The Adidas Yeezy Mudrat 500

Adidas Yeezy Mudrat 500 - Styling

I never saw myself as cool enough to own a pair of Yeezyz but here I am and I have to admit, I am pretty cool with them on no? Maybe saying the word cool makes me 10 times less cool than I think I am? I got the Adidas Yeezy Mudrat 500 and I have to say it’s like walking on cushions, an absolute dream.

Adidas Yeezy Mudrat 500

These babies were hard to get hold of as I’m sure you can imagine I think you have to even enter a ballot just to have the option of buying them!? So I went to Threads Styling who source hard to find luxury items for you as a luxury personal shopping service which they do via whatsapp so not only are they always available, it’s super easy to use and keep in touch on, honestly I’m now compiling a wishlist of the OLD Celine stock I wish I’d got when I had the chance.

I wanted to show you how I styled them in Paris incase you were wondering whether to get yourself a pair! I thought they’d be super hard to style but it turns out they’re just like my Balenciaga, as soon as I actually wore them I realised they go with everything so I’m sure you guys can expect to see them all over my instagram feed always.



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Adidas Yeezy Mudrat 500 - Outfit Ideas Adidas Yeezy Mudrat 500 - Outfit InspoAdidas Yeezy Mudrat 500 Adidas Yeezy Mudrat 500 - Paris

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    • Sinead
      29th January 2019 / 3:03 pm

      Ah babe thankyou so much! They’re so cool arent they!?

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