My Best & Worst Outfits on Instagram of 2017

The Wrap Dress - Oversized Denim Jacket

I thought it would be a fun Sunday evening video for me and you guys to take a trip down memory lane and have a good old laugh at how terrible some of my outfits have been!

I’ve also kept in some of my favourites because I’ve gotta keep my street cred some how right?! The above is definitely one of my favourites, I think the summer outfits I love the most. The tan, the little dresses, the carefree feel, I love.

Make sure you let me know which are your favourites and if you agree that these are some of the worst outfits on instagram?! I’d love to hear about your instagram outfit fails too! Help me to feel better about myself and send me some links!

Best & Worst Outfits on Instagram of 2017

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