My Wedding Dress Journey with The Mews Bridal

Delphine Manivet Wedding Dress

Hey guys!

So I know that this post is ridiculously overdue but for some reason I just keep putting it off! I guess it’s that once my wedding content is all out there then my wedding will finally be well and truly finito! But today is the day that I’m, finally talking about the main event, my wedding dress. I was so shocked in the run up to my wedding how many people had messaged me saying that they couldn’t wait to see my wedding dress and I feel like I’ve not posted a ton of content of it so I guess this is probably the first time you’re really seeing it in it’s full glory. I apologise for making you wait but honestly it wasn’t totally in my hands, my photographer made me wait nearly THREE MONTHS! Nightmare!

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Wedding Dress - The Mews Bridal

So the dress itself is completely not what I thought I would end up with when I pictured myself wearing my wedding dress and what it would be but now that I look back on it I can’t believe I ever imagined wearing something different. Everyone a the wedding said how utterly me the dress was and I felt so completely comfortable and 100% myself I just had such a wonderful dress. I know you guys feel me when I say that your outfit can totally affect your mood so having the right wedding dress is really important! Mine was SO soft and light and comfortable it was an absolute dream to wear. I’ve actually been considering getting it back out and wearing it around the house in this lockdown, Monica style.

So when I first started looking into dresses I found one on pinterest that I fell head over heels for and was determined would be the one. I managed to track down the one place in the UK that sold that brand ( a short 4 hour drive away ) and it was surprisingly only £1400 which I thought was pretty cheap considering it was a dress I had seen on pinterest. I expected it to be around £15,000 and definitely not in my price range!! So me, my mum, my sister, my best friend and Jacks mum all piled into one car and commenced on a 4 hour journey where my sister kept going wrong and wouldn’t follow directions, I had a cold and a lot of road rage and arguments happened in that car journey, let’s just say when we got there you could cut the tension with a knife! Already not the best start! Then we arrived and the dress was awful to put it in Laurens so beautifully put words “you look like you’re wearing fancy dress” it really did. The dress drowned me and honestly looked nothing like it did in the picture, it didn’t even look the same colour it was almost a yellow! I tried on some of the other dresses since we had driven all that way but honestly they were all very blingy which isn’t my style so we all just piled back into the car for the nightmare journey home.

At this point, I still knew I wanted a high neck long sleeved dress but I’d pretty much lost hope of finding any dresses that suited me. After trying on all of the other dresses too and them all looking awful, I just couldn’t see myself finding one that suited me I figured maybe not everyone does? I spent a few months feeling sorry for myself and completely avoiding the topic of wedding dress shopping all together. Finally I decided it was time to start looking again because time was ticking on but instead of bringing the whole motley crew I just went with my mum for a more relaxed and fun experience and picked a few small boutiques that had contacted me via instagram as I had no idea where to begin! I was surprised to find one I liked in the first place I tried, Belle & Bunty where I found a super cute mix and match set which were exactly what I’d been looking for, a long sleeve and high neck. I almost didn’t go anywhere else but thought it would be silly not to.

The final stop was The Mews Bridal in Notting Hill where I tried on a fair few dresses and nothing was really calling out to me, though they were all absolutely gorgeous none of them felt right for me, then there was one that I tried just because it caught my eye though it didn’t have long sleeves or a high neck, and instantly I knew it was the one. The Hyppolite by Delphine Manivet. I tried it on with a jumper and it was just so perfect. Unfortunately I don’t have any shots of it with the jumper as I ended up just wearing it for the dinner but honestly I was just in love with the combination. I loved the relaxed fit and even though it of course is a wedding dress, it doesn’t feel too fussy it’s just so simple and elegant and perfect.

My whole experience with The Mews Bridal was incredible from start to finish. They made me feel completely comfortable and welcome where some boutiques felt a little intimidating. They had the cutest puppy, Alfie roaming around and the scent of Diptyque candles wafting in the air! I was never made to wait for long periods of time and every time I went back the lovely girls made me feel so at home remembering details and asking me about how things were going. The ladies who did the fittings and alterations also did an amazing job and were really easy going about what I wanted. The dress was actually designed to sit a little higher on the bust but I wanted a lower neckline so they did it how I wanted it. Afterwards I was sent off with cloves and a mask for when I put the dress on and the off cuts from the dress to test my steamer on before I did the actual dress. They had literally thought of everything!

I was super impressed by the incredible service and would 100% recommend going here if you are looking for a similar style of dress as they have all Parisian designers so something a bit different to a lot of other boutiques. I was kindly gifted the dress however I did pay for my own alterations and the jumper. The most generous gift I have ever received!

I would love to answer any questions you might have about my dress or wedding and the mews bridal if you have any feel free to ask away in the comments or you can DM me on instagram 🙂

Wedding Dress - Delphine Manivet Wedding DressWedding Dress - Delphine Manivet Hyppolite DressWedding Dress - Delphine Manivet Hyppolite Sinead Crowe Wedding Dress Wedding Dress - Delphine Manivet Hyppolite Wedding Dress

 My Wedding Dress Journey with The Mews Bridal

Follow me shopping for my wedding dress along with alterations and a clip from the big day in the video below 🙂

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