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Palm Springs Print Summer Interiors

Talking of summer interiors updates, is it something most people do? I personally hadn’t really considered it before as who would change their entire interiors for each season? It just seems crazy and expensive no?

I’ve learnt over the past few weeks that there are certain things you can change and tweak in your home that make a huge difference. Best of all? It’s low cost and won’t fill up any desperately needed storage space.

Summer Interiors Update Desenio

Summer Interiors Update

So I already have a home filled with Desenio prints. I’m a huge fan and as soon as I got my own space I couldn’t wait to fill it with colourful pieces and put my own mark on it. After painstakingly selecting each piece and creating pairings for each room, I was super happy to put them up and saw that as me done. But then they got in touch recently about updating my home for summer and honestly the thought hadn’t even entered my brain. Originally we had the palm print duo in our bedroom which kept it super minimal and clean, then in the living room we had the huge iconic Kate Moss poster and a little Stockholm print to remind us of a special time together.

I love these prints so much but honestly after a while you can be ready for a change and want to mix things up a bit. Of course prints are super easy to store so it’s not something that you have to think about storing, it’s literally a piece of paper. So armed with a voucher I decided to treat myself to some new pieces to transform the spaces and brighten them up. I found that the minimal look I’d once gone for in our bedroom now felt super plain and boring and the living room felt dark with our teal velvet sofa and the black & white prints. 

Love Quote Print Summer Interiors Pink Beach Print Summer Interiors

For my new prints I decided to go for summer vibes from one of my favourite places, LA. I love the palm tree lined streets and retro signage. For the main living space I kept the Photo shelf which also came from Desenio a while back, and switched up the two resting on top. I went for the classed LA palm tree lined street that I love so much and added a beach scene that just drew me in. Who doesn’t want to look at pictures of the beach!? I love the pink sand and the pinks and blues just really brighten up the room as well as tying in the sofa and existing interior bits.

Pink Motel Sign Print Summer Interiors Summer Interiors Update

Then for the bedroom I went a bit sneaky and purchased some prints without Jacks approval. I knew he wouldn’t agree to anything pink but I also knew like all women that I was right and I knew best. I knew they’d look good in the space and whilst I do love the simple look, the room was calling out for colour! A while back I also got jack on a good day and got some pink velvet cushions so to me pink was the only option. I went for this print which looks like you’re riding a water slide down to the most amazing beach scene and the close up of a vintage sign. I love the two of them together they’re a perfect colour match and look like they were made to be put together!

So what do you think to my Summer Interiors update?! Do you update your spaces for summer or do you keep the same interior throughout the year? Do you have any prints in your home? I’d love to hear which pieces are your favourites and how you put them together!

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This post is part of a paid partnership with Desenio


  1. Natalya Amour
    24th July 2018 / 11:13 am

    These are some really great tips!

    • Sinead
      25th July 2018 / 4:16 pm

      Ah I’m s glad you loved it!

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