Frayed Hems and Nerves

frayed hems

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If there’s one thing that I will never have too many pairs of it’s jeans (not shoes! though I’m pretty sure with the right shoe closet that’s also true!). I used to be a Topshop denim girl until I die, loyal to the bone, but recently I’ve been spreading the denim love around. I’ve noticed that certain brands really don’t fit my shape well but some, like Asos have really surprised me. I’d now say that around 70% off all my jeans are from Asos with particular love for the Farleigh style – I can never get enough!

frayed hemsfrayed hemsfrayed hems

Frayed hems & Frayed Nerves

Obviously I love to talk about my outfits on my blog because I am aware that it’s predominantly a fashion blog. But I wanted to also feel like I can be more honest on here about me and my personal struggles after realising that a lot of my followers are also people who suffer from anxiety.

I think because I put myself out there for the world to see people often would mistake that as confidence, and by no means would I say I’m a shy person, but that’s just a stereotype that comes with anxiety – often those that you least expect it from are the ones that are suffering the most.

Recently I missed out on an amazing opportunity to go on one of my best friends hen do’s in Barcelona because of my anxiety. I know I could have just gone and dealt with it, but I chose not to because I knew not only would I make myself ill and sick with worry the entire time, but I’d bring my friends down with me which is so unfair. You see when I’m at my worst I have no logic and thoughts for other people I just do whatever I possibly can to make myself feel better – basically I get pretty damn selfish! So instead, I sit at home for the week watching their snapchats and feeling like I’m there! I know I’m super lucky to have such understanding friends who know my reason for not going and totally understand it but it doesn’t make it any easier that whenever they talk about that time they went to Barcelona I’ll only be able to remember the bits they caught on their snapchats.

frayed hemsfrayed hemsfrayed hemsfrayed hems

Anyway! You didn’t come for the depressing rant! Sorry! I just wanted to make this somewhere that I can be honest and truthful about every part of me and not just talk about fashion which sometimes can make me feel like what am I doing here?!

So these jeans are totally my favourites at the moment. Of course I will always love the Farleigh’s because they’re just the best staple jeans and I recommend everyone gets at least one pair! This is the Kimmi style I think I’ve linked them here and down below! (also just a side note everything I wear from now on on my instagram, snapchat or blog will always be on my shop tab).

I’d been looking for a pair of jeans with the let down frayed hems for forever and love that these are pretty simple in every other way. I don’t like too much faf on my denim! This is like the perfect inbetween outfit for the weather at the moment and I’ve fallen hard for this New Look top (see it styled differently here).

Also can we just take a minute to appreciate my new Gucci belt?! So in love! You can see my unboxing on youtube here!

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frayed hemsfrayed hems

All photography by Sue Crowe

*Top : New Look
Jeans w/ frayed hems : Asos
Sandals : Mango
Belt : Gucci
Sunglasses : Topshop
*Watch : Daniel Wellington
Bag : Zara (old) / Similar Here

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  1. Hannah Apps
    19th June 2016 / 10:50 am

    I love this post and I think your blog should be a place you can be honest on and just let things out and those jeans! Oh my I think you have made me NEED a pair of frayed jeans they look stunning on you and I’ve never really thought of trying ASOS jeans and I am a Topshop girl through and through but I may have to give them a go!

    Lovely post, I love your blog

    Hannah xx

    • Sinead
      28th June 2016 / 6:07 pm

      Honestly most of my jeans are Asos now! Let me know if you need any help with sizing as I have a few pairs now! I’m a fan if you couldn’t tell!

  2. Vicky Pearman
    20th June 2016 / 7:46 am

    Love asos jeans, im yet to try the kimmi ones. They look flattering and not too high waisted. I was mentally ill in my 20s and ended up addicted to diazapam due to anxiety ! Ha ha, good times, not !! From what i know of mental illness is that keeping busy is the best way to keep problems at bay. Obviously its not that simple though but im sure you get what im talking about, Sinead ! Life is hard at times and its what you get over that makes you stronger and a better person ! Xxxx

    • Sinead
      28th June 2016 / 6:06 pm

      Thanks so much lovely! Totally agree with the whole keeping busy thing! And these jeans are SO comfy as they have lots and lots of stretch in them!

    • Sinead
      28th June 2016 / 6:05 pm

      They’re so so comfortable!

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