The Colour Of Blue

There’s something about the colour of blue, particularly a blue and white colour combo that’s got me head over heels and pretty penniless recently. There’s a blue tide taking over my wardrobe and I’m pretty happy to just let it happen, I feel it’s the colour of spring, I’m calling it! What is it about blue you ask? I feel like to me, it’s a colour without being a colour . . this particular pastel pale shade of blue is just the perfect amount of colour for my minimal wardrobe. It pretty much goes with everything and put together with white makes the most perfect spring combo. Shop The Colour Of Blue You can use my collage to shop my obsession! If you click on the little plus signs they’ll take you directly to the product page – fancy heh?  Misguided Top  Topshop Bra Topshop Sunnies Topshop Chambray Shirt Topshop Heels Asos Dress Asos Off Shoulder Top Asos Socks Forever 21 Shorts Asos Shirt Topshop Top Are you a fan of my instagram? Did you know that you can shop it here! OR if you sign up to you can get direct links to my pieces just by liking the picture they’re featured in! pretty smart hey? Don’t forget to follow me on Bloglovin’ to stay up to date with all the latest! You can also now subscribe to my Youtube Channel!

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5 Ways To Waste A Sunday In Bed

To me, Sunday is the day of rest aka you should spend all Sunday in bed. There’s plenty of ways to be productive from bed and why shouldn’t you treat yourself to a day of nothing but netflix and chill every once in a while? 5 Ways To Waste A Sunday In Bed Sunday is Netflix Day Sunday was created for Netflix, or was Netflix created for Sunday? It’s the age old question of the chicken and the egg but either way, a Sunday well spend brings a week of content and it ain’t well spent unless you’ve binge watched 10 episodes of Homeland. Force Your Pet To Love You One of my favourite Sunday activities involves dragging my puppy to bed for cuddles and play time. Usually I can manage to trap her there for a good few hours if I bring toys and treats . . do I sound like some form of pet peodophile? There’s nothing better than spooning your dog and watching Netflix. Be A Bookworm I used to love reading when I was younger, I still do but I always think I don’t have time. Sunday is for reading, i’m calling it! I’m currently reading #GirlBoss by the owner of Nasty Gal, if you’re lacking motivation this will change your life. I’m on my way to girl bossing life, so just you watch out! Have A Bed Picnic Sunday snacking in bed is life. Bed picnics are the best, finger food is essential, left over easter eggs could work. Basically, indulge. Stalk Social Media Endlessly My daily routine goes like this, wake up, stalk instagram, eat breakfast, stalk instagram, play with the dog, stalk instagram . . you get the picture. Who doesn’t love staying in bed and stalking your fave social media? Loungin’ There’s nothing that grinds my gears more than knickers that get stuck up your bum. After falling in love with my Calvin’s I’m now converted to the jersey style pants with the elasticated waistbands . . yes french knickers are pretty but they ain’t too soft for a day in bed. If you’re spending your Sunday in bed then you’re gonna want to invest in a pair of these pants and maybe even a matching set from Lounge Underwear. A phone that doubles as a mirror? Isn’t it a fashion bloggers dream? I’m currently torn between my everlasting love for the iPhone and the pure practicality and super sleek finish of the new Sony Xperia. Sure the Sony Xperia’s practical with its waterproof-ness, 2 day battery life and mega wow camera . . but will I still be cool if I don’t have an iPhone? What does one do when torn between two phones? I’m half tempted to walk around like some important business woman with two, I just can’t choose between them. Sunday Essentials Shop my essentials for Sunday lounging by clicking and scrolling through the below! Make sure you follow me on Bloglovin’ to stay up to date with all the latest posts! You can also…

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Nars No Makeup Look

I’ve never done a make up look before on the blog but I guess with me now doing beauty as well, it was only a matter of time! I’ve been dying to get my hands on some Nars skin tint for a while and thought it was the perfect choice for a no make up make up look! To give a no make up look, I’ve kept it super simple with minimal make up. For me, the two bits that I think are key to this look are super light foundations (like the new Nars skin tint), easy on the contour, nude lips and keeping the eye make up light. I’ve strayed to brown eyeliner for the day as I can still wear my liquid liner without it being too heavy, this Barry M one is also perfect for getting a super thin line. Shop The Look Click and scroll through the images below to shop the bits I used to create this look! Nars Skin Tint I’ve been dying to try some Nars products as all I’d really tried before were the mascara and nail varnish. . . the mascara was and is amazing (I’m currently converting everyone I know to it one by one) but the nail varnish not so much . .so mixed experiences. When I was given the opportunity to try out the new Nars skin tint and some blush, of course I said yes . . be rude not to. I love the way the foundation feels on my skin, it’s so light compared to other foundations but actually I would say it has more coverage than a skin tint, I would class it as more of a light foundation. Perfect for everyday wear and if you were on holiday and wanted something light to wear if you, like me, aren’t happy to bear all. I’m not a huge wearer of blushers but I thought I would try it out, got to start somewhere eh? I really love the colour of it but found it was very pigmented, I did have a Bridget Jones moment the first time I tried it. This is why I decided to leave it out of my no make up look until I’ve got the hang of portion control! Packaging is definitely something that sells make up to me, is that really sad? Look at that Guerlain lippy though? It’s practically a piece of art, putting Macs simple packaging to shame! I’m loving these photos in this afternoons (Friday afternoon FYI) sunlight, it makes the most beautiful shadows in the glass of the perfume and lipstick! Note to self, take more pictures in shadows. . Shop The Event Incase you’ve been living in a hole (slash not reading my blog posts) you’ll know that House of Fraser currently have a huge beauty event on pretty much err’ythaang. Spend £50 or more and you get £10 off until 3rd April. I don’t care if you don’t need anything, surely it’s worth stocking up on your fave foundation or perfume for this price? You can…

