My Designer Shoe Collection 2020

Designer Shoe Collection 2020 - Golden Goose Trainers

Hey guys!

Today I wanted to share with you my designer shoe collection! I’ve been meaning to do this video for quite a while now but a, I always thought that I had about three pairs of designer shoes so it would be the shortest designer shoe collection video known to man, and b, I just always had other ideas that seemed to take priority. Given that I now have more time and am uploading way way more, I hope you noticed! And that my designer shoe collection seems to be a lot more extensive than I had first realised, I thought it was about time I sat down and filmed the bladdy video!

It’s quite outrageous now that I think about it that I’ve done a fair few designer handbag collection videos (updated one coming soon!) and yet the designer shoe collection video was just completely ignored. Maybe it’s because I’m more of a bag girl than a shoe girl but who knows, which one are you? Bags or shoes?


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My Designer Shoe Collection 2020

It’s quite clear from the video that I am definitely a casual dresser and a flats girl all the way. The mini heel is about as high as it gets for me and quite honestly the main reason I haven’t worn my Aquazzura heels is because if I wear high heels it’s usually going to involve me getting suitably drunk and I don’t want to do that in a £200+ pair of shoes! I am shocked and disappointed in myself at the lack of wear in this designer shoe collection, thinking of the cost per wear for some of these shoes it outrageous! I need to promise the shoes as a whole that when this lockdown is over they will be worn more, I’m sorry shoes!

I would love to hear if you guys have any of these shoes and if you, like me, seem to have amassed a designer shoe collection or if you’re more of a bag person, or both!? Also do you have any of these and not wear them? Do you want to see a styling video on any of them?! Let me know!


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