Jeans and a Nice Top | House Of Harlow

House of Harlow - Leopard Print Top

Those fateful words we see repeated every Friday night in the group chat when someone asks what everyone’s wearing tonight, “jeans and a nice top”. Well I didn’t know what to call this blog post and quite frankly I feel like this sums it up perfectly! Jeans and a nice top!


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House of Harlow - Balenciaga Triple S

Jeans and a Nice Top | House Of Harlow

Both the jeans and the top in question are the latest offering from Revolve and I for one am smitten. I’ve already worn this top so many times and this shade of blue honestly goes with every shade of jeans, I particularly love it with a cream jean for a twist on the classic jeans and a nice top combo!

The jeans I got to copy my friend Yasmine but they actually didn’t have hers in stock! I sized up so I can comfortably eat a double Big Mac meal and they still look cute in a purposely oversized kinda way! I just love the wash or a black jean when it’s dark like this but not a block colour! Plus the frayed edges are everything to me!

I’ve already banged on about GRLFRND denim before so I won’t bore you guys but they are my all time favourite denim brand. Nothing beats them in terms of style and quality!

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House of Harlow Silky TopHouse of Harlow Blue TopHouse of Harlow - Chloe Roy BagHouse of Harlow - GRLFRND Distressed jeansHouse of Harlow - Monki Shearling Jacket



  1. Marta
    20th March 2019 / 3:45 pm

    That’s a gorgeous top! On the picture on the website I can barely see the pattern on it but it looks absolutely beautiful in your pictures. And I love that shade, it’s so unique.

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