoes I didn’t know how much wear I’d get out of them would be pretty irresponsible of me! So I’ve got these Topshop loafers with the agreement to myself, that if I wear them all of the time, I’ll get those Gucci loafers. What do you think? Thoughts on Superdry? So I know this post is all about the shoes. But lets just take a minute to look at my new shirt, from Superdry. I know, I shocked myself. It’s not that I dislike Superdry, but I just never saw myself wearing it and always wrote it off as a joggers and hoodies kind of brand. So when I was kindly gifted a voucher I headed in (on the same day I was shopping for my birthday!) and I was so so surprised that I actually found it hard what to choose because there was too much. I’ve seriously changed my mind on Superdry guys, this shirt is so nice as well. Credit where credit is due, my boyfriend actually picked this one out!…

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Tracking My Travels

Travelling is still something I think of as being months and months away, yet all of a sudden it’s in just over 2 months – WHAT!? I’m super excited but all of a sudden I feel totally unorganised and un prepared – my boyfriends already done a trial run of packing his bag . .  this . is . not . a . joke. So I thought I’d start keeping an eye out and gathering together the bits and bobs bearing in mind my travels – I’m not going full scale crazy . . I’ll leave that till the week before! So obviously, the first things I’ve started to collect for myself are totally useful and necessary for going on your travels. No, not a pac a mac or a silk sleeping bag liner . . a Scratch Map® poster, a lipstick, a notebook, a bikini and some Bali body. Yes, I could have got more practical pieces but a girls gotta look good on her travels because . . instagram. Not gonna get those poolside, sunset sipping on a cocktail shots without my Triangl on now am I?? I’m also pretty soppy and sentimental when it comes to things like this. No, not the bikini . . travelling. I love the take lots of pictures, keep receipts and just generally make sure I never forget a moment from my travels! This is why I had to get myself this notebook when I saw it in TKMaxx. . aka my favourite place to get any form of stationary. It’s the perfect journal to keep all of my travelling memories in! The scratch map poster is another great way of keeping track of your travels and remembering where you’ve been. What I love about this most is how damn good it looks, I’m pretty sure by now you know I’m all about the look! If this was an atlas with pins in, it would not get put up. The white and gold is beautiful and would make such a wonderful gift for someone who loves to travel or for yourself! My sister actually got her boyfriend a scratch map poster for his birthday and got it framed beautifully (without the glass!). Such a lovely gift and also for yourself. I love the idea of being able to see this on your wall as a constant reminder of where you’ve been and the memories you’ve had! I didn’t want to start scratching until I’ve been somewhere so I decided to just put arrows for now to show you guys! You can see the full list of where I’m going here! Obviously, I had to scratch it in some way shape or form though so I started with the UK I’ve been there! And all of the other places I’ve visited. Since scratching and physically seeing it I realised that actually I haven’t been to many places outside of Europe other than Bali! It’s made me even more excited to get out there and experience more of the world! Where have you been in the World? Where…

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My Top 25 High Street Sandals

Good morning!! Today I thought I would do a slightly different kind of post to my usual shopping posts. Let me know if you like it or not!! I know how much of a struggle it is to find a good pair of sandals in the sea of shops on the high street. Usually the best ones have already gone by the time you actually want a pair and so the hunt begins! This is why I have put together my picks of the high street sandals, my top 25 to be exact! For each of the high street sandals I’ve added a little commentary of why I picked it and what I think about it so that you can see my thought process! Each image is clickable which will take you directly to the store it’s from and you can scroll through all 25 with the little arrows! My Top 25 High Street Sandals Make sure you let me know if you like this and I will do more! Also if there is a particular item you want me to do it with then let me know as well! Finally, one more thing I want you to let me know . . if you get any! I’d love to know if I’ve inspired you to make a purchase !! Theres a few in there I’ve got my eye on though I’ve already brought so many! I’ve also included some of the high street sandals I already own because obviously they are my top picks as I got them! Make sure you follow me on Bloglovin’ to stay up to date with all of the latest posts and also I can’t deny it makes me super happy when you guys hit follow! You can also find me on youtube where I’m trying to make more of an effort – bare with me guys!

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