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My Otterbox - Christmas Covered

So you guys already know of my love and appreciation for the phone case company Otterbox. If you don’t, quite frankly where have you been? You can read all about my affinity for the phone cases and how they quite literally came to me in my time of need here but basically unlike a lot of the phone case companies on the market right now they do nice phone cases that actually protect your phone. Usually it’s one or the other right?

So obviously with any brand or product I fall in love with, I want to share this with not only you guys as I have in the past here and here (remember that amazing trip to Spain we went on?!) but also with my near and dearest. When it comes to gifting, if there’s something I’ve had and used myself it’s always my first port of call when I’m looking to gift to someone else.

I figure if I love and use it, they will too? Especially when it comes to people like my Dad and my Sister. My Dad is a computer repair man and his diary/contacts/life line is his phone so obviously it needs to be protected. Sure he may not be looking for the ombre pink phone case but I know for sure he’d love the sleek leather cases, way more man friendly!

Then we come to my sister who’s been pinching my Otterbox cases for months now and has become a user of the brand herself. Like me though, she’s into fashion and as with any fashion accessory you can never have enough. OK I know a phone isn’t a fashion accessory but I never put mine in my bag or pocket so if it’s always in my hand it has to match my outfit right?! She has her own clothing line and has also entered into the world on instagram and blogging so her phone is 100% her lifeline, stylish protection is what us bloggers appreciate, am I right!?

My Otterbox

So I don’t know about you guys but I am a greedy shopper when it comes to gifting and christmas presents in particular! I have to admit that half of the presents I buy for people I end up either keeping for myself or buying in twos, one for them and one for me. So as with anything, I got 5 Otterbox cases and although I’ve already bookmarked the pink polka dot case for Lauren and we’ve established Dad’s having the sleek leather style, I had to keep at least one for me! I love the white statement case below and yes that’s the one I’m keeping!

My Otterbox - Favourite Phone Case My Otterbox - Polka Dot Phone CaseMy Otterbox - Statement Phone CaseMy Otterbox - FlatlayMy Otterbox - Roses

This blog post is in collaboration with Otterbox though all thoughts opinions and creative direction are my own


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