I decided to do a post this week about what mindfulness actually is, I know the word might be a bit self-explanatory but I myself only found out the true meaning in the last year!

In short mindfulness is about being aware and living in the moment, appreciating and experiencing every moment. The past no longer exists and the future hasn’t happened yet, mindfulness helps us to stop worrying about the future and hanging on to the past.

Think about how many times you’ve driven home from work and not remembered how you got there, or had to double check you’ve turned the straighteners off or locked the door. We end up spending half of our lives on autopilot; mindfulness helps you to bring your attention back to the moment, paying attention to the small things that would normally go unnoticed.

Mindfulness Book


Seen as this week I received the most beautiful mug from yonder living, I thought that this would be the perfect time to do some mindfull tea drinking!

This is a page from one of my favourite books “Living in the Moment” by Anna Black (get it here), and it’s a great example of how to take time to indulge yourself and really enjoy the small moments! Personally my cup of tea is just a drink that I have whilst doing something and I never really just sit back and enjoy it! Here’s what Anna Black proposes we do :

  • Feel the warmth of the tea in your hands
  • Drink in the scent of the tea
  • Notice the colour of your tea
  • Be aware of the movement of bringing the cup to your lips, noticing any physical response in anticipation
  • Experience the taste – notice if there is an ahh of pleasure
  • Whenever your mind gets pulled away by thoughts (which it will) just notice where you have gone and then coming back kindly and gently to the bodily sensations


Mindfulness Cup of TeaI always think the mug is the most important ingredient in making a cup of tea. I always have one sugar, but it has to be in the right mug, too big and it’s not enough, too small and it’s too sweet. I think it just tastes different in a nicer mug too, remember we also drink and eat with our eyes!

For more tips on meditation and becoming more mindful check out this quick guide on the health benefits and common misconceptions about meditation.


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