7 Helpful Tips I Learned From The rewardStyle Conference in Dallas, Texas

Spring outfit by pool at rewardstyle conference, hotel crescent, dallas texas

Hey guys and welcome back!
I wanted to share with you all some tips I learnt at the rewardStyle conference 2019! So many things are constantly changing n the blogging and social media biz and despite going along to Dallas, Texas last year, I still found it super interesting and inspiring. I’m ready to jump back in head first and be better, I promise!

So to kick things off I thought I would do a little blogging tips post, or everything tips as I picked out the things I felt were the most helpful and also, super easy to apply. Isn’t that what we all want really? Easy and effective! I always found myself wondering what went on at the conference in the years that ran up to getting the golden ticket so if there’s anything you want to know then make sure you leave me a comment and I’ll get back to you, or you can email, DM or tweet me!

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Click On The Images Below To Shop! (Affiliate Links)


Click On The Images Below To Shop! (Affiliate Links)


7 Helpful Tips I Learned From The rewardStyle Conference


If you’re anything like me you’ve been using Pinterest for years to plan your imaginary wedding (mines not so imaginary now), post dreamy interiors and outfits from cali girls that quite frankly, would never work in the UK. Well, I’m here to tell you that you’ve been doing it all wrong, kinda. Something I learnt at the rewardStyle conference is that Pinterest is an AMAZING platform that you can really use to your advantage whether it’s making money via affiliates or driving more traffic to your blog or youtube. I’d recommend doing both to be fair!

When you post or re post an image from now on, make sure you use the description to write a title and description that is littered with key words. Don’t over do it, after all it is a search engine and they all hate a spammer, but here’s an example of what I would caption my main image above. “Spring outfit idea I wore in Dallas, Texas for an evening pool party”, you’ve got the location, occasion and season in there which are all super searchable. Then go to town on the description, but remember to make sure it’s all makes sense and isn’t just a long list of key words.

Finally, let’s talk about linking. Even if you are doing really well and building a following on Pinterest without using the searchable descriptions and titles, don’t you want to utilise your audience on Pinterest to your advantage? There are two ways you can do utilise it; one is to link to your content to build your audience and the other is to create another form of income.

Instead of posting an instagram link to Pinterest, try to link to your Liketoknow.it outfit link. It’ll still show up the same on the Pinterest page but instead of being directed to your instagram page (which could also be helpful if you want to build your following there) they’ll be directed to a page like this where they can shop everything featured in your outfit. In my experience as a Pinterest user generally when I’m clicking on an outfit image, it’s because I want to know where the things in it are from so essentially you’re just giving the people what they want. This way you can use Pinterest to build on your affiliate income.

As I said before, Pinterest is amazing for driving traffic, so if you don’t already you should totally post the images from your blog posts to your boards, linking back to the original post or youtube video. Once you pin something to Pinterest the hard work is done. You can definitely re pin often, but even if you don’t, that pin is there for ever and will continue to direct traffic to your blog or youtube for days, months and years to come.


Ok so this one is short and sweet and quite honestly I can’t believe it’s taken 4 years of blogging to find this out and that NO ONE TOLD ME. Seriously guys, how is this information not more widely known? Or maybe it is and I’m just living under a rock!? Having a layout like mine (I’m working on changing it) where it shows “click to read more” rather than having all of your blog posts laid out one after the other on a page is really damaging to your blog SEO. Basically, it makes it harder for googles robots to read and understand it and therefore your blog will get ranked lower. Change it now people! And when you do, tell me how! no but seriously.


Personally, before the rewardStyle conference I’ve always used the LTK app as somewhere people can go to shop my instagram photographs, much like the Liketoknow.it service was before the app came around. No people, this is not how it works. Well it can be, but you’re missing out big time if this is the only way you use it. Whilst at the rewardStyle conference I learnt a lot about how to use the app as I went to a whole classroom session on it, holla at me if you want any more in depth info on a topic and I’ll be happy to oblige!

More and more, the LTK app is becoming a fully functioning shopping platform of it’s own with many people having followers who only follow them on the app. One super interesting fact I learnt was that the top performing piece of content on the LTK app so far was something that was only posted to the app. Not Pinterest, not instagram, not a blog post, just the LTK app. How amazing is that?! This triggered me to take a look at some of my best posts and what do you know? One of mine is something I only posted to the app previously for a sales re cap, why aren’t I always doing this!? The ladies encouraged us to share more details of our outfits, more everyday outfits (the content doesn’t have to be instagram perfect over there, it’s a shopping app remember!) and more content you wouldn’t find yourself posting on instagram, like your home and beauty!

