The summer sandal that never goes out of style

Tan Summer Sandal St Agni

Every summer there’s a new struggle to find the perfect summer sandal that will last you through thick and thin. Holidays, lunches, brunches, nights out and festivals, you want a sandal that covers any occasion and most of all is comfortable.

I’ve finally found the perfect pair and best of all? They’re timeless. Look after them and you’ll be wearing these babies for years to come!

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Tan Summer Sandal St Agni St Agni Tan Summer Sandals

The summer sandal that never goes out of style

This year anything woven has taken the limelight in the summer sandal stakes and pretty much in any stakes to be honest. Belts, bags and earrings, if it’s an accessory and it’s not woven, we don’t want it. The thing is about the woven trend though, is that it actually doesn’t go out of fashion. Yes it’s having a moment right now but think about the humble basket bag, it’s a bonified summer style staple. Pick the right piece and even when it’s not having it’s 5 minutes of fame, you’ll be wearing it for years to come.

I chose this pair because they’re comfy, they’re simple, they’re classic, they’re neutral, and they’re on sale. Girl loves a bargain am I right?! I’ve been eying these up on Net-A-Porter for a while now then I spotted them reduced on Atterley and I had to snap them up because if you didn’t already know theres some pretty good perks to shopping at Atterley.

Shopping at Atterley

So if you didn’t already know Atterley have just made it onto the heavenly list that we busy shoppers check and go by as our holy grail for last minute (any minute) shopping. TheCollectPlus retailers list. If you’re like me and you’re hardly at home but you’ve got a serious shopping habit, then you’ll agree that collect plus is the way forward and the answer to our shopping prayers.

When I spotted tha Atterley had been added to the CollectPlus list for returns it pretty much guaranteed that I’d make this purchase! Having never purchased a pair of St Agni shoes before I didn’t know their sizing at all and I’ve always been a tricky one stuck between a 7 and an 8 so I have to order both sizes which lets face it is always a put off. Usually when I order two sizes of anything it’s just dead money sat there for a couple of weeks until I can finally be bothered to take my order to the (generally inconvenient) location to return it or bribe someone I know to do it for me.

With CollectPlus you can drop your returns off at your local store, mines the BP garage 5 minutes up the road which is open until 11pm which is an absolute god send for when I need to pick up or drop off. Sometimes I don’t get back from London until 9/10pm! So basically Atterley just became my number one stop for shoe shopping!

If you didn’t already know about CollectPlus, they offer an amazing delivery service as an alternative option to having items delivered to your home and having to wait in, you can get items delivered to one of your local stores and pick up at a time and place convenient for you. Whether it’s somewhere near your work so you can collect in your lunch hour or somewhere like me, that’s open till late to fit in around your time table! See which stores offer the option to use CollectPlus here.

In collaboration with Atterley, CollectPlus are also giving away a £400 Atterley voucher to spend on your new season wardrobe! To enter and see the full terms and conditions, click here.

This post is part of a paid partnership with Collect Plus

Tan Summer Sandals - St AgniSummer Sandal Collect Plus Returns

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  1. 13th August 2018 / 8:59 pm

    I’ve never been there Atterley. Sounds like my kind of place to shop though! Will have to check it out next time I’m in UK. The sides look perfect for summer.


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