8 Christmas Gift Ideas From The Cotswold Co / Christmas 2022

Cotswold Co christmas gift ideas diffuser

Hey guys! I know it might seem super early to be talking about the C word but we’re only a month or so away now, I can’t quite believe it myself! And I am really trying to be ultra prepared to save on last minute expenses and spread the cost this year so thought I would share a little gift guide early for the home lovers especially but also I think there’s some lovely ideas in here for anyone in your Christmas list and I’ve added some extra ways to make your money go further and add a few pounds more to turn a simple gift into something super personalised and special.


8 Christmas Gift Ideas From The Cotswold Co / Christmas 2022

xCotswold Co christmas gift ideas mugs


So first of all I know you might be thinking what a boring Christmas present idea but any home owners out there will be with me on saying that often I do ask for something I need for the home as sometimes things you need are so appreciated to save you spending! These mugs are so gorgeous and a set for a new home owner or maybe someone who always has mismatched chipped mugs is in my opinion a great idea.

I also love to make little hampers/gift boxes for people on special occasions and Christmas and a mug is an excellent starting point. It could serve as the focal point or as a lovely addition depending on your budget. A nice mug with some marshmallows, one of the hot chocolate lolly stick things and their favourite chocolate bar or something would make such a lovely gift maybe wrap it in cellophane as a little mini hot chocolate kit. Or if they like tea or coffee more for down that route, you get the idea!

Equally a lovely gift, a mug, a cosy blanket, candle and some of their favourite snacks and treats! So perfect for winter and just a lovely thoughtful gift!


Cotswold Co christmas gift ideas blanket


Which brings me into my next idea, a blanket. I have to say with energy prices rising I can see the humble blanket having its 5 minutes in the lime light this Christmas! Especially for your elderly relatives who inevitably spend more time sat down and on the sofa but also just doesn’t anyone love a cosy blanket to snuggle up with on a winters evening! This one gets extra points because it’s also aesthetic and looks nice draped over the arm of the sofa or in a basket. Like I said you can easily upgrade the gift with a mug and some of their favourite snacks!


Cotswold Co christmas gift ideas candleCotswold Co christmas gift ideas diffuser


Candles and diffusers are my go to for any occasion I have to say! I don’t think anyone can have enough candles and there’s just something about a beautiful nice smelling candle that feels like such a treat as it’s often not something you just go out and buy yourself. The Cotswold co have lots l of different scents but I picked up this sanctuary one as I loved the idea of a calming scent and it really is gorgeous! This one is two wick but they do have other sizes!

Then there’s the diffuser! I picked up the kitchen garden scent and l love the fresh and uplifting scent! Perfect for the kitchen and bringing a bit of outside in! Again a great gift combined with the blanket or as a stand alone!


Cotswold Co christmas gift ideas stationary


This is such a good gift idea that can be easily made super special and personal plus it’s under £10! If you know someone who loves cooking or just cooks in general. Buy them this then add in a few recipes you think they’ll like. Or even better ask their mum what their favourite dish was as a child and get them to write it in their handwriting.

Again if you wanted to upgrade this gift it would be lovely with the kitchen garden diffuser to stick with the kitchen and cooking theme! And even the mug too!


Cotswold Co christmas gift ideas cushions


Now this might seem like a random one but again I feel like if you really know someone and they have a clear sense of style for their interiors and you can find something that fits in well with this then why not a cushion? They often make the finishing touches to a living room or bedroom and could be just what they’re looking for! I would never have thought to get new cushions in my living room until I spied these striped green cushions! Another great combo gift if you add in the blanket!


Cotswold Co christmas gift ideas trug photo frame


This one is glaringly obvious but why not get a photo frame and stick a picture of you and them in from a lovely memory or if it’s the grandparents, a picture of your kids if you have them! This mother of Pearl frame from the Cotswold co is so so beautiful and looks ultra luxe! An easy way of stepping it up a level is to add in a photo mount which you can buy cheaply off amazon!


Cotswold Co christmas gift ideas trug


Now I’ve been told that this is for gardening and collecting flowers and fruit, how very lovely! I personally am not one to do this but if you know someone that loves their gardening what a great idea! You could even stick some gardening tools or some seeds/bulbs of their favourites in there too and add in the kitchen garden diffuser!

I personally got this because I think it’s gorgeous and would make the perfect “tray” for my cups of tea when I’m hosting people at my house. We got rid of the coffee table so now use this on the pouffe when we need to! It would be a great gift addition with the blanket and mug inside to make a beautiful winter hamper!


Cotswold Co christmas gift ideas jug


Finally this jug. I saw it. I fell in love. I had to have it! I love everything about it from the chunky ness to the colour to the crackled effect! A beautiful piece alone for a gift but just add in some of their favourite blooms or even dried blooms like I have – they’re actually even better as they never die! – and you’ve just made a simple jug a lovely personalised gift!


I hope you guys found this super helpful and got you in the mood to start thinking about Christmas shopping!! Have you started doing your shopping yet?! I have already started buying some and I have to say I feel very smug about it!



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