My Wedding Make Up

Wedding Make Up - Sinead Crowe Wedding
Apart from the dress, or maybe even equal to, one of the most important things to consider ( ok obviously I’m talking about material things because the groom, the guests, the food and the band are pretty important too ) is your make up. I know it’s a super shallow thing to say but how you look on your big day is definitely important and I’m not talking about the pictures and what everyone else thinks of you. Your wedding make up will give you that incredible confidence.

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Bobbi Brown Wedding Make Up Artist - Sinead Crowe WeddingWedding Make Up Artist - Sinead Crowe WeddingAmy Conway Wedding Make Up Artist - Sinead Crowe Wedding

My Wedding Make Up

The difference between a good day and a bad day can quite honestly be how well my liquid eyeliner goes – obviously to have a bad day because of some eyeliner I would probably have already been on the knife edge but guys, honestly, bad make up can make or break an experience. I’ve had experiences where I’ve been flown across the world for photoshoots with an incredible brand to have my make up done before hand and absolutely hate it suddenly all of my confidence is shot and the last thing I want to do is leave the chair let alone go and do a photo shoot that could end up god knows where and this is the same for your wedding day.

Of course we also want to consider that the images will be something you want to keep forever and hang on the wall but let’s get back to what I was actually originally saying before I went on a whoooole tangent there! Make up can give you the most incredible confidence and there’s a style and shade for everyone. I decided to go with Bobbi Brown for my make up because when I think of Bobbi Brown I think of a more simple, classic, paired down look which is exactly what I wanted for the big day. I wanted to look like me and how I normally do my make up just a bit more special and so it would last all day long! I was kindly offered a wedding gift of my wedding make up on the big day by Bobbi Brown and their incredible GLOBAL pro artist Amy Conway.

This was the best decision I made with the wedding because not only did she have complete control over my face but we also spent the morning with Amy and she is so lovely and having been a recent bride herself, she had so much advice and some handy tips like how to sit on the toilet with your wedding dress on that kept us laughing all morning. I went for a trial with Amy probably over 6 months before and decided not to have anymore because it was quite clear that she just got me. I was actually really surprised at how much I loved it as I had previously considered doing it myself due to my previous experiences with make up artists.

I felt so beautiful in my wedding make up, the prettiest I’ve ever felt and so happy and relaxed. Having Amy there and with such beautiful make up not just for me but for my mum and bridesmaids too, made me just so happy and relaxed. I didn’t have to worry at all and everyone else loved their make up so there were no dramas or crying in the bathroom just lots of smiles and a constant flow of prosseco! I can honestly say that I’ve never felt as beautiful and confident as I did that day and that is just the best gift that anyone can give a bride!

If you didn’t already see my wedding make up trial video where I filmed me having my make up done by Amy then you can watch it below and I’ve linked everything that Amy used on me below the video! You can also check out Amy’s instagram here!

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Bobbi Brown Wedding Make Up - Sinead Crowe WeddingAmy Conway Wedding Make Up - Sinead Crowe WeddingBobbi Brown Wedding Make Up Amy Conway - Sinead Crowe Wedding


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