GISOU Hair Perfume

As I write that title I feel like the boujiest most ridiculous person because who the F uses hair perfume really? I’ve been a long time fan and user of GISOU, bit of a die hard fan of the hair oil which is worth every penny. And the brand kindly sent over their newest product which of course I wanted to try because a, it’s made by one of my all time favourite bloggers and one of the first people I followed, Negin, b, it’s beautiful and I want it to just look at (aesthetics get my every time), and c, every other product she’s released has been pretty amazing so despite the fact that it sounds excessive and boujie, I trust that woman with my hair.

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So the perfume came a couple of weeks ago and I can now confirm that yes, it’s a hit.

I have to admit to using it instead of perfume because I feel like it might be strange to wear hair perfume and normal perfume and it smells amazing so who not douse your body in it too? Also, I have been known to leave my hair one, two or even three days too long between washes (grim I know) and a spritz of this makes me feel a whole lot less self conscious.

So that’s the smell bit, but as with other products in the GISOU range, the hair perfume is infused with the special GISOU honey from Negins very own bee garden. The honey helps to nourish your hair maintaining your hairs natural moisture balance to giving you shiny, silky soft locks so not only does the perfume make your hair smell amazing it’s also a great way of maintaining your locks! Basically, if you think buying hair perfume is too boujie, add it to your christmas list now!



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  1. Natalya Amour
    23rd September 2019 / 8:32 am

    Sounds really great, loving the packaging.


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