Farfetch Sale Picks

Farfetch Sale Picks - Summer Sale Steals

So some people will be reading this and thinking, I’m so bloody sick and tired of hearing about the god damn sales already and some people – my people – will be reading this and thinking yaaaasss more sales, bring on the sales. I know you’ve been hearing about the sales a lot but honestly they just get better with time. The first few days are just the beginning. Yes the stock is juicier but the reductions come next, then those fateful words we can’t help but fall for new stock added.

Let’s navigate the Farfetch sale together, after all we all know that sales are a dangerous place. You can hit the jackpot with key items you’ll be wearing for years, or end up stuck with the craziest pieces that you had to get because it was Chloe and only £100 . . trust me, we’ve all been there.

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The Farfetch Sale

The Farfetch sale to me is one of particular gems. If you didn’t already know Farfetch stock comes from a selection of boutiques across the world with unique stock meaning not only will you find things on there that may be sold out elsewhere, but you can also find amazing gems in the sale, it’s not the same generic stock that other websites have.

I’ve put together a list of my top pieces you should be looking out for in the sale and the pieces I’ve found that are an absolute must and incredible investment opportunities. .  investment wardrobe of course.

Summer Sale Steals


If you’ve been thinking of treating yourself to a new handbag recently then this is 100% the time to take action. Some of my favourite brands have gone into the Farfetch summer sale including Chloe, Valentino and Prada.

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Though mainly known for their designer goods, Farfetch also have some amazing trainers from some of your favourite sportswear brands at affordable prices. Of course I am a huge sucker for a pair of Golden Goose which they do have, but then you’ve got Adidas and Supergas all heavily reduced which make them insane bargains!

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Those earrings you loved but didn’t know if you’d wear, the belt you couldn’t quite justify splurging on, the crazy heels you love but might only wear a couple of times or that insanely small clutch bag. Now is the time to splurge on the statement accessories you’ve been lusting after but couldn’t quite justify.

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Now knitwear can often get overlooked in the summertime but I’m not only a huge fan of knitwear with denim shorts, over camis or summer dresses, that stuff is versatile! But I’m also a huge believer in investing in luxury pieces out of season so you can enjoy them next year when they’ve most likely been re stocked at full price and every sucker else is buying them up!

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Summer is the season of weddings and if you’re looking for a killer dress now is the time to buy. Even if you have a winter wedding or a wedding next summer, these pieces are timeless and it’s a great opportunity to splurge without feeling guilty and get a dress you’ll feel a million dollars in!

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