It’s worth remembering that if someone goes on the LTK app they’re there because they want to shop, not for a browse like on instagram.


OK so hands up if you post on a Sunday evening on youtube? It’s the best time right?! When everyone is winding down and lazily watching and scrolling right? Wrong! One major thing I learnt about youtube at the rewardStyle conference was that the first 12 hours of performance on your videos is vital in determining the overall reach and success. So why would you want to post a video just a few hours before people go to bed? Posting in the morning is something I personally will now be adopting! Of course make sure you look at your analytics on who your views is and where they’re based to make sure the time frame works best for them.


Remember Facebook? That thing we all used to use before Instagram came along and our parents started laying claim to the Facebook grounds until it was no longer safe and we had to move on and mark new territory at Instagram ( I see you Mum, watching my stories, don’t even go there). Well you need to remember it, because Facebook is still super valuable. OK, I’m not saying create unique content for it, don’t pour your energy into it, but don’t forget about it. If you make an instagram post, how many minutes does it take to post it to Facebook too? Better still? Facebook has a completely different audience, an older audience, plus you can add clickable links in your post to each item in your outfit. Don’t wast an opportunity!


At this point, we’re all pretty fed up of Instagram and the games it plays with out hopes and dreams right? Well, they’re constantly finding ways to stop us from making money and enjoying the fruits of our labour through the app, and now they’ve pretty much put a stop to those swipe to shop glory days. Like me, you might have noticed that of recent months, your sales have reduced and your swipe ups aren’t effective, this is because the cookie window for Instagram swipe ups has now been reduced to a meer 5 minutes. This means that if someone doesn’t make it to the checkout within 5 minutes of swiping up which let’s face it, is pretty hard! Then the cookie is dropped, the links not trackable and all commission is lost.

How do we get round this you ask? Do the round ups on your blog and as people to visit there, add the items to a post on the LTK app and direct people there. Basically you need people to leave Instagram before they click on one of your links to make it trackable and therefore keep the potential of a sale.


Last but not least, if you want to crack Instagram  and succeed, you’ve got to play their gameInstagram just launched IGTV, I use the word just loosely here! It’s their baby and they want to grow it, how do they grow it? Content. Who can give them content? You. How will they repay your content? Reach. Of course no one who works at Instagram was at the conference and either way I doubt they’d be so straight forward as to actually tell you how to succeed on the app, but the general consensus was that if you scratch their back, they’ll scratch yours. I personally saw a huge growth spurt after posting consistently to IGTV and would definitely recommend using the platform to your advantage.

Be sure to follow me on the LTK App to shop all of my outfits from the rewardStyle conference and all of my outfits in general as I always share everything I wear on instagram plus unique content and daily outfit shots over there! Click here to check out my LTK page!

ASOS spring dress in dallas texas at rewardstyle conference 2019


Click On The Images Below To Shop! (Affiliate Links)


Click On The Images Below To Shop! (Affiliate Links)



  1. lucy staquet
    12th April 2019 / 11:01 am

    Nice your pictures !
    I really like your work.
    Good continuation, soon

  2. Marta
    12th April 2019 / 12:03 pm

    Thank you so much for sharing! Everything you said seems super complicated but I’m gonna read this post again and start working my ass off haha

  3. Natalya Amour
    12th April 2019 / 1:05 pm

    Thanks so much for sharing these tips with us.

    Candice x

  4. Keith
    13th April 2019 / 12:43 am

    Love your blog,
    What platform or app do you use to blog?

  5. 15th April 2019 / 4:41 am

    These tips were all so good, thank you hon! I made notes and will have to switch up my blog format. Great point! And yes, IGTV has been increasing my reach and following which hadn’t grown in ages. I definitely agree it is worth doing.
    xx Jenelle | http://www.inspiringwit.com

  6. marthatlott
    15th April 2019 / 9:47 am

    Honey, look at this dress. It’s beautiful. Perfect for you

  7. Qudsia @thisluvlylife
    16th August 2019 / 6:01 am

    Hi. nice to meet you! I love this post. thank you for sharing such valuable info about social media growth. I am new and trying to grow, and this post is just what i needed + thank you so much for an amazing informative tutorial of IGTV -eiditing-video on your Youtube. XOXOX

  8. 17th November 2019 / 4:51 pm

    Such great insights!! Loved this post, keep those tips coming babe.

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