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When it comes to picking out bras I usually go for the option of nothing or a lacy little number that may as well not exist when it comes to coverage, cleavage and support. The latter two being none of my business having less than an a cup over here!

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Wonderbra | The Best Bra For Partywear

So, when Wonderbra got in touch about working together on a post about how to enhance what you’ve got and pick the right bra for your party outfits I was pretty shocked because I either wear jumpers or a deep v (I’m talking belly button low) so basically bras are either not necessary or not possible, or so I thought. Fast forward a few weeks and a whole lot of beautiful bras courtesy of Wonderbra and I now literally have a bra for every need and occasion! 

There were two that were my absolute favourites from the collection I found myself with and those were the Refined Glamour strapless bra and the Ultimate Plunge bra. The Refined Glamour strapless is actually SO pretty, something I didn’t think you could really find in a functional bra if I’m honest. It’s the perfect sexy strapless bra and the rubber dots on the inside of the band means it doesn’t budge. Something myself as someone with not a lot around the chest area found super helpful as I can’t tell you how many times I’ve flashed a nipple because my strapless bras around my waist, no boobs to keep it in place! 

The second bra I found AMAZING was the Ultimate Plunge bra which you probably can’t tell but I’m wearing in these pictures! YES I know, can you even believe!? It’s so low cut and you can’t even tell, if you look at the photos from some angles it’s even managed to do the unthinkable and give me a bit of a chest! I am SO chuffed I think it’s my new best friend and till further notice I’ll be wearing deep vs and my new set of boobs thank you very much!

Have you guys already thought about what you’ll be wearing for the Christmas parties and NYE and most importantly, what you’ll be wearing underneath?

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Wonderbra-Refined-Glamour-Strapless-BraWonderbra-Christmas-Party-LookWonderbra-Glamour-Bra Wonderbra-Christmas-Party-OutfitWonderbra-Refined-Glamour-Set Wonderbra-Deep-Plunge-Bra Wonderbra-Multiway-BraWonderbra-Refined-Glamour Wonderbra-NYE-OutfitWonderbra-Deep-Plunge-NudeWonderbra-NYE Wonderbra-Party-OutfitWonderbra-Strapless-Bra Wonderbra-Patent-TrousersWonderbra-Polaroid-Camera

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