Why I Got The Non Hormonal Coil

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The Non Hormonal Coil. My saviour.

Before I get into it, I know I asked you guys what kind of personal posts you wanted to see and this 100% wasn’t requested by anyone. Possibly because I’m not in the habit of doing personal posts (yet) so most people aren’t aware of my choice in contraceptive but this has honestly changed my life. Dramatic I know. So I felt that to not share my experience with it would be a disservice to the women in the world who might be on something else or need some friendly advice.

FYI this post is whole heartedly biased in favour of the non hormonal coil.

Why I Got The Non Hormonal Coil

So firstly, I requested to be on the coil. I’ve switched back and forth my entire adult life from the combined pill to the mini pill to the combined pill to the implant back to the combined pill and never really been happy. No actually. Scratch that. I was happy, or I thought I was. I was happy as I was and I liked knowing when my periods where and I liked being able to skip them if they clashed with a holiday (not advised), it was fine.

Then something happened. I don’t want to get too personal on here because there is such a thing as TMI even on a blog post about contraceptive would you believe, but I was having side effects from something. Not sure what but I knew that something wasn’t agreeing with me, maybe it was the mix of the pill and my anxiety medication, maybe it was stress, who knew. I just knew that coming off of the pill couldn’t be a bad thing. Plus it would let me know for the first time in  . . holy Jesus 13 years . .  that’s a long time . . what my body was actually doing.

So I came off it. I’d been speaking to my friends for a while about what they did and I knew I didn’t want the injection and the coil freaked me out so much. All I could imagine was a rusty coat hanger sticking into my insides but everyone who was on it was raving about it. So I went for it.

The Combined Pill

I originally went on the combined pill as a remedy for my hideously bad periods. I was a late bloomer (still hoping the boobs will bloom but at 27 lets just say I’m not holding my breath) and when they finally came they pretty much didn’t stop. I’d say I was lucky if I got 2 weeks on 2 weeks off and the pain was awful. Plus I was naive and young so terrified of using tampons. It was shit. I went to the Dr’s and they gave me a zillion different things before finally giving me what I wanted. The Pill, to regulate and lighten my periods.

Now I understand why they were so hesitant but for years I didn’t. Even when I was taken off for Migraines and a string of early strokes in my family history, I begged to go back on it. The implant made me cry constantly and genuinely think about hurting myself and the mini pill just made me bleed all day err’day. It was my only option bearing in mind the hell I’d gone through in life before the pill, didn’t want to go back to that.

My Experience So Far with the Non Hormonal Coil

So now back to the non hormonal coil. Once I’d finally decided that yes, I was going to come off the pill to see what I was really like without all of the added hormones, I knew I didn’t want nothing – no babies yet please. The coil was my final port of call and I went for non hormonal because otherwise I’d have just stayed on the pill right?

I’ve had the non hormonal coil in for 3 months now and I feel so different. Let’s just forget all of the ins and outs of having the coil because I’ve added a little FAQ bit at the bottom (but feel free to ask more in the comments/email/DM’s) and focus on how I am emotionally. I’m lighter, I’m happier. I didn’t notice at first, if I’m honest the first thing I noticed was that I was getting drunk really easily. Like one glass of wine easy. With no hangovers, I was up for drinking all the time, and going out, being spontaneous, I was smiling more, laughing, joking around, being childish.

I’ve always been a happy and fun person but specifically when it comes to spontaneity and doing things I’ve always been a flake. I make plans and bail, I don’t want to do anything last minute I have to have planned it ahead and forget drinking if it’s cold or I have work the next day or the day ends in Y. I just liked being at home on my sofa which is not a bad thing at all, I just thought I was a person who preferred to stay in and relax rather than going out and whooping it up. Turns out I like both.

It’s so weird how you can think you’re a person for your whole life and all of a sudden realise that these hormones have been controlling the way you feel. Despite what you’re about to read in the FAQ’s for this reason I would recommend anyone who is considering changing their contraception to go with the non hormonal coil!

Non Hormonal Coil FAQ’s


Hell yes. I’m going to be honest here as I am not so honest with my friends who consider it, It’s painful. My friend told me this before hand and I wish she hadn’t as it made me so anxious about having it fitted. The actual fitting is like having a smear test but theres probably like 3 points in the whole procedure that really fucking hurt, but more like a pinch not a prolonged pain, it happens then its done and gone before you even can react to it.

Afterwards, well let’s just say buy a hot water bottle and some cocodamol before you get it done. I did sit on the stairs crying at 3am the day I had it done, this was pre cocodamol mind you. It’s like period pains x10. I just stocked up on painkillers and got on with it, I find sitting and wallowing makes it worse so after I got it done I went out for pizza and wine. Mine lasted about 3 days then a few more days of mild pain.


Yes. I had a mini period afterwards. I was taking the pill when I had it fitted so it may be different for me than for you but I had this mini period then I had to continue taking the pill for 1 week to cover myself and when I stopped I had a full on period.


Yes. This is the non hormonal coil so essentially you’re just you. Mine haven’t regulated yet as I’m told it can take up to 6 months or more but generally once a month or a month and a half if I’m lucky!


No. I know other people who have said they can, but you can just go back and get the strings snipped by the nurse if they can and it’s an issue!


The Copper Coil (Non Hormonal Coil) works in a way that the copper is harmful to sperm, therefore it doesn’t affect your fertility and won’t stop you from getting pregnant in the future.

*I am not a doctor and all of this is just my advice/opinion/fact’s I’m repeating, please do your own research and ask your doctor for advice!

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  1. Frances Kayleigh
    7th February 2018 / 9:47 am

    Sinead, I cannot thank you enough for sharing this! I’m similar in that I really don’t like any form of contraception i’ve tried, they’re all dreadful! I’ve been aware of the coil as an option but like you, the idea freaks me out! I’m definitely going to consider it a bit more now though, although the pain scares me a bit! xx

  2. Ellie | PetiteElliee
    7th February 2018 / 9:58 am

    Thank you SO MUCH for sharing babe! I feel like we dont talk enough about contraception what we use so younger girls find it a very scary or even taboo topic!

    Ellie xx

  3. Alicja
    3rd March 2018 / 6:26 pm

    This is avery good post, thank you for sharing your experienve and opiniion. Personally, I wouldn’t go for the coil becuase it works by basically creating an inflamation of your uterus. Your uterus thinks it’s being attacked by something, so you can’t get pregnant. Sayin that, I wuld consider it if I was unable to take hormones and think it is the only truly good alternative to them. Because let’s be fair- condoms suck.

    • Sinead
      4th April 2018 / 9:34 pm

      Hey lovely! I can totally see why you think that ( I did too) which is why I was put off getting it! But actually, it’s the copper coil and the copper is poisonous to sperm which is how it works. It’s great because the moment it’s taken out you can get pregnant and it doesn’t affect your future!

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