Mother Daughter Dressing with Name It

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I never thought I’d be the kind of mum that does mother daughter dressing, matching cute dresses and hashtag twinning but when you find the right kind of mother daughter dressing, we’ll that’s a whole different matter! Name it is the most gorgeous brand for little girls and boys but we’re focusing on girls over here for obvious reasons! Really unique pieces different to the usual suspects where you turn up at soft play and there’s 5 other little girls in the same H&M dress. Yet still reasonably priced compared to a lot of the brands I get tempted by on Instagram ads! I only discovered them over the last few months and honestly I will definitely be keeping an eye on the new in section from now on! Especially with baby Barnaby coming along as I’m finding boys clothes are much trickier than girls, or maybe I’m just picky!


Mother Daughter Dressing with Name It Smock DressMother Daughter Dressing with Name It Floral Dress Baby Girl

Mother Daughter Dressing with Name It

So let’s start with the mother daughter twinning as this is what the posts all about after all! Name it focuses on adorable pieces for girls, boys and babies but they also do a limited range of pieces for adults (ladies) too! I found these dresses and thought that they were the perfect match for mother daughter dressing without being so in your face!

I went for a really simple mustard dress this is such a practical style in length as I’m always on my hands and knees or bent over with a toddler so short skirts are out! And it’s got pockets which is essential! I love to always have my phone to hand for capturing those special moments but hate actually having to carry it in my hand so pockets are a must! This is super oversized on me which I actually love but I had made this order when I was still pregnant so I was not expecting to fit in anything smaller!

For Margot I picked this gorgeous floral dress which is actually oversized on her but I like it that way! It’s great to buy one size up to make them last too so you can get your moneys worth and the wear out of them as I swear at this age they grow so quickly! They had a whole host of beautiful mustard shade dresses and outfits so if you picked up the mustard dress for yourself the mother daughter dressing options are endless!

My Dress : Here
Margots Dress : Here

Mother Daughter Dressing with Name It Mustard Dress

I also wanted to share this beautiful dress I picked up for Margot. Again I went a size up to make sure it would last her for the whole of the summer! I love a gingham dress on a little girl there’s just something so cute about it! This material is seer sucker too saving you one more thing to do – the ironing! I have to say if they did this one in a grown up size I might have had to have it! It’s so beautiful and I love the colour!

Margots Gingham Dress : Here

Mother Daughter Dressing with Name It Seersucker Dress Baby GirlMother Daughter Dressing with Name It Baby Girl Gingham Dress



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