Spring Beauty Favourites

Spring Beauty Favourites - Chanel Hand Cream

Hey guys!

I actually posted this video a few days ago now but I totally forgot to share it on here because as I mentioned previously I seem to be ignoring my blog for some reason but I promise this will change! So the main picture has absolutely nothing to do with the video because it’s my beauty favourites and as we all know the egg shaped hand cream from Chanel is far too pretty and expensive to actually ever be used am I right?! I purely got it for the photographs. So as you may have guessed from that sentence, this is my video sharing the products I’ve been really loving this month and just this year so far.

When I was filming the video I was really realising just how many of these products I’ve been using for well over a year, some of them entering the three year mark! That’s when you really know you’ve got a favourite! I love to share my favourites with you guys because it’s kind of like a mini review on each product and vouching for products I’ve actually used and loved and not just sharing the bits I get new in! Would you like to see me do more beauty favourites maybe as a monthly fixture?


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Spring Beauty Favourites

I hope you guys find this video helpful and useful and I would love to hear if you already have any of these products and either agree or disagree with me? I know that there are so many different skin types so each product works differently for everyone, it would be interesting to hear your experiences if they differ from mine! If you want to pick up some of my beauty favourites you can do so by scrolling to just below the video where there is a little bar of images. Just click on the pictures to shop 🙂


Click on the images below to shop!

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