Not So Scary Halloween with Elcy Clothing

As I’ve mentioned more than enough times, my sister has her own lingerie line. Not the kind of line that as a blogger I feel obliged to write about, but the kind that I beg for freebies for. Think for love and lemons minus the price tag. I feel privileged to work with her among some of the top bloggers like Yasmine Chanel and Desires by us, some serious instagram inspo right there.

Anyway, enough gushing, as number 1 sister this often means getting roped into photoshoots (I say roped like I don’t want to do it). We had so much fun doing this photo booth inspired shoot for halloween I couldn’t help but share it. If you have a look on you can actually move the polaroids on the home page around to make you’re own photos, had far too much fun doing this!

Make sure you order ASAP to get you’re elcy clothing goodies in time for halloween. Really it’s just the perfect excuse to treat yourself to some pretty underwear isn’t it?

Do you dress up scary for halloween or are you more mean girls?

Not So Scary Halloween with Elcy ClothingNot So Scary Halloween with Elcy Clothing 1Not So Scary Halloween with Elcy Clothing 2Not So Scary Halloween with Elcy Clothing 4

All styles available at Elcy Clothing

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