5 Ways To Wear A Striped Top

HOW TO STYLE A STRIPED TOP - Arket Striped top in transitional outfit ideas

This week for my youtube video I wanted to share a styling one as I haven’t done a ways to wear in a while! I got this new striped top and thought it would tie in perfectly with Wednesdays blog post if I did a few ways to wear of which there are many. it’s really such a wardrobe staple to me that the ways to wear are honestly endless! Above you can see some snaps but make sure you check out the video below as I actually talk through every outfit featuring the striped top and why I picked each piece and ideas on where I would wear them and little parts I could change to dress up or down each look! If you didn’t see Wednesdays post you can check it out here! I did an edit of the striped top and picked 8 of my favourites right now!

5 Ways To Wear A Striped Top

I could have done 20 of these outfits and more! it’s such an easy piece to wear and I’ve worn this top so many times this week alone! Especially with being a new mum and not knowing what to wear it’s the perfect throw on piece with jeans that has a little bit more to it than a white tee but is still nondescript enough to keep wearing it over and over and over again! I have to say I’m definitely in the market for another colour way now!

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