That Time I Wrote A Car Off | My First Driving Experience

My First Driving Experience

Aviva asked me to share one of my stories from when I first started driving and instantly I knew what I was going to talk about. Infact, I’m actually surprised I’ve not told this shocker of a story to you guys before. Fasten your seatbelts guys because my life as a driver hasn’t always been plain sailing.

At the ripe age of 28 I’ve now been driving for 10 years, OMG I feel old. But in my first few years as a proud license holder I had to deal with the tricky business of insurance because my license was in no way clean and let’s just say, I was a risk to myself and the public.

My First Driving Experience - Fashion BloggerMy First Driving Experience - Aygo Toyota

My First Driving Experience

Picture this, it’s your 17th birthday and your dad offers to take you out for a drive in his car as a birthday treat. There’s one place everyone goes near me, an abandoned air field so concrete for miles with no one and nothing around. We practiced stopping and starting. First gear, second gear, third gear, I was a natural! So much so that Dad decided that it couldn’t hurt for me to drive home, after all it was a Sunday evening, no one was around and it was literally a country lane, nothing could go wrong.

So we’re off the air field and out into the world, safe to say I’m a little nervous but I push through proud that I’m officially a grown up and desperate to master driving and get my freedom. Everything is going super smoothly when we come to a t junction and dad says “break here and go left” then he says break again, clearly all of that training on the air field went in one ear and out the other because for some reason I got my break and my accelerator mixed up.

Next thing I know we’ve rocketed across the t junction and onto a patch of green heading full pelt towards a farmers field with a giant drop down. Then suddenly we stop with a huge jerk. Thanks god my dad is an absolute saint because the first thing he did after checking we were both ok was burst into laughter. We got out to see what had saved us a rollercoaster ride and unfortunately it was a rather gnarly looking tree stump. The car was wedged on top good and proper and the only way we were getting off was up and over.

Fast forward an hour or so of no phone reception and no traffic to a kind Four by four owner with a tow rope literally dragging dads car off of this tree stump. I offered to drive home still but dad didn’t seem to think it was a good idea, can’t see why!

I would love to hear your guys first driving experience. Did you have anything like me?! An absolute disaster?! Or were you a natural!? It’s so important when things like this happen to get straight back out there and behind the wheel! Car insurance is definitely less tricky for me now and my no claims has built up to give me some options where before I was absolutely buggered!

Aviva is an amazing option for if you’re looking to insure your car and your a first time driver! They now have an app, the Aviva Drive App, which allows you to track your driving and monitor those new driving skills which in time helps you to save money on your car insurance. It also has a built in dash cam which is so handy because I always wish I had one when people are terrible on the road but I never get around to actually getting one and I would have NO idea how to install one!

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My First Driving Experience - Sinead CroweMy First Driving Experience - Blogger

This video is part of a paid partnership with AVIVA car insurance


  1. petiteelliee
    27th July 2018 / 6:37 pm

    OMG Sinead That is carzy!! Glad you were okay though and at least you have a funy story to laugh at now

    Ellie xx

    • Sinead
      9th August 2018 / 4:33 pm

      Hahaha oh my gosh I know I literally am such a train wreck!

  2. Sinead
    9th August 2018 / 4:35 pm

    Oh my gosh he sounds like he’s amazing!!! That sounds SO scary, ice is my biggest fear! Last year in the big snow storm I got stuck on the A1 and I’ve never been more scared!

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