Family brushing with Foreo Issa

Foreo Issa Baby Toothbrush

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My first family style post if I’m not mistaken and I think it was worth the wait. Can we just take a moment for Margot in her cute little pjs and those curls? Along with her beautiful golden locks she’s also got quite a few teeth growing now so tooth brushing is one of my daily struggles with her. Seriously babies do not like brushing their teeth!! So anything to make the process more fun for her and easy for me is a winner in my books. The added benefits are just the cherry on top! This is why I am happy to introduce you guys to our new family brushing routine with the Foreo Issa brush.

Foreo Issa Pink Toothbrush


Family brushing with Foreo Issa

When it. comes to brushing Margots teeth we’ve tried every type of tooth brush going. From the bog standard toothbrush to the chewy silicone ones, ones I can put on my finger, ones she can chew all the way round, and I’d kind of gotten to the point where even if she just put it in her mouth and chewed or sucked on it for a few minutes, well that will do! So when I came across the Foreo Issa brush for kids and started reading the facts on their page like that half of babies have gingitivis, I decided it was time to start paying more attention!

You should in fact be brushing their gums before the teeth even arrive and the Foreo Issa has 2 modes, one for gums and one for when they get their teeth. The silicone head is meant to massage the gums to bring the baby some relief from teething pain which is such a great idea. Teething pain is the worst and as a parent you feel so helpless so anything I can do to bring some relief I am grateful for! It’s also made from ultra hygienic silicone meaning it repels over 10,000x more bacteria than your average toothbrush and let me tell you it ends up on the floor a lot so this is very much appreciated and needed!

But most of all it’s fun with the buzzing its way more interesting that your average toothbrush and gives a little smiley face when the brushing is complete to a good standard, Our tooth brushes match now and anyone with a little one will agree that they love to do anything mummy’s doing so I have my Foreo Issa (the grown up one) and she has hers!

Speaking of my toothbrush, I went for the Issa 3 which has 4 in 1 total oral care. The hybrid brush head combines silicone (for your gums) and bristles (to break down plaque) for the ultimate all round clean with a tongue and cheek cleaner on the back of the head. Again like the kids version, it’s all super hygienic medical grade silicone and can be used over 365 times! So with the Issa3  being clinically proven to improve oral hygiene by 140% and Margots tooth brushing sorted I feel like we’re all in safe hands and can enjoy doing it together!

Foreo Issa Silicone Baby ToothbrushForeo Issa Silicone ToothbrushForeo Issa Sonic Kids ToothbrushForeo Issa Toothbrush


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