12 Autumn Knits from Free People

Autumn Knits - Free People Cream Jumper

Hey guys!

As you may or may not have realised I seem to have developed quite the addiction to Free People knitwear! Their autumn knit selection it pretty damn special and my wardrobe is slowly being taken over! I’m usually one to be drawn more to Free People over the summer for their beautiful boho dresses and lightweight tops but this winter they have most certainly got my attention and I’ve got a wishlist as long as my arm. Not only that but I’m pretty certain that at this point, I need every jumper I already have in every colour they have available. I mean, when you find a good one, it’s rude not to get it in every colour am I right?


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Autumn Knits - Free People Cut Out Jumper
Top : Here, Jeans : Here, Boots : Here

12 Autumn Knits from Free People

So before I start talking about alllll of the other jumpers and cardigans I need in my life, shall we just take a moment for this dreamy cream jumper? I picked it because I’ve been loving the jumpers (and I use that word loosely) that i’ve been seeing on instagram from the likes of Zara which are basically like this one up to the cut out section but with nothing else. So essentially a neck and sleeves. I loved it for a cute instagram shot but it doesn’t seem all too practical to me (my ages is showing) and let’s not even begin the dilemma of what the hell I would wear underneath???? Anyway, this one basically solves all of the above issues whilst looking pretty damn cute. There’s also something about it which makes it a “fancy” jumper in my eyes, basically a jumper that makes jeans and a jumper look more dressed up! I feel like it has a real designer feel to it too right?

OK so you guys might remember that I already have this jumper in lilac but can we just take a moment for it in the light green and dark green and grey?!!? Obsessed! Also the blue jumper that everyone on instagram (quite rightly so) was obsessed with – and I am too because the colour is a dream and it’s the softest knit I’ve ever owned. It’s a must have guys and it also comes in allll of the neutral colours which are in my eyes, wardrobe staples! Then one more pieces I just have to highlight, this dreamy fluffy cardigan (currently in the post on it’s way to me – yay) that looks SO soft. We spoke about it here before and the cardigan is a key style for this autumn winter and this free people one is also a wardrobe staple, it was basically be rude not to.

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Autumn Knits - Free People Roll Neck JumperAutumn Knits - Free People Winter OutfitAutumn Knits - Free People Autumn Outfit


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