10 Ways To Calm Your Anxiety in Uncertain Times

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Hey guys!

I really wanted to share a blog post with some helpful tips on what I do to calm myself down when I have anxiety and panic not just in this weird situation we’re all in now, but in life in general. Most of you already know I suffer from anxiety and have for years and with everything going on it’s really flared up, let’s be honest, these are anxiety inducing times for the best of people let alone if you’re already prone. So hopefully my tips can help you to calm your anxiety whether you are a long term sufferer or just someone who is having trouble coping right now.


10 Ways To Calm Your Anxiety in Uncertain Times


I have been meditating for 86 days in a row now, not to show off but yeah, I totally wanted to show off! Every morning without fail I meditate using the calm app. It’s around £30 a year and hands down the best money I’ve spent. They have lots of courses or just a daily meditation for around 10 minutes and usually it’s topical which is good. They’re all guided meditations so i find they help me to stick it out as I’m useless at sitting in silence. They also have quick 3 minute meditations for days when you want to still do it but you’re in a hurry or if you’re just trying to get yourself into it!

I find that meditating doesn’t calm me as such, but just helps me to look at the bigger picture and to focus on the positives and the here and now rather than yesterday or tomorrow.

I also use the app to get to sleep if I’m anxious and my minds running wild. These days I don’t use the sleep stories all too often but I always use them when I travel as I find it hard to sleep in a strange room!


Another way to calm your anxiety is Yoga. I find that yoga realllly helps me to calm down when I’m anxious. There’s something about the deep breathing and mindful movements that really help me to slow down and relax. My favourite youtuber is Yoga with Adrienne and she does a 30 day course which I have been doing and think is a great one for now to get your body moving without leaving the house and to relax.


Now this is a trick I learnt in therapy and find that this really helps me to calm myself down when I’m feeling overwhelmed. This is more of a trick to calm your anxiety when you’re on the brink or having a panic attack. I visualise myself breathing in cool blue air and breathing out hot red air until my head and lungs are filled with blue and the red is gone. There’s something about this visualisation technique that just really helps me to relax and get rid of the anxiety. Try it next time you’re feeling overwhelmed!


I know in times like these it’s hard to think of things to be grateful for but having a gratitude diary really helps to see the bright side of things. I do mine straight after my meditation in the morning so I start the day on the right note. I also think about all of the lovely things that happened to me that day whilst I’m getting ready to go to bed which again helps me to go to sleep more calm and happy.

As I said, it might be hard to think of 10 things that you’re grateful for right now so I thought I would share some of mine 🙂

1 – The NHS
2 – Pennys little smiling face that brings me so much joy
3 – My wonderful husband who does my errands so I’m safe and don’t have to leave the house
4 – We live near a huge park so I can go for an early morning walk and get fresh air without having to see anyone and risk my health
5 – I have a house that I can isolate in
6 – I can work from home
7 – My Health
8 – The health of my family
9 – All of the amazing people on instagram who share funny stories, quotes and memes to help lighten the situation
10 – I have so many amazing friends who make me laugh everyday


This is a big one for me. Last week I was on the point of breakdown and had the worst anxiety I’d had since I left my full time job despite not even leaving the house. I decided to stop reading articles from facebook, stop watching the 24hr news, stop checking the little youtube clips of the news and instead, once a day I watch the Prime Ministers speech.

This way, I get on with the rest of my day as usual, well as usual as it can be, and don’t centre my life around the situation that is unfolding. It’s a major one for me to calm your anxiety


There’s SO MUCH to be said for listening to loud music, singing your heart out and having a good old boogie! If you follow me on instagram you’ll have seen me doing it on the daily! I’m bringing out the old school tunes and dancing it out! Even just one song will drastically improve your mood and calm your anxiety but I’ve started listening to music again whilst I’m working rather than my usual news or podcasts. It’s really helped.


I always get absolutely ripped for this but guys, get yourself a colouring book! They are so relaxing and calming to do, especially if you’re like me and need to constantly be busy. I can’t just sit and watch the TV I have to be on my phone or laptop as well else I end up chewing all of my fingernails off. This is something you can do whilst watching the telly and it doesn’t take away your attention just helps to relax you completely, helps you to switch off and to calm your anxiety.

I would also say to be careful with the colours you use, I know it sounds mad but I do find that colouring in a red picture is not as calming as blue, just saying!


I love a good puzzle, that’s no big secret here! But I’ve been doing them for well over a year now as a sense of release from my day. I find that when I’m doing a puzzle I find it hard to think about anything else. It consumes me, in the best way possible! it’s a great way to keep away from technology and the news plus there’s no better feeling than when you find a piece you’ve been looking for for ages!


Don’t hide in a hole away from everything! It’s easy when you’re self isolating to wrap yourself in cotton wool and hide away from the world but having a good old gossip and laugh with your friends is amazing therapy. Don’t just text though whatsapp groups are the best mood lifter, face time, skype, phone, actually talk to your friends and family! Me and my friends have put a ban on talking about the C word in our group unless it’s a funny meme so it’s a nice and positive place we can all have a laugh in. With everyone posting news and information from let’s face it, most likely unreliable sources ” so and so’s mum works with someone whos son is married to a paramedic and they said . . . ” it’s easy to get overwhelmed and pull back from the conversations. We’ve also just discovered the house party app which is a great one for face timing multiple people at once and also playing games etc!


As I’m at home a lot and not able to get out for a little pamper, I’m getting creative with doing my own. Never have I ever had so many baths guys and I am loving it. If there’s one thing I’m coming out of this with it’s silky smooth skin and a fabulous complexion! Combine this with the dance party and you’ve got yourself a winning combination! The other day I had a shower and treated myself to a hair mask / face mask duo whilst listening to some Avril Lavigne and dancing my heart out! Best way to spend an evening if you ask me!

I hope these tips have helped and please if you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments or on instagram! Also if there’s anything you want to see from me over here then just ask 🙂

Stay Safe x

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  1. 26th March 2020 / 5:32 pm

    Loved this post babe! I also love Yoda by Adrienne on youtube, I need to try out meditating though!! xx

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