9 Of The Best Pieces Online Right Now

Arket Black Jumper Dress - Sinead Crowe in Ikea

Each week on a Tuesday morning at 8am I share 9 of my top picks online at the moment. Keep scrolling to see what I’m loving this week and what will surely soon be in my wardrobe and all over my instagram account!


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9 Of The Best Pieces Online Right Now

It’s that time again! This week I was torn on wether to stick with the new in section or move to the sale because guys, the sales are off the hook at the moment! Make sure you check out my Topshop sale haul if you get a chance – it’s filled to the brim of classic knits and denim that will be wardrobe staples I’m just in shock to see it all in the sale and for so cheap! Madness!

There’s some accessories that I’ve been loving this week from H&M and they are this itsy bitsy teeny weeny bag which is as cute as it is ridiculous! Yes I would definitely carry another bag as well but you can’t deny it’s so friggin cute! And these £29.99 bargain chunky boots also from H&M, I can’t stop wearing them and love love love the lace up style and patent detail! I think they look so cool with both jeans and dresses and have already worn them with both. A lot happens in a week guys!

Some new pieces I got are these wide leg jeans from & other stories which I predict will be a huge hit. You guys know how much I love my cream wide leg jeans so when I saw this light wash denim pair I knew I had to have them, I’ll be wearing these all summer long I’m telling you now! Also I picked up this jumper dress from Arket a few weeks back now but it’s been too cold to wear it. Well the other day the sun shone and I wore it finally and LOVED it, then the next day I wasn’t done with it, I wanted to wear it again! Only it was cold so I wore it with jeans and as you can see from the picture above it looks great both ways so I’m totally sold on this one! I’ll be wearing it loads!

Last piece I have to mention is this racer vest from H&M. It’s a classic style that’s going to be huge in spring/summer this year over taking the t shirt as the new “jeans and a t shirt” classic wardrobe staple and guess what colour trend is also in, yep, pastel colours. So here you have two trends rolled into one perfect little vest top. You’re welcome!


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