How to get a good night’s sleep

How to get a good nights sleepI’ve never really had a great relationship with sleep. I’ve alway’s struggled to drift off right from when I was a small child to recently when I went through a period of severe anxiety, I found it almost impossible! Over time I’ve found a few effective ways of helping to relax and in my mind, when you’re relaxed your more likely to get to sleep right? Anyway, I thought I would share some of my tips for a more relaxing and peaceful night’s sleep!

Clean Bedding

Obviously this is the most obvious one out there, nothing makes you sleep like a baby than the scent of freshly washed sheets. Wrapped up in a crispy cocoon of washing powder will send anyone into a deep sleep!


My Mum brought me this amazing spray from Avon called Sleep Serenity, I’m sure there are other variations out there but I find this one amazing. It’s not too lavender-y and is supposed to (and does in my opinion) help you drift off as the scent helps to relax you.

Write a Journal

Now this is something I always cringe at, who writes a journal for one and secondly, surely it’s just asking for trouble? Your Mum will definitely read it and you’re so going to get grounded! Anyway, seen as I’m 25 years old now and my Mum can’t ground me I guess I’m safe to start one!

Someone at work told me about this technique which I’ve recently started and it really helps. My main problem with getting to sleep is that I have so much wizzing round in my head so every night now, even if I don’t have anything major to report on I write at least 3 pages and just empty my head onto the paper. It really helps to just clear your mind, which brings me on to the next point.

Write Lists

I’m a huge fan of lists, there’s nothing quite like the pleasure you get from ticking off something on a list when you’ve completed the task! I also find that writing lists is a good way of keeping things out of your mind, you’re not having to constantly remember 100,000 things and by writing a list you can prioritise things and feel like you’re life’s in order!

How to get a good nights sleep

Herbal Tea

I love drinking tea and it has been known for me to have up to 5 cups a day, I know it’s disgusting but I honestly have a problem. Anyway, I try not to drink tea after 3pm – ish so that it doesn’t keep me awake (this goes for you coffee drinkers as well!) The one thing I miss is the cup of tea before bed, I feel like having a nice warm cup of tea helps you to get all cosy and sleepy.

This is when I turn to herbal teas, my favourite is definitely peppermint but camomile is supposed to be the best for relaxing you if you can bear the taste! Anything caffine free is good and they all have some form of healing property. Peppermint is supposed to be great for your stomach, camomile relaxes you and those are the only two I know about!

Start Colouring

If I’d have said this to you six months ago I can guarantee you’d have thought I was off my head. What 25 year old in the right mind carries round a colouring book, now however it’s because uber trendy! I used to sit on the train and colour to help me calm down before meetings or in the airport when I was waiting for my planes. In general, adult colouring books are great if you suffer from any form of anxiety or panic disorder. They’re designed with calming patterns and the repetitiveness of colouring supposedly puts you into a meditative state.

Recently I’ve found that doing half an hour or so before bed helps you to unwind. Just having that time with no tv and no phone or Ipad or Laptop is really calming and relaxes you perfectly ready for bed. I love the Millie Marotta books but there’s so so many to choose from now!


Now I’m awful for this one so I definitely am not practising what I preach but I used to try and do it and it definitely helped! I think this would be particularly good if you were in a desk job because sometimes when you’re mentally tired you need to also be physically tired to drop off.

When I was being good I used to go to Yoga once a week which also really helped with relaxation and I am definitely going to start going again!! I also try to walk three times a week, I started using this as a social thing, meeting up with my bestie for an hours walk was almost like a form of therapy, walking and talking and catching up!

I hope these tips help you guys to have a lovely night sleep! Let me know if you try any of them and they work, I’d love to hear your feedback! Also any tips you have that I’ve missed out let me know!!

How to get a good nights sleep

Colouring Book : Amazon | Pens : Amazon | *Pillow : Elizabeth Scarlett




  1. Robyn Taylor
    27th September 2015 / 5:53 pm

    Love this! I struggle with sleep so much, and the best thing for me is clean bed sheets! I like colouring before bed or reading but I never manage to concentrate, I just want to sit on my phone… I need to stay off of technology!

    Robyn xo

    • Sinead
      27th September 2015 / 7:43 pm

      I know my phone is my biggest distraction! I just have a cut off point else I’d always be like 5 more minutes!!!

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