WALK’ N’DIOR Dior Sneakers Review

Dior Sneakers Review

I finally did it! I bit the bullet and bought the shoes I’ve been eyeing up for well over a year now, just think of all the outfits I could have worn them in if I’d had the balls to buy them earlier!!! If any of you follow me on instagram you’ll know the dilemma I had on whether to keep these or not as well! I am super indecisive at the moment – I’m blaming the pregnancy – and I think, not being able to actually go outside much also had an affect on my opinion but finally I got round to the decision to keep them so I thought since I’ve had a chance to wear them now and lots of people were saying how uncomfortable they were, I would do a little Dior Sneakers review video and pop in some outfit ideas for good measure!

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WALK’ N’DIOR Dior Sneakers Review 

I hope you guys enjoy the video and do let me know what you think of the shoes!!! Also let me know if there is anything else I have that you would like to see a review on or outfit ideas for! If you also have any more questions about the shoes that I haven’t answered in the video them feel free to ask away! Happy to help in anyway that I can!!!

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Dior Sneakers Review Walk N Dior


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