Welcome to my brand spanking new blog! For my first post I thought I would keep it simple with a little intro to me and the blog. I’m a fashion stylist/personal stylist based in the UK, and have decided to set up a blog that focuses on my two main loves; Styling and Mindfulness. To save this post from being a boring essay on me and who I am and what I do, I thought I would make it fun with a magazine-eque questionaire so you can get to know me a bit better! Favourite Colour? Yellow What did you have for breakfast? Fruit with natural yogurt and a cup of tea! Starsign? Gemini Whats your idea of a good night out? Pizza and wine with good friends Cats or Dogs? It definitely used to be cats.. we have three.. but then we got a puppy (cockapoo) and I’ve never looked back! What one meal would you eat for the rest of your life if you could only have one thing? Curry!! Secret Talent? I can pick up a mug with my toes Can’t live without? Cake! My weakness! If I wasn’t a stylist I would be..  A graphic designer, I love photoshop! What makes you laugh? EVERYTHING! I’m always laughing and I’ve been told that it’s a fairly aggressive laugh! I will be keeping the blog updated three times weekly on a Monday, Wednesday and  Friday with the odd post thrown in here and there! Sinead x

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