Why Everyone Should Embrace Track Pants

Everyone should own a pair of track pants.

A fact up until now I’ve been in denial about but quite frankly, track pants are a must. I know track pants is a pretty american term but I’m gonna keep on using it because I like saying it. Track Pants. You should try it, it’s fun. That’s going to be my first reason of why everyone should own track pants, so they get to say track pants. The rest is all fashion and practical I promise.

Why Everyone Should Embrace Track Pants

Before we even talk about the fact that they are a massive trend that’s completely blown up both in high end designer fashion and on the high street (which is amazing because it means everyone can get themselves a pair) let’s just for a moment discuss the comfort factor. I’ve been loving my new found freedom since stepping over from the uncomfortable world of denim into the new found fabrics in trousers. Track pants are a whole new ball game, think keeping your pyjamas on all day and no one will care because they’re not pyjamas. Actually people will look at you and think, hey look at that stylish girl, I bet she’s so comfortable too and you’ll give a knowing nod because yes, you are very comfortable.

Then there’s the fact that they’re the latest it item to be wearing and there’s pretty much a pair of track pants for every occasion. I’ve demonstrated with some outfit inspo further down in this post and I am loving the idea of wearing them on a night out how @johannaolsson did, I mean yes please sipping wine in track pants, does life get any better than this? I don’t think so. Some of my favourite track pant looks come from people mixing super casual with fancy shoes and bags like @Aylin_Koenig, I think it’s how it works best though I am a fan of a good old jumper and trainers combo a la @AmyFuchsia don’t get me wrong, it’s what I live for.

Let me know if you guys want me to do a styling video on track pants! I probably will anyway!

The Track Pants High end Edit

So we’ve gathered that track pants are in and quite frankly I think we can agree that it’s going to be a while before the fashpack let go of a trend this comfortable so you can go on and invest in this trend on Net-A-Porter if you will. I love the MM6 Maison Margiela pair and this Ganni pair which are so similar to my Topshop ones!

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The Track Pants High St Edit

Then of course if you’re not feeling too bouji and quite frankly don’t want to splash out on a glorified pair of jogging bottoms (amen sister) then I’ve linked the best styles on the high street and there are so many! I think this pair of navy Adidas ones are actually my all time faves even over the designer pairs, the originals right?!

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Ways To Wear Track Pants


Not just out, but out out. Girls night out. I love them just with heels and a tight slogan tee or actually I just got this top from Topshop and I think it would also look incredible with some high waisted track pants and heels! Maybe a light shirt or jacket over the top if you don’t want to feel tres naked.

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The most obvious way to wear them, they were made to be super casual. Glorified lounge wear.

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Kinda loving this look! I think they definitely work with a blazer though I wasn’t sure the whole smart casual track pants vibe was going to pull off. I’d totally wear it!

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Yaaaaaaassssss. The way were all crossing our fingers and toes that we’ll be able to wear them because it’s April now and the snow has to stop rearing it’s ugly head and let us get on with some sunshine, please. Love this all nude look with the black and gold!

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      OMG babe! I can imagine you wearing them and them looking incredible with your style!

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      OMG babe! I loveeeeee these trousers! They look amazing on you and love that you’ve twisted the trend to fit in with your style!

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