Why You Should Treat Yourself This Christmas with Bicester Village

Bicester Village Chloe Outlet StoreChristmas is all about love and kindness and gifting. For other people. But what about us?

I often tell my boyfriend off for the way he talks about himself and I think a lot of us could learn to be a bit nicer to ourselves on a day to day basis especially at Christmas. Who says that gifting has to just be for other people, what about self gifting? I’ve teamed up with Bicester Village to go on a little self gifting trip with my sister and let’s just say, we were very kind to ourselves.

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Christmas with Bicester Village

I always make sure to pop a date in my diary over the festive season for a trip to Bicester Village because it’s quite possibly the most beautiful little shopping destination all year round and truly comes into it’s own at christmas. There’s fairy lights everywhere, sleighs, pop up shops, personalised gift wrap. Basically if it’s festive it’ll be there.

So me and my sister/partner in crime Lauren set off on a day trip to the village on a mission to treat yo’self. We’ve both had extraordinary years in our careers and being self employed we don’t have a boss to give us a pat on the back, a christmas meal or maybe even a christmas bonus, we’ve got to do it ourselves! If you don’t already know my sister (and you should) Lauren, she’s not only a blogger and influencer but has also been running her own lingerie line for so many years as her day job. I can’t count the night’s I’ve dropped off to the sound of a sewing machine and woken to the same noise the next morning, if there’s one person who deserves a christmas treat it’s her!

As it so happens we both got very into the self gifting spirit and let’s just say, once you pop you can’t stop and we were unstoppable! The main treat we picked up were the most beautiful set of necklaces from Dior. We both fell in love the moment we set eyes on it and after a heated discussion on who saw it first, decided that it could be a “sister” necklace. Something we can both wear to remind us of the day we spent together and the hard work we both put into building our empires.

To see what else I got and find out about the amazing current stock at Bicester Village in my favourite stores watch my real time haul below!!

P.S A little insider tip, make sure you always check out the Bicester Village website before you make a visit because they often have discounts in store & vouchers that aren’t advertised!

Real Time Luxury Haul | Bicester Village Vlog

For links to everything I’m wearing and similar items to those I purchased whilst at the village check out the description box of the video on my youtube channel.

Bicester Village Acne Outlet Bicester Village Street Style

This post is in collaboration with Bicester Village though all thoughts opinions and product choices were my own.

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