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Love Style Mindfulness is a fashion and lifestyle blog. Each post is carefully put together to inspire and motivate the reader whether its sharing personal experience’s, outfit ideas and style inspiration or the latest beauty bits. I hope that my love of mindfulness and positivity shines through in everything I do! Follow me for lots of denim . . I think I’d sleep in jeans if I could!

About Me

The main thing that pushed me to start my blog was my rocky relationship with my anxiety which began with my career as a fashion buyer. Working in such a toxic environment taught me everything about what kind of person I didn’t want to be, and paved the way for my future as a freelance stylist and fashion blogger.

Over the past 10 months I have blossomed into the kind of person I would want to be friends with, I’ve got my sense of humour back, my personal style has developed and most of all my happiness has blossomed. I hope you enjoy reading.


I love to hear from you guys so make sure you leave me lots of comments and you can always tweet me @sineadxcrowe or email me on sinead@lovestylemindfulness.co.uk

If you’re interested in working with me then please feel free to contact me on sinead@lovestylemindfulness.co.uk


I use affiliate links within my blog where relevant. I would never push a product that I didn’t love myself to make money and the amount I make per item I sell is usually pence, but heyevery little helps right!?

All items which have been gifted to me are marked with a *.

I do accept sponsored posts when I feel the product or service is of interest to my readers and fits naturally with me and my blog content. I would never sacrifice the trust & loyalty I have built up with you guys, my readers, so please know that although a post may be sponsored, I only accept it if it’s something that I truly love and believe in.

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