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Blogging Tips

80 Killer Blog Post Ideas

Seen as so many of you found my post on what to do when you hit a blogging block so useful, I thought I would re-create one of the posts I myself find helpful, one helluva list of blog post ideas! I’ve mainly focused on fashion and beauty as that’s kinda my bag, but I’ve added in some lifestyly bits too! I had to include my new favourite beauty bits in these photos, incase you didn’t already know Sigma have the best brushes. I’ve got the 3dhd Kabuki Brush, the 3dhd Precision Brush and the blush affair set and I love them all and use each one daily! Their brush cleaning mat is also a dream to use. Fashion Blog Post Ideas Trend Update – talk about the latest trend with some inspiration How to Wear A Trend – show how to incorporate the latest trend into your wardrobe Wishlist – payday? birthday? is there a particular shop you’re in love with at the minute? Your go-to Outfit What’s in my Bag  All Time Favourite Piece Shoe Collection Bag Collection 10 things under £10 – (this could work with anything really but people love cheap fashion!) New in – wardrobe updates A Week of Outfits 3 Ways to Wear – pick an item and show different way’s to wear it How to Dress for Your Body Shape Fashion Goals – is there a look your striving for or a new trend you want to try out? Wardrobe Tour Fashion Hacks Favourite Season to Dress For Item’s You Don’t Wear But Can’t Get Rid Of Designer Dupes Compare Your Style Now to When You First Started Blogging Style Inspiration Shopping Tips – do you have any tips and tricks for when you go shopping? Wardrobe Essentials Most Expensive Fashion Purchase Day to Night Look Wedding Guest Outfit Idea – or you could focus on another occasion i.e. valentines day Style Do’s and Don’ts Tonal Outfit – why don’t you try an all black or all white look? Beauty Blog Post Ideas Everyday Makeup Routine Favourite Evening Look Favourite Lipsticks  Make-up For When You Can’t Be Bothered Favourite Beauty Bloggers How To Do a Smokey Eye 7 Tips for Your Skin Type Beauty Hacks Beauty Products You Can’t Live Without Most Used Make Up Brushes Morning Skincare Routine Night Time Skincare Routine Beauty Goals – is there a certain look you wan’t to master? Maybe you want to try out a different look? What’s In My Make Up Bag Perfume Collection Make Up Storage / Collection Tour Haircare Routine Top 5 Foundations High End Beauty Favourites Budget Beauty Favourites Favourite Youtube Beauty Tutorials Recreate Someone Famous’ Make Up Everyday Hair Budget Dupes for High End Make Up Products Most Expensive Beauty Purchase New Beauty Launches Favourite Statement Lip Colours Favourite Beauty Brands  Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas Favourite Bloggers Favourite Instagram Accounts Why You Started Blogging What Your Blog Name Means 10 Facts about Yourself Round Up Of Your Favourite Blog Posts Interior Inspiration Favourite Places To Shop – which shops do you…

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Show Me Your Sassy

When Blue Vanilla contacted me with the ultimate question, I couldn’t help but answer in the form of a blog post, what makes you feel sassy? This is a pretty difficult question because to me, sassy is a mindset. If you’re a sassy girl, you’ve just got it in you and you’ll be sassy in your greying pyjamas with holes in the same you would in killer heels and an LBD. But obviously there are certain pieces of clothing, like Bey and her Freakum’ Dress, that just make you feel like you own that shit. The Jacket of Dreams I think I can pretty much promise you that this jacket will now feature in 80% off all outfit posts slash my life in general. This is because I am in love. Jigsaw, you complete me. . the shape is just so sleek and beautiful and look how summery it makes this outfit . . and sleek. I was kindly gifted this but knowing what I now know I would 100% have paid full price for this and it’s made me do such an about turn on investment pieces and splashing out for key pieces. If in doubt, think of the pounds per wear! What Makes You Sass? I’ve already done my sassy is a mindset babble at the beginning of the post, so I thought I would show you the piece in my wardrobe that makes me feel like a Sass Queen. If in doubt, cold shoulder. For me, cold shoulder tops are my ultimate go to piece when I want to feel good and have no idea what to wear. I think that’s quite possibly why I’m addicted to buying them? Despite them being really of the moment I find them super flattering for my shape. Obviously I’m not a big breasted gal by any means, so it covers that and gives you a sneaky little shoulder show off. Because shoulders are the new boobs dont’cha know? Well maybe they aren’t, but that’s what I’m going with! I picked up this little H&M number a couple of weeks ago and love the kind of shirty material, though it does mean it creases like a mother! It’s got little shoulder straps but they’re way too long for me so I’m either cutting them off, or snipping and tieing them, I’m still undecided, opinions would be helpful! Off Shoulder Faves Shop my pick of what the stores currently have to offer in off shoulder goodness! Show Me Your Sassy I would love to know what makes you guys feel sassy, if you have a particular lipstick, handbag, heels or outfit that you know makes you feel like the queen of sassy unicorn land! OR if you, like me, think sassy is a mindset, do you have any particular hacks to getting your sassy on? Thanks so much if you’re already following me on Bloglovin’ if you’re not, what are you playing at?! It’s the best way to stay up to date with all of you’re…

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