MONDAY BEAUTY : Jo Malone Wedding Scenting

Jo Malone Wedding Scenting

Jo Malone wedding scenting.

Expensive, excessive, unnecessary and something only the super fancy people do, or so I thought. I have to admit that before I started planning a wedding I had only really seen this sort of thing done at other bloggers weddings and didn’t think it was something people actually did, that is until I had a meeting with my wedding planner and she urged me to do it. A scent is something so strong and so triggering that I can literally walk past a man in the street and instantly be transported back to my first boyfriends bedroom, I can smell a sweet summer fragrance and be back in my Grandads orchard. Photos and rings are amazing memories to keep and look at but the nostalgia that comes with a scent memory is something different altogether.

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Jo Malone Wedding Scenting

So lucky for me, I actually work with Jo Malone and they kindly offered to invite me and my partner in for a scenting appointment, something my partner cringed at and was dragged along to none the less. However, 5 minutes into the appointment and have a glass of champagne and 2 chocolate truffles down he was having the time of his life. When we left he actually made sure to note down the lady who served us’ name to give feedback to head office about how incredible she was. It was such a fun experience to enjoy together especially amongst all of the stressful wedding planning we were doing. We ended up spending the rest of the day in Central London, taking a romantic stroll and going for dinner, the perfect couples day out!

As you may or may not know, we’re getting married in the winter, 9th November with a lot of winter foliage in our arrangements so we kept both of these points in mind when picking our fragrances. Jack went for the classic cologne, 154, one of the scents created by Jo Malone herself and named after the iconic townhouse. I went for a combination or Cardamom & Mimosa and Dark Amber & Ginger Lily, a combination I’ve worn before and loved. We decided this combination would suit our wedding day so perfectly with its warm winter tones and ordered candles to scatter amongst the flower arrangements to create a gorgeous ambience in the room.

A month or so back I was kindly invited to the iconic townhouse for a Jo Malone wedding scenting event where I filled up on afternoon tea and fragrance facts. We were introduced to some beautiful summer scents that are so perfect for a summer wedding and I’ve been dousing myself in them ever since I got them home. These bottles were also in a beautiful lace design, something special for the big day and a momento to keep. Orange blossom as you can imagine from the name is a fruity summer scent, light but memorable, and Peony & blush suede is a more feminine and delicate fragrance, both equally as beautiful, I have to tell you these Jo Malone wedding scenting appointments are not easy and you always end up picking the scents you don’t think you will!

I would 100% recommend anyone to head down to Jo Malone for their very own wedding scenting appointment to try out the different fragrances and even if you fancy creating your own scent but you’re not getting married. You can book a fragrance combining consultation here!

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Jo Malone Wedding Scenting - Dark Amber & Ginger Lily Jo Malone Wedding Scenting - Mimosa & Cardamom Jo Malone Wedding Scenting - Orange Blossom Jo Malone Wedding Scenting - Peony & Blush Suede Jo Malone Wedding Scenting - Summer Wedding



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