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Royal Hideaway Formentor Hotel - Away Suitcase

After turning the final bend of the windy road with incredible views of Formentor, we had finally reached our destination, the Royal Hideaway hotel. Situated on the coastline of Mallorca in the particularly picturesque Formentor with crystal clear waters and hidden coves, the Hideaway Hotel is the only hotel in the area, a Unesco world heritage site. For this reason, it’s kept a lot of it’s charm and original features with just the right balance between tradition and simplistic style. Think ocean views with marble bathrooms and a stone path lined with fuschsia pink flowers. A hotel with a rich history of visits from the likes of Grace Kelly and Winston Churchill, what’s not to love?

Royal Hideaway Formentor Hotel Room - Sinead Crowe

Royal Hideaway Formentor

On our first day we had quite possibly the best food I ate for the entire trip, not that the other meals didn’t follow closely. We were served an incredible paella that I honestly could have had seconds, thirds and fourths of were we not going for dinner just a couple of hours later. If you’re going to visit the hotel then you have to make a visit to Bar Platjamar, a chic beach side restaurant, oh, did I mention they have their own private beach with crystal clear waters?

Royal Hideaway Formentor - MusclesRoyal Hideaway Formentor Hotel Private BeachRoyal Hideaway Formentor Royal Hideaway Formentor Private Beach - Revolve LPA BikiniRoyal Hideaway Formentor Private Beach - Revolve LPA High Waisted BikiniRoyal Hideaway Formentor Private BeachRoyal-Hideaway-Formentor-Double-Denim-Summer-0utfit

The next thing I have to rave about was the boat trip, though comical to begin with it’s stuck out in my mind as a high point for sure. The day was windy to say the least so stepping out onto a small boat for wine tasting was not appealing to me, a sufferer of seasickness. The fresh sea air whipped away any feelings of sickness and once we were wrapped up in towels with our slippers on we were perfect. We anchored up in a cove where the water was calm and proceeded to take 10,000 photos of the incredible views, sip on our cava and indulge in the tapas. I can imagine this being the perfect day for a girls trip especially if it was on the warmer side and you could take a dip! Or for a honeymooner couple, or any couple for that fact, such a romantic setting, I’d love to bring Jack back for the experience. The boat took us out from the hotels pier so there was no need to even leave the hotel.

That afternoon we were treated to massages which I’m not going to lie felt a bit like a punishment due to my intense knots in my neck and shoulders, but that’s what you get from being on your phone and laptop all day every day am I right? Anyway, it can’t have been that bad because I managed to fall asleep at some point and left feeling light as a feather and 10 years younger. I took a wander down to the beautiful pool area overlooking the ocean and the best bit? There’s two pools and one of them’s heated, heaven.

Royal Hideaway Formentor  - Private Boat Hire Mallorca Royal Hideaway Formentor  - Private Boat TourRoyal Hideaway Formentor  - Swimwear 365 Striped SwimsuitRoyal Hideaway Formentor  - Beach CoverupRoyal Hideaway Formentor  - Swimwear 365 Royal Hideaway Formentor Pool Area - Mallorca - Figleaves SwimsuitRoyal Hideaway Formentor  - Evening Meal

On the last day we went on the most beautiful hike to a nearby stone beach named Cala Figuera through a forest full of baby coats and donkeys, all super friendly, we even saw some baby donkeys! The walk took us to the most incredible beach with the clearest waters I’ve seen since I was in Koh Lipe in Thailand! I didn’t even think it was possible to find waters that clear in Europe! We had a little picnic on the beach of traditional cheese, meat, olives and crackers and chatted to our lovely guide who actually does canyoning in Mallorca, great for if you get fed up of relaxing and want some adrenalin!!

Royal Hideaway Formentor  - Baby DOnkey Royal Hideaway Formentor  - Private Beach Mallorca Royal Hideaway Formentor  - Private Beach Mallorca

Finally before we left we went for one last lunch at the Las Palmeras restaurant on site at the Hideaway Hotel overlooking the pool and ocean and can I just say WOW. Location wise this was the best restaurant we went to whilst there. it had a real old school luxury feel to it, think the beverly hills hotel without all of the pink. If we’d had a second day I’d have quite happily spent a morning sat in the beautiful spot in the sunshine reading my book and having a coffee!

Royal Hideaway Formentor  - Beautiful Restaurant

Thankyou so much to the amazing team at Mango PR for taking us and the incredible Hideaway Hotel group for hosting us at the beautiful Formentor site! Now I’m on a mission to visit all of the other locations if they’re even half as beautiful as this one! If there’s anything else you guys want to know about the hotel then please feel free to leave me a comment or you can message me on instagram if you prefer!

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Royal Hideaway Formentor Grounds - Unesco World Heritage Site Royal Hideaway Formentor Grounds - Marble Bathroom Royal Hideaway Formentor Grounds - Unesco World Heritage Site Building


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    I’ve always wanted to go to Mallorca but haven’t got round to booking it. These photos are making me want to book a flight, haha!
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