MONDAY BEAUTY : My Self Tanning Routine

My Self Tanning Routine - 2 Hour Deluxe

Hey guys!

This week I wanted to talk to you about one of my most used products probably ever, fake tan. I am a tan-o-holic and honestly cannot get enough. If there was a way to permanently tan myself I would be all for it because the hours I must have racked up between scrubbing and stewing in tan doesn’t even bear to think about! It took me a good while to finally find a brand I love and can rely on for that all natural golden incredible Loving tan.

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My Self Tanning Routine - loving tan deluxe face tan

My Self Tanning Routine

I’ve been using Loving tan religiously now for around a year? Two years?! And I just cannot recommend it enough. Whilst my all time favourite product to use is the 2 hour express tan in dark ( of course I leave it on overnight though ) I have tried so many of their products and can vouch that they’re all pretty good!

My favourite things about the 2 hour express tan apart from the fact that it’s the most beautiful colour that so natural due to a slight red tint that means it never goes orange and the fact that it only ever needs one coat ( what am I a wall? ) is the fact that it dries almost immediately. Unless I’m sweating a ton, I can wear my clothes and be fine once I have the tan on, or go to bed without waking up in a brown patch or sticking to my bed sheets – why do some tans make you so sticky?! Plus it smells good, well ok, I don’t know if any self tanning products actually smell good but this one smells maybe, kind of, okay? It’s a nice smell when you first put it on and yes it does start to fade into a more self tanning kind of smell later on but a, it’s only designed to be on for 2 hours so I’ll let them off for that and b, it still smells 10x better than any other tan I’ve tried.

The prep and applying . . . tools? is that the right word? are also really good! The mitt is I kid you not velvet. The boujiest self tan applicator I’ve ever tried but it means that the tan just glides on, it doesn’t pull on your skin and it gives the most perfectly even finish. I’ve even used it when I’ve run out of Loving tan with other tans and it actually improves application for these too. Then there’s the scrubber mitt, it’s so different to any other scrubber I’ve tried. I was kind of put off it before because it just looks like a limp weird little rag and doesn’t have the same bobbly scourer-esque texure as other exfoliating gloves but this baby is golden. It takes the tan off without taking 5 layers of your skin with it and it works so well. You can actually see the tan coming off on the mitt which is a, really fun and b, lets you know when it’s all gone.

Another product from loving tan I recently tried is the gradual face tan. It’s a really nice product that has skincare ingredients as well as the tan so it’s actually nourishing and not drying like other tans, and gives such a nice even glow. I don’t know about you but I always prefer myself with no make up when I have a little bit of a tan going on! This has saved me from using the body tan on my face which I had been doing up until the launch of this product and still do occasionally. To be fair it’s never given me spots on my face though! They also have a gradual self tanning lotion/gel which goes on dark so you can see where you’re applying and then turns into a lighter lotion, it’s very strange and clever! I had a bit of difficulty with this one as it does come out darker than your average daily gradual tan so make sure you’re careful with application so you don’t end up super streaky! Once I used it with caution I was fine and I love to use this when my 2 hour express is wearing off for a little top up to keep the tan going!

I hope that I have helped you guys out if you were wondering anything about my tanning habits and wanted to try loving tan before but you weren’t sure! If you have any other questions feel free to ask away!


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  1. Candice Sandler
    2nd September 2019 / 5:50 pm

    The packaging looks amazing

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