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So you guys probably know by now that my all time favourite season to dress for is autumn, or the “transitional” seasons in general. Basically when you can get away with jeans a jumper and sandals or boots and a dress. Those in between seasons where layering is key and anything goes. I am a self confessed knitwear addict so it’s about to get messy over here as the new knitwear starts hitting the shelves in stores. I thought it would be fun to do a little edit of some of the transitional pieces coming online that I’m adding to my wardrobe to start building those all important fall outfits.


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Key Transitional Pieces To Buy Now!

I have actually been super techy and fancy and made the below collage so you can click and shop on the pieces but I’ve also done a good old fashioned list of everything included incase you want to just use that!
The first thing I’ve been after for fall/autumn/transitional season is a pair of mules, i’ve been toying with a few pairs I like and i’m definitely not ready to give in to crocs or any other rubber pairs just yet but don’t @ me if I do soon ok? I saw this pair on free people and honestly they are just so cute! I can see me wearing them mainly with jeans or soft knitted trousers, something loose and a chunky jumper. I feel like they’re a great stepping stone between sandals and boots AND I’ve seen people style them with chunky socks which I’m also not adverse to.

Also lets take a moment for the most perfect chunky cream jumper you will ever come across, this Nanushka dream is actually sitting pretty in my wardrobe right now and is one of those transitional pieces that I couldn’t wait to pick up and will be wearing the second a chill hits the air! I honestly don’t think it matters what you wear her with because she is perfect in every way and the kind of jumper that just makes a look!

Also we can’t talk about transitional pieces and not make one mention of chunky black ankle boots (are there any other black ankle boots?) I love this pair from Arket they look super designer but without the price tag. Being Arket they aren’t super cheap but their stuff comes back year after year and is made to last. Case in point, this grey jumper dress which I got last year and still love and will wear again this year!


1 Mules – Shop Here
2 Sleeveless Knit – Shop Here
3 Striped Jumper – Shop Here
4 Cut Out Knit – Shop Here
5 Wool Jacket – Shop Here
6 Chunky Knit Jumper – Shop Here
7 Embroidered Bag – Shop Here
8 Grey Jumper Dress – Shop Here
9 Black Ankle Boots – Shop Here


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  1. Lisa
    9th September 2021 / 8:23 pm

    Lovely I am doing so well, I have lovely zip neck cream jumper, I got a air of mules I love them so much I got the other colour! I got yet another slouchy long coat maybe I need something in between short puffer I have! Waiting for DM platform Chelsea boots, Can’t wait to wear them!!!
    Maybe a bag 💼 but really I have enough I am going to try and shop my wardrobe more and more! Before I buy anything and I promise not to buy another big coat!!!!

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