Spring Topshop Haul 2018

Spring Topshop Haul - Outfit Ideas

The spring Topshop haul.

It’s happening guys. I’ve finally succumbed to the new in section on Topshop and seen as it was spring time I thought it was pretty much the most perfect excuse because I had to do a spring haul right?? It was for the good of the people, I can’t let my nation down.

Always happy to take one for the team I loaded my basket up, popped it though the checkout. Went on instagram and saw more things I loved, loaded up my basket again, and popped it through the checkout again. Enter huge spring Topshop haul.

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Spring Topshop Haul 2018

I picked out some really cute pieces for my upcoming trips to LA & Dallas which OMG I cannot wait for! Make sure you’re following me on instagram so you don’t miss my antics. Me and my sister Lauren are taking a road trip out to Palm Springs in a convertible Ford mustang so you just know it’s gonna be good. Of course don’t worry I’ll be documenting it on instagram & youtube too, naturally.

Anyway, holiday bragging and self promotion aside, I actually got some really cute pieces and I can’t wait to wear them! I did this like my previous haul that you guys loved which had way more of a lookbook vibe to it because I took the extra time and styled it all up so you can see how I’d wear it and get some spring outfit ideas whilst also getting some shopping inspo! Enjoy! And don’t forget to let me know which items are your favourite and which pieces you hate. Though let’s be honest, I challenge you to not love each and every piece!

Shop The Spring Topshop Haul

All item’s I wear and style up in the haul are linked below including the pieces I purchased from Topshop themselves. I also added all of the sizing info in the description box of this video which you can find over on my youtube channel. BTW don’t forget to subscribe whilst you’re there for loads more spring content! This next week I have a Primark haul and how to style things to look expensive or basically so they don’t look like they’re from Primark, and a spring make up look, one of my very first make up videos so make sure you tune in for that!

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My Spring Topshop Wishlist

And of course as with any haul you have to then indulge in a little wishlist for the would have beens. We’ve all been there, the moment you press confirm order a whole new load of new in pop up all bigger, better and brighter than the load you just ordered. So here’s what I now need.

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Spring Topshop Haul - Pink Topshop TrousersSpring Topshop Haul - Ganni Trousers